Exosister Elis – #GRCR-EN013

If you control an “Exosister” monster: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, then if you control “Exosister Stella”, you gain 800 LP. If your opponent moves a card(s) out of either GY (except during the Damage Step): You can Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 “Exosister” Xyz Monster using this face-up card you control as material. (This is treated as an Xyz Summon.) You can only use each effect of “Exosister Elis” once per turn.

Rating: 3.5

Exosister Stella – #GRCR-EN014

During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon 1 “Exosister” monster from your hand, then if you control “Exosister Elis”, you gain 800 LP. If your opponent moves a card(s) out of either GY (except during the Damage Step): You can Special Summon from your Extra Deck, 1 “Exosister” Xyz Monster using this face-up card you control as material. (This is treated as an Xyz Summon.) You can only use each effect of “Exosister Stella” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  March 7th, 2022

Rating: 3.38

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Exosister archetype week on Pojo to start the first full week of March, and we’re getting things started with a double review: Exosister Elis and Exosister Stella.

Weak ATK/DEF like all Main Deck Exosisters, Elis can Special Summon herself if you already have another Exosister on the field. The 800LP gain effect is consistent through all Exosisters, each with their own trigger for this, Elis is if you have Exosister Stella on the field when she is Special Summoned. All Exosisters are a one-card Exosister Xyz Summon when an opponent moves a card out of the grave. Monster Reborn, effect monster doing graveyard stuff, banishing, cycling back, all will trigger this. Four Xyz Exosisters to choose from: Asophiel, Gibrine, Kaspitell, and Mikalis. All Exosister Xyz monsters can’t be destroyed by monster effects from monsters that were summoned from the graveyard, which is a decent layer of protection…battle protection for at least one of them would’ve been nice.

Asophiel can pop a monster back to the hand, Gibrine can can negate a monster the turn it is Xyz Summoned, as well as boost Xyz Exosister cards by 800ATK, Kaspitell will lock down Special Summoning from the graveyard for the turn it was summoned, can also detach to search an Exosister monster, and Mikalis can banish a card on the field or in the grave of your opponent, and is your Exosister Spell/Trap searcher. Each can be good, but Kaspitell and Mikalis are your strongest Exosister Xyz monsters and your searchers, with Mikalis also being spot removal the turn she’s summoned.

Elis is good because she can be the extender to a normal Xyz Summon of an Exosister. You can get the one you want straight-away and not have to wait for your opponent to do something with their graveyard. That is a good response trick, puts Exosisters in the same league as Yang Zing and to an extent, P.U.N.K. She didn’t need to be strong, she is meant to get you your Xyz Summon or load the board with another Exosister if your opponent is a grave-heavy strategy.



Hello Pojo Fans,

Exosister Stella helps alongside Elis in getting Exosister monsters onto the field.

Special Summon of an Exosister is good in getting another Level 4 on the field. Since Elis can Special Summon herself if there’s another Exosister, Stella can be the catalyst to a three-sister summon for free. 800LP gain if Elis is on the field doesn’t matter. Same trigger to become a one-card Exosister Xyz Summon as Elis. Stella is key to the strategy because of her Special Summon ability. Irene and Sophia have good effects but cannot Special Summon themselves, so Stella is needed to help swarm the field. The LP gain is meant to pay for the Spell/Trap cards in the archetype, but we don’t care too much about LP nowadays, especially at 800 an effect. One good thing done with this archetype is that the Xyz monsters are generic: you don’t need a specific sister to make a specific Xyz, that would have been asinine.

Stella is an extender much like Elis, but while Elis Special Summons herself, Sophia can help out the other sisters that can help freshen your hand up and get you to better cards.


Art-4/5- Stella should have had blonde hair…Final Fantasy reference

Until Next Time


Crunch$G Avatar

Time for Exosister Week and it only makes sense to start with a pair of sisters in the archetype with both Exosister Elis and Exosister Stella.

