EN - Engage Neo Space
EN – Engage Neo Space

EN – Engage Neo Space – #POTE-EN051

Send 1 “Neo-Spacian” monster and 1 “Elemental HERO” monster (1 from your hand and 1 from your Deck) to the GY; Special Summon 1 “Neo-Spacian” monster or 1 Level 5 or higher “Elemental HERO” monster from your Deck, and if you do, add 1 “Polymerization” from your Deck or GY to your hand. If you Special Summoned “Elemental HERO Neos” by this effect, it gains 1000 ATK. You cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck, except Fusion Monsters, the turn you activate this card. You can only activate 1 “EN – Engage Neo Space” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  September 13th, 2022

Rating: 3.50

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

EN – Engage Neo Space is a combo starter that can get you to a Fusion Summon or just a really strong Elemental HERO Neos.

Normal Spell that is part searcher, part Foolish Burial. Send a “Neo-Spacian” and a “Elemental HERO to the grave to search a Polymerization or get it back from the grave, in addition to Special Summoning a Level 5 or higher Elemental HERO monster. There are five choices to choose from for the Level 5 or higher, with Spirit of Neos, the original HERO Neos, and Honest Neos being the ones most likely to be summoned. As for sending to the grave from the hand and from the deck, you absolutely want to send Shadow Mist to the grave to get a search to complete your Fusion Summon capabilities. You can also get a search off Spirit of Neos, that includes a specific Elemental HERO monster, likely something involving Elemental HERO Neos.

The Neo-Spacian you will send to the graveyard will depend on which of the Neo-Spacian Fusion Monsters you run. Grand Mole and Dark Panther are the best choices, while Air Hummingbird and Aqua Dolphin are good choices, but their upside is best early in the game. You are locked into Fusion Monsters when you activate Engage Neo Space, but the deck does a lot of that. If you do run the original Neos still, and choose to summon it with Engage Neo Space, it becomes a 3500ATK beater, though Spirit of Neos is a better choice.

If you could get a double Foolish Burial with EN – Engage Neo Space it would have been crazy good, but this makes it more balanced. It is a 2-for-2 at the end of it all with you getting a monster to the field and a Polymerization, and directly gets you to whichever Elemental HERO or Neos Fusion Monster you choose depending on your build. Quite the good Normal Spell for HERO players and a quicker way to get to your Neos Fusions.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Next up on the journey of buffing Neos, we got a new Spell to help get to Neos or any Neo-Spacian: EN – Engage Neo Space.

Engage Neo Space is a Normal Spell that at the cost of sending 1 Neo-Spacian and 1 Elemental HERO monster to the grave, 1 from hand and 1 from Deck, you get to Special Summon any Neo-Spacian monster or any Level 5 or higher Elemental HERO monster from your Deck and then you add a Polymerization from your Deck or graveyard to your hand. So getting to the specific Neo-Spacian you need could be nice for the Contact Fusions, or you get to Neos if he’s the part you’re missing. It at least summons Spirit of Neos as well to get that search without having to rely on his own Special Summon effect. A search for Polymerization is nice as well for certain Fusions, though it doesn’t help with Contact Fusions at all. If you summoned Neos off this effect, he gains 1000 ATK, making him a respectable 3500 body. You only get to summon Fusions from the Extra Deck the turn you use this card, and it’s a hard once per turn, but none of these restrictions are too crippling for HEROs. It’s a pretty good card to get you to specific pieces you need, even if it’s a minus 1 on activation since you need to pitch 1 card from hand. I guess it’s a cost worth paying if you need specific monsters for your plays.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 I wonder if they’ll actually ever print Candelato, the Beast of Light as an actual card.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Next on the Hero retrain block is EN-Engage Neo Space.  This is a Normal Magic, allowing you to send a Neo-Spacian and an Elemental Hero to your Grave (one from your Deck; one from your Hand) which grants you a Special Summoned Neo-Spacian or a Level 5 or higher E-Hero from your Deck.  If successful, you also net a Polymerization, from your Deck OR Grave to your Hand.  Love the versatility there, on both ends of that Effect.  This IS still a -1, mind you, you give up this card, two Monsters, and you’re getting one Monster and ideally your Poly as well.  If you bring out Neos with this, he gains 1000 attack, and 3500 attack isn’t anything to scoff at.  You’re locked into only being able to Special Summon Fusion from your Extra Deck that Turn, but in Heroes, that’s less than no problem.  Finally, you can only activate one of these a Turn.  This card is pretty solid, much as yesterday, and anything to further and speed along the Fusion game for Heroes is welcome.

Rating:  3.5/5

Art:  3.5/5  This pic, while fine, is a little busy for my liking.  

Mighty Vee

Speaking of Neos Spells, next up is EN – Engage Neo Space, a Normal Spell. By sending a Neo Spacian and an Elemental HERO from your hand and deck to the Graveyard (one from each, so at least one must be from the hand and the other has to be different and from the deck), you can Special Summon any Neo Spacian or level 5 or higher Elemental HERO (cough cough Spirit of Neos) from your deck and immediately search Polymerization or recycle it from your Graveyard. Though the cost is a little specific, as long as you don’t have an abominable hand it should almost always be live. While most of the Neo Spacians are quite bad, Elemental HERO Shadow Mist is always a good HERO to send to the Graveyard if you get the chance, letting you search any HERO monster. Unfortunately, EN will also lock you into Fusion monsters the whole turn, so you can’t use any Xtra HEROs, though Neos-focused decks don’t really need them anyway. I think this card is a tad overbalanced considering you’ll inherently have to play the Neo Spacians, but for a Neos deck it’s still a godsend; I wouldn’t try to run it in other HERO builds even if dumping Shadow Mist and getting a Special Summon is very strong. Oh, and if you summoned Elemental HERO Neos with the Special Summon, it gains 1000 attack, but no one really cares about that effect.

Advanced: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 It certainly looks cool, but does anyone remember the time when Jaden and Aqua Dolphin dueled against a weird alien? I think he mentioned something about fish sticks.

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