Dogmatikamacabre – #BACH-EN054

This card can be used to Ritual Summon any “Dogmatika” Ritual Monster from your hand or GY. You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or field, and/or banish Fusion or Synchro Monsters from your GY, whose total Levels equal or exceed the Level of the Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon, then, if both “White Knight of Dogmatika” and “White Relic of Dogmatika” are on the field, you can look at either your Extra Deck or your opponent’s, and send 1 monster from it to the GY. You can only activate 1 “Dogmatikamacabre” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  May 17th, 2022

Rating: 2.88

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Dogmatikamacabre is the new Ritual Spell for Dogmatika to go alongside Dogmatikalamity. Interesting how the archetype has two different Ritual Spells and two Ritual Monsters, yet neither is specific to either.

Archetype Ritual Spell that can get you your Dogmatika Ritual Summon, however this one can also use a Dogmatika Ritual Monster from the grave. Tribute monsters on the hand or field or combo that with banishing Fusion or Synchro Monsters from the grave on top of not needing to be precise with the Levels makes this a highly flexible Ritual Spell, may be the most flexible one we’ve ever had. You can use three different ways to get equal or more of the levels needed for your Ritual Monster (hand, field, grave via banish), there’s no way you aren’t summoning your monster.

The Extra Deck Foolish Burial effect requires both your Ritual Monsters from your archetype to be on the field, which is not impossible, but unlikely that you are going to have them on the field at the same time. This spell though does what White Relic does in response to your opponent summoning from the Extra Deck, so if you were to be able to do this first turn you could get that sneak peek at your opponent’s strategy and disrupt it before they got a turn. That though would require your two different Ritual Monsters, two Ritual Spells, and something like Instant or Ritual Fusion to pay the cost of the Ritual Spells, and that is a lot.

Dogmatikalamity sets up Dogmatikamacabre, however Dogmatikalamity needs to be precise. Again, in a dedicated Dogmatika archetype I’m not sure how many Ritual Monsters and ritual support you are playing. Dogmatikamacabre in terms of its usefulness to the archetype in the Ritual Monster context is great. You won’t be getting that Foolish Burial from the opponent’s Extra Deck, but you’ll still get your Ritual Monster.

Advanced-3/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

One Ritual Spell for the archetype wasn’t enough, now we got 2 with Dogmatikamacabre.

Dogmatikamacabre is a Ritual Spell that can be used to Ritual Summon any Dogmatika Ritual, making sure it supports any future Ritual Monsters the archetype gets. The monster can be summoned from the hand or the graveyard, so that’s nice. You must tribute monsters from your hand or field and/or banish Fusion or Synchro monsters from your graveyard whose total Levels equal or exceed the Level of your Ritual Monster and summon it, and then if you control both White Relic of Dogmatika and White Knight of Dogmatika, you get to look at either player’s Extra Deck and send a monster to the graveyard. So having extra versatility in your Ritual Summon is nice, using Fusions and Synchros in the graveyard you might of sent off Nadir Servant or Dogmatika Punishment to get extra value out of them. Should help make Ritual Summons that much easier. The second effect for controlling both the current Rituals for the archetype can help, and at least this time you can send your opponent’s best monster as this doesn’t require them to summon first. Getting both Rituals on the field isn’t hard, but I don’t know how much this effect will come up. I’ll assume it’s for Pre-Preparation of Rites synergy in Dogmatika. It’s at least a pretty good Ritual Spell for the Dogmatika archetype if you’re running a Ritual build, worth having some copies of it to summon your Rituals, even if it is still a hard once per turn.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 5/5 Looks like Ad Libitum made it into the Dogmatika Nation.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Appropriately, we follow yesterday with the alternate Summoning card mentioned in its text-Dogmatikamacabre.  This is a Ritual Magic, and immediately shows a huge benefit for the player, as not only can it Summon any Ritual in the Theme, it also allows you to do so from your Graveyard.  I always felt Rituals should be allowed to do this, as they’re so inherently difficult to Summon (overall) in the first place.  For an additional caveat, you also can remove Synchro or Fusion Monsters for the Ritual Summon, so long as they’re also in the Graveyard.  Giving a second life to Monsters (Extra Deck ones, no less) like that is amazing.  Finally, if White Relic of Dogmatika and White Knight, you can look at your opponent’s Extra Deck and send a Monster from it to the Graveyard.  OR you can send one of your own, I would assume one that you plan on using for/with this later.  That won’t always be the case, but it’s still a nice bonus if you can pull it off…but you might not always need that either.  As far as Ritual Magics go, this one is GOOD.

Rating:  3.75/5

Art:  4.5/5  Quite…dark, no?

Mighty Vee

(Personally, I would’ve gone with Dogmatikabre) You can’t have a new ritual monster without a new ritual spell– following up on White Relic of Dogmatika is Dogmatikamacabre, which is unsurprisingly a ritual spell you can only activate once per turn. Notably, it can summon Dogmatika ritual monsters from your hand or graveyard, while Dogmatikalamity can only summon from the hand. Unlike Dogmatikalamity, which can send an extra deck monster to the graveyard to ritual summon, Dogmatikamacabre uses monsters from the hand or field, or banishes fusion or synchro monsters from the graveyard instead. This card’s bonus effect triggers if White Knight of Dogmatika and White Relic of Dogmatika are both on the field after ritual summoning, allowing you to send a monster from either extra deck to the graveyard. We already mentioned how potent sniