Runeterra is my favorite card game right now.  I recommend giving it a try.


Gameplay Guide

You’ll learn as you play mostly, but I’ll go over the things that confuse people

  • Turns exist within rounds.  Think of a round as like turn in other TCG’s.  And the turns as phases of a turn.
  • Look at the right of the screen to see who has the attack token.  Attack token means you can attack.  It moves from player to player each round.  Though some card effects can give players an attack token.
  • Regular mana can be used for creatures and spells.  Spell mana is only used on spells.
  • The spell interactions are similar to Yugioh’s spell/trap interactions.  They work in reverse order.  Slow spells can’t be chained to opponent’s spells.  Fast spells can, and they work during combat.  Burst spells can’t be chained to.

Economy Guide

  • Beat the challenges and tutorials first. 
  • Do the daily quests
  • You get daily login bonuses your first 7 days.
  • Save your expedition tokens for when you get better at the game because prizes are based on # of wins.
  • When you gain XP, you gain XP for a reward tree in a specific region (attribute).  You can change the region at anytime.  You don’t need to use cards in a region to level up that region.  Some regions have +50% EXP bonuses.
    • You can switch around the regions constantly to level them up evenly.  What some people do is get each to lv4, then each to lv8, then each to lv12, and then build them out individually, but it’s your preference
  • Aggro decks are the fastest for grinding loot.