Morphtronic Telefon
Morphtronic Telefon

Morphtronic Telefon – #POTE-EN093

● Attack Position: Once per turn, during your Main Phase: You can roll a six-sided die and gain LP equal to the result x 100, then you can Special Summon 1 “Morphtronic” monster from your GY with a Level equal to or lower than the result.
● Defense Position: Once per turn, during your Main Phase: You can roll a six-sided die, excavate that many cards from the top of your Deck (or as many as you can), and if you do, you can send 1 excavated “Morphtronic” card to the GY, also place the rest on either the top or bottom of the Deck in any order.

Date Reviewed:  September 19th, 2022

Rating: 3.63

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

It’s Morphtronic time on Pojo with another look at the Morphtronic archetype, starting the week with Morphtronic Telefon.

Like all Morphtronic monsters, Telefon has attack and defense effects depending upon its position. Dice roll required for both. For ATK mode, whatever number you roll you gain LP x100 and can Special Summon a Morphtronic with a Level equal or lower your roll. All but one Morphtronic monster is Level 4 or lower, and with the effect allowing for anything equal or below that roll you are guaranteed to get a free Special Summon each turn you use this effect…as long as you have a Morphtronic in the grave.

Defense Position gets a roll as well, but excavate instead of LP gain. If you excavate a Morphtronic monster you can add it to your hand while the rest of the cards go back to the top or bottom of the Deck in any order. Excavating potentially six cards to get a free card and then rearrange your cards to fit how you want them drawn is a great effect. While your opponent will know as well, that won’t matter if you are using Telefon to set up other Morphtronic monsters like Celefon to Special Summon a Morphtronic that you stacked in a specific order (maybe the next card to ensure Celefon’s dice roll can’t miss) or Smartfon excavating to add a Morphtronic, using the same tactic.

With the Attack Position effect being better than the Defense Position effect you won’t have to rack your brain about how to Special Summon Telefon in defense to get to that effect. Spamming two Telefons to get Link Summon after Link Summon through constant Special Summoning of the one copy in the grave is a nice thought, but consistently this won’t be the case. Telefon is a grave version of Celefon, but if you had Celefon in the grave then you could go Link 3 and all you’d need is a decent dice roll. Morphtronic can spam the field. They are low Level, low ATK, but they are numerous.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-3.5/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Going back to the 5D’s era, we’re looking at some long overdue Morphtronic support this week by starting with another phone for them: Morphtronic Telefon.

Telefon is a Level 1 EARTH Machine Tuner with 100 ATK and DEF. Low stats on a Machine does mean Machine Duplication, plus being an EARTH is pretty good. So of course, we got standard Morphtronic stuff with this card’s effects being based on its battle position. Being in Attack Position, you get a soft once per turn to roll a six-sided dice to gain LP equal to the result times 100, then you can revive any Morphtronic from your graveyard with a Level equal to or lower than the rolled number. So no HOPT and no restrictions on what Morphtronic you can revive means you can summon this over and over considering no matter what the result, you can summon Level 1 Morphtronics. It’s another combo extender like Celfon and Smartfon, but this one is an infinite loop. The effect you get in Defense Position is another six-sided dice roll once per turn, letting you excavate cards equal to the result and then sending a Morphtronic card that was excavated to the graveyard while the others go back to the Deck, letting you set up the graveyard for certain cards. Telefon is another good Level 1 for the archetype alongside Celfon and Smartfon. The infinite loops can cause issues with Cannon Soldier and company causing FTKs, but in a Morphtronic Deck you should have near infinite Extra Deck plays with this coming back over and over.

Advanced Rating: 3.75/5

Art: 4/5 Shocked this isn’t the first phone we got in the archetype since it’s the oldest kind.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Looks like we get a Leo week of cards here, starting with some Morphtronic cards.  The week opens with Morphronic Telefon, a Level 1, Earth/Machine Monster.  Stats are paltry, but irrelevant at 100/100, and Telefon also benefits from being a Tuner.  This is an odd little card, with a separate Effect for each Battle position of this card.  Attack position lets you roll a die and you gain Lifepoints equal to the result times 100.  That’s actually laughable, and sure, you may have needed that few hundred on occasion, but it’s really nothing.  The latter part of this Effect also lets you Special Summon a Theme Monster from your Grave whose Level is less than or equal to the result of your roll.  THAT is something worthwhile, it gets this weak Monster off the Field, and should open up an Extra Deck play as well.  Defense lets you also roll a die to excavate a number of cards equal to your roll.  You get to send one Theme Monster from this group to the Grave, and return the rest to the top or bottom of your Deck in the order you choose.  This is rather lackluster as well I think.  The dump Effect can help, and if you get a low number, maybe say 2, then the card you don’t drop you should get to Draw next Turn (so long as you chose top of your Deck) but that still doesn’t immediately give you what you need.  It’s a combo card for sure, but a weird one at that.

Rating:  2.5/5

Art:  3/5 Retro big, clunky, 80s/90s phone (fon) vibes here for sure

Mighty Vee

In a bizarre move for the TCG, Konami has decided to include the Morphtronic support from Duelists of Pyroxene (which doesn’t exist anymore, I guess) in Power of the Elements, so it’s a good a time as ever to cover them now. Starting the week is “the big one”, Morphtronic Telefon, quite possibly one of the strongest cards of 2022 (in a vacuum, anyway). Not atypical for a Morphtronic, it’s a level 1 EARTH Machine Tuner monster, so you can search it with Gadget Gamer (which we’re not covering) and One for One, with Morphtronic Celfon being a less reliable method. Similarly, it has pitiful 100/100 stats for a level 1 monster, so it won’t be fighting any time soon. Morphtronic Telefon caused quite a stir in the Yugioh community on reveal, and we’ll see why.

Telefon, like all Morphtronics, has two different effects based on its position, both of which are a soft once per turn, which should give you an idea of the ride you’re in for. The attack position effect is the main one, allowing you to roll a die, gain 100 LP times the result, and Special Summon a Morphtronic from your Graveyard with a level equal to or lower than the result. Yes, Telefon can summon another copy of itself. As being level 1 makes it a valid Link material for Linkuriboh and Relinquished Anima, all you’d need is one Telefon on the field and one Telefon in the Graveyard to loop them for a lot of Link material and potentially FTK with Cannon Soldier, which you can hard open between Toon searchers and Saryuja Skull Dread. Telefon’s defense position effect isn’t bad, but is remarkably less useful, excavating from your deck based on the die roll instead and sending a Morphtronic among them to the Graveyard. This is clearly meant to get your other Telefon in the Graveyard to kickstart the loop, but you’ll want to start it as soon as possible, so you’ll rarely use this effect. While I would argue Telefon is one of the strongest cards in 2022 because of this deceptively easy loop, currently it’s not a meta threat; I’ve only found one recorded tournament top so far in the TCG. I think this is largely because the Cannon Soldier FTK is vulnerable to hand traps, and we still don’t have the Duke Devlin support that greatly improves its consistency. Still, Telefon being an easily accessible loop means it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it even if it has seen very little competitive success thus far.

Advanced: 4.75/5

Art: 3.5/5 Cute little guy, unless the face is supposed to be the camera thing on top, in which case he’s kinda creepy.

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