Elise is a better version of House Spider.  An extra defense point, fearsome, level up capability and it can potentially summon more spiders.  But Elise takes up a champion slot.

It’s used in They Who Endure decks, spider aggro, Darius/Harrowing decks and more.

Elise is an aggro or midgro card – not control.  She’s splashable in aggro decks.  She has spider synergies but doesn’t require them to do her job.

Early game, Elise is helpful.  The opponent must answer it or you’ll keep getting spiders.  The spiderlings are versatile: can soak up damage (or dissuade units with 1 defense from attacking), ping enemies for 1 damage or attack face with bits of damage each turn.

But late game, it doesn’t scale well.  This card doesn’t have utility.  It just summons a few little bodies.  Which enemies will run over easily.  The same logic applies to the spell Crawling Sensations.

Once enemies have big bodies on the board, your Elise will just get blocked and die.

Rating: 3.5/5