We downloaded the first patch for Pathfinder: Kingmaker on our PS4 today (8-18-20).  We had been having frequent trouble with our copy of the game, and this patch corrected pretty much every error we were seeing.  Here is a copy of the patch notes that we received.  We have adjusted our review of Pathfinder: Kingmaker for the PS4 since this patch addressed the problems we were having. The patch is 17.5 gigabytes, and will take a bit of time to download.   

Classes & Mechanics

  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Definitive Edition
    Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Definitive Edition

    The kineticist’s abilities worked incorrectly if Gather Power was on during the surprise round. Resolution: fixed.
  • The bard couldn’t turn the songs off if they had spent their standard action. Resolution: fixed.
  • Sensei Advice: Mass Diamond Soul (monk’s ability) applied the Diamond Body effect. Resolution: fixed.
  • The Mirror Image spell had no visual effect. Resolution: fixed.
  • Rapid Shot no longer applies a -2 penalty to single attacks.
  • The Spellbook worked incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.
  • Enemies tried to attack Jaethal in captivity under the Old Sycamore even though they couldn’t see her. Resolution: fixed.
  • If the dialogue was started by picking an item from the loot, characters could not move after the dialog ended. Resolution: fixed.
  • If the character was lying down and couldn’t stand up, as well as in some other cases, the prediction was incorrect. Resolution: fixed.
  • If the enemies did not join the fight at once, they continued to move while the Combat Started message was on. Resolution: fixed.
  • Attacks of opportunity in the round right after a charge action got a +2 bonus to attack rolls from the charge. Resolution: fixed.
  • When switching between the real-time and turn-based combat mode, characters could repeat their attack. Resolution: fixed.
  • Fixed several cases when a turn wouldn’t end automatically.

User Interfaces

  • Fixed some art-related issues in the interfaces.
  • Fixed the incorrect lighting in the main menu.
  • Fixed the visibility of the movement line behind the walls and in the water.
  • Fixed how inactive spells were displayed in the action bar.
  • Fixed the issue with the display of hints in the character generation window.
  • Fixed the Alignment and Story pages in the character’s sheet.
  • Fixed the issue when it was impossible to select an ability in the character’s sheet.
  • Fixed the issues when unnecessary elements were displayed in the Metamagic window.
  • Fixed the issue with the display of two-handed weapons in the Shared Stash window, context menu for items, and Equip and Take off hints for the items to which these actions cannot be applied.
  • Fixed how the magic weapon was displayed in the equipment window.
  • Fixed the duplication of effects in the enemies’ description.
  • In turn-based mode, enemies were always displayed as if they couldn’t act. Resolution: fixed.
  • Now encumbrance is displayed in the turn-based mode combat interface.
  • At the beginning of a turn, the cursor showed an incorrect number of attacks. Resolution: fixed.
  • Now the character’s conditions (for example, the character can’t move or has effects that can affect their ability to move) are displayed in the turn tracker.
  • Some abilities in the action bar looked as if they were unavailable. Resolution: fixed.
  • Fixed the issue when it was impossible to click the abilities in the action panel during the fight.
  • Changed the color of Jaethal’s name for readability.
  • Fixed how the Kingdom motto is displayed on the Kingdom management screen.
  • Fixed some issues with the cursor.


  • Fixed how the combat log works and how its state is saved when switching between the scenes.
  • It was impossible to load the game after resting at any location. Resolution: fixed.
  • After some cutscenes, the animation of sitting on a throne worked incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.
  • The animation speed settings worked incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.
  • The accelerated animation in turn-based combat worked incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.
  • Now the animation speeds up when you press Confirm or the button to pass the turn to the next character for the second time.
  • Fixed the issue with pointing the camera at the character when the turn was passed to the next character.
  • Fixed the camera behavior.
  • Some new texts have been localized to all languages.