Harpie's Pet Dragon - Fearsome Fire Blast
Harpie’s Pet Dragon – Fearsome Fire Blast

Harpie’s Pet Dragon – Fearsome Fire Blast – #LDS3-EN138

Monsters cannot target Level 6 or lower “Harpie” monsters for attacks. You can only use each of the following effects of “Harpie’s Pet Dragon – Fearsome Fire Blast” once per turn. If you control a Level 6 or lower WIND monster: You can Special Summon this card from your hand in Defense Position. If this card is sent from the field to the GY: You can send 1 WIND Winged Beast monster from your Deck to the GY.

Date Reviewed:  September 11th, 2022

Rating: 3.67

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Crunch$G Avatar

We end our series of retrains with a card that probably needed one the most for the Deck it was used it as we now look at Harpie’s Pet Dragon – Fearsome Fire Blast.

Fearsome Fire Blast is a Level 7 WIND Dragon with 2000 ATK and 2500 DEF. The DEF is fine overall, WIND isn’t too strong, but Dragons are always good. I’m just glad Harpies have another Level 7 Dragon to run that’s part of the archetype so you don’t have to brick on the original Harpie’s Pet Dragon just so you have Rank 7 options. Anyways, monsters cannot target Level 6 or lower Harpie monsters for attacks, keeping your weaker Harpies safe from battles you don’t want them in. The remaining effects are a hard once per turn, the first being the ability to Special Summon this from the hand in Defense Position if you control a Level 6 or lower WIND monster, which is nice for Harpies to get a monster on board to help make their Link or to make a Rank 7 if you got Harpie’s Channeler and you drew this. Second effect triggers upon this being sent from the field to the graveyard, letting you send any WIND Winged Beast from Deck to grave, likely sending Harpie Harpist to get a search later on, but being open to any WIND Winged Beast is good. This is the best retrain on the original monster we’ve looked at these past two weekends, as it helps Harpies no longer have to play the original Pet Dragon. A great card to support the Harpie archetype.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4.5/5 Now this is an upgrade on the artwork.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Harpie’s Pet Dragon (who has seen retrains, at least in Extra Deck form, as I recall) has an Effect retrain again.  Like yesterday, it shouldn’t be too difficult for this to be better than the original.  Wind/Dragon, both nice, Level 7, both awful stats at 2000-2500.  All Monsters can’t attack your Level 6 or lower Harpie Monsters.  I love this, and a good protector SHOULD do something of that nature.  You can Special Summon her from your Hand (in Def position, which IS good, too) so long as you control at least 1 Level 6 or lower Wind Monster.  So that’s insanely easy, and that should be taken advantage of as often as possible.  You also get to dump a Winged-Beast from your Deck to your Grave if this card is sent from the Field to your Grave.  I like this too, a bit odd, but it could dump another to revive after.  You’re still obviously vulnerable to Effects, and that Def can hold a while, but a little def increase for/with that protection (maybe akin to the attack boost HPT originally got?) but she’s still not bad for the Theme.  Each of the latter Effects can be used once each, per Turn, so that’s nifty too!

Rating:  3.25/5

Art:  4.5/5  My only real complaint is that the Effect(s) here have nothing to do with the name.  Fearsome Fire Blast should imply burn or destruction, not protection.  The attack shot here is actually quite pretty.

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