Elis and Stella are both Level 4 LIGHT Spellcasters with 800 DEF, Elis having 500 ATK and Stella having 300 ATK. Really bad stats on a pair of Level 4s, but being LIGHT and Spellcaster is a great trait at least. So these are your Special Summon enablers for the archetype, with Elis being summoned from the hand if you control another Exosister and Stella being able to summon another Exosister from the hand herself, and each will give you LP after if you control the other. LP gain is alright, but two options to Special Summon in an Xyz-focused archetype is pretty good. Elis is pretty easy to get on board as long as you draw another Exosister, and Stella helps summon your Exosisters that don’t have effects that Special Summon themselves. Second effect on both of them are the same, letting you Xyz Summon an Exosister Xyz by just using them as the lone material if your opponent moves a card(s) out of either graveyard, and should be noted this is a Quick Effect. It’s not Zoodiac levels of easy to just slap the Xyzs on top of a singular monster, but at least you get a chance to do it if it comes up. The archetype has no ways to force the opponent to move cards from the graveyard yet, so hopefully that changes. Each effect on these sisters are a HOPT, which prevents too much swarming. Either way, these are probably the better pair of sisters considering they help you get bodies on board to naturally make Xyz Monsters the proper way. With the lack of names especially in the archetype in the Main Deck so far, these two are three-ofs easily.

Advanced Rating: 4/5 for both

Art: 4.5/5 for both, art is simple, but they’re both pretty at the very least.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

So are they twins?  Groups of a family like a brethern (the female Noble Knights?) or live a convent?  Something to mull over this Monday/  Exosister Elis and Stella are our cards to kick off the week.  Both Light/Spellcaster and Level 4, with laughable atk/def values, making you assume there better be something worthwhile in their texts.  In short, these cards are near identical, and play off each other.

During the Main Phase, (that applies to the first Effect for each) Elis Special Summons herself from the Hand as long as you control another Exosister, and it doesn’t even forbid it from being another of herself.  If you control Stella at the time, you also gain 800 Lifepoints.  Stella lets you Special Summon any Exosister from your Hand (again, to include herself) and you again gain 800 Lifepoints at the time if you control the other.  Finally, both cards let you Special Summon a Theme XYZ Monster from your Extra Deck if your opponent moves a card from either Graveyard, save during the Damage Step, of course. 

You do use the respective card you’re using the Effect from as Material, and that’s logical.  It should be a given at the very least you’re using these two cards, but since you have access to whatever you want essentially from both, based on your Hand/Deck contents, respectively.  They’re quick, the Light AND Spellcaster is just killer for a Theme, and the bit of Lifepoints (that’s 1600, and an extra 20% of your Lifepoints just for having these guys together on the Field once) could help more than you think.  Each Effect of each Monster can only be used once per Turn

Rating:  4/5

Art:  4.5/5 (for both) Again, these gals seem very medieval to me, reminiscent of the Noble Knights

Mighty Vee

This week covers the second archetype introduced in Grand Creators, Exosister, starting with a double this time: Exosister Elis and Exosister Stella, two of their four main deck monsters. They’re both level 4 LIGHT spellcasters, so they have somewhat vague synergy with the Magistus archetype (thank Spellbooks for ruining generic spellcaster support). They both also have horrendous stats even for level 4 monsters; Elis only has 500 attack and 800 defense, while Stella’s attack is even lower at 300.

Both of them have a hard once per turn on both of their effects, with all Exosisters sharing the same effect of XYZ summoning an Exosister XYZ monster using only them as material if you opponent moves a card out of the graveyard. In theory, this effect is quite powerful; while we’ll cover Exosister Mikalis later this week, the other XYZ Exosisters have useful effects on your opponent’s turn, ranging from negating a monster effect, preventing effects in the graveyard, and preventing monsters from being summoned from the graveyard. You’d think it would be stronger in the modern meta where graveyard effects and combos are all the rage, and they are playable for casual purposes, but unfortunately meta decks are able to simply play around it, leading to their first effects. Elis can special summon itself if you control an Exosister, while Stella allows you to special summon an Exosister from your hand. This makes both of them good extenders, but that also means Exosister basically has no solid 1 card combo starters, which means you might end up simply passing with 1 Exosister on the field hoping your opponent is foolish enough to touch their graveyard. Nothing’s stopping them from simply going straight to the battle phase to quash your Exosister then comboing during main phase 2, which isn’t hard with their pitiful stats. Still, they can certainly steal wins by virtue of their oppressive anti-graveyard effects alone, and they can make good use of generic level 4 support as well.

Advanced: 3/5

Art: 4/5 Looks like someone has some confessing to do! The military aesthetic and the transformation thing with the XYZ monsters remind me of Valkyria Chronicles.

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