Exosister Pax
Exosister Pax

Exosister Pax – #GRCR-EN021

During the Main Phase: Pay 800 LP; add 1 “Exosister” card from your Deck to your hand, except “Exosister Pax”, then, if you added a monster by this effect, you can Special Summon it if the other “Exosister” monster mentioned on it is on your field or in your GY. You can only activate 1 “Exosister Pax” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  March 8th, 2022

Rating: 4.31

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Exosister Pax is one of two archetype Quick-Play Spell cards that cost that 800LP gain you can get from any Exosister card.

Any Exosister card searcher is good for 800LP, likely to never matter in terms of play, and you get to Special Summon if you search a monster. The one catch: gotta have the other monster mentioned on that Exosister in the grave or on the field. I guess this is a way to Special Summon Sophia or Irene, though I don’t see why you should have to have the other sister on the field or in the grave…seems like a way of triggering the 800LP gain if they are on the field, thus paying the cost for this card. That restriction seems like wasted text to me, but it does make this a free card in all sense of the word as long as the other Exosister is on the field. If not, it’s okay, you won’t miss the 800LP.

With Pax it is possible to get all four of the sisters on the field in one turn and if your opponent plays grave-heavy strategy then you could leave all four out and dare your opponent to do something in the grave. Otherwise feel free to Xyz Summon any of your four Exosister choices, or any other Rank 4 choices you may have. With the ability to get multiple Level 4’s on the field regularly and add in Pax you may see some Utopia stuff involved because of their blanket effects and high ATK.

Pax is a good Quick-Play search or Special Summon card. The small restriction on it won’t stop you from getting the sister you want and pressing forward, and certainly won’t stop you from playing whatever Spell/Trap you search if you go that route.

Advanced-4/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Now we look at some Spell and Trap support for the archetype, with your standard archetypal search card: Exosister Pax.

Pax is a Quick-Play Spell that at the cost of 800 LP during the Main Phase, you can add an Exosister card from your Deck to your hand, then if you added a monster who mentions an Exosister on your field in its text, you can Special Summon the searched monster. The searching alone is already pretty good, especially being able to get the Spell and Trap support as well, just not another Exosister Pax as is standard for search cards that could of potentially searched themselves. Being able to Special Summon a monster you search can help make an Xyz faster, especially with the pair of twins that lack Special Summon effects of any sort and if we get more pairs of twins similar in that regard. The gaining 800 LP kinda makes more sense now with their Spells and Traps making you pay the 800 right back. You get 1 Pax a turn, can’t make these archetypes too consistent. Either way, it’s a simple 3 of since it’s a searcher that has no real restriction or downside unless you’re at that point where your LP are too low, and even then the sisters might be able to get them back for you. You can just never go wrong with archetypal search cards this simple.

Advanced Rating: 4.25/5

Art: 5/5 C’mon, it’s time to go ghost hunting!

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Exosister Pax (not Packs or Pacts, I assume Pax, the ‘x’ specifically is a play on x in Exo, but I digress) is a Quickplay Magic; the best type of Magic that lets you add an Exosister card from the Deck to your Hand (other than this) at the cost of 800 Lifepoints (this is during your Main Phase).  Then, if you chose a Monster with this card, you get to Special Summon it.  So long as the other Exosister listed in that cards text is all ready on your Field or in your Graveyard.  Let’s start with this friends:

This card…is broken…in the Theme (will circle back to this)

*800 Lifepoints give you instant access to any card in this Theme

*We saw yesterday you can get double this back in one Turn so easily
*If you choose a Monster, you’re Special Summoning it, because you’re immediately  playing it and off it anyway.  You won’t choose something you don’t or couldn’t do so off. 

-Yes, this is going to be one of those ‘the occasion came I had nothing on the Field’ so you combo it with something else.  It about NEVER should be the only card you have to play off, AND, even if it is, you’ll still get something from it if you have to go Magic or Trap.

*Being Quickplay means you can use this, as mentioned above, defensively as well, especially the Monster part, because note this doesn’t say WHICH Main Phase, or to which Player, making this thing invaluable all the more.  

Remember also to close, the Monster you Special Summon, the Monster listed in its text doesn’t even have to be on your Field, it can even just be sitting in your Grave doing its thing.  Now friends…

This card is absolutely broken, as I mentioned earlier, in the Theme…


What kept it from achieving broken as hell status?  You can only use one per Turn.  The Quickplay means you could use one on back-to-back Turns (technically back-to-back-to-back if you used all 3) and you ARE using 3 in this Deck.  And remember, it can’t fetch itself (which despite being a once per Turn use of, prevents automatically getting to use them back-to-back or more if you don’t all ready have it).

Rating:  5/5

Art:  They look happy enough, and everyone looks great 4/5

Mighty Vee

Exosister Pax is today’s card; it’s a quick play spell, which is always nice unless you have a strange habit of setting all your spells before activating them. You can only activate it during the main phase and it’s a hard once per turn. By paying 800 LP, you can search any Exosister card except itself, and Pax itself can be searched by Exosister Mikalis. As a bonus, if you searched for a monster and you have another Exosister with its name listed in its text on your field or in your graveyard, you can special summon it as well. Not only is it a straight ROTA for a largely meaningless LP cost, it’s also potential disruption since all main deck Exosisters can trigger as soon as you summon them. Being limited to the main phase is kind of weird, but you’ll only need it during the main phase anyway, either for extending or maintaining board presence. While it doesn’t really solve Exosister’s core issues, Pax is still an excellent card that most archetypes would kill for.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 3.5/5 Did they just exorcise a mall? These military nuns really mean business.

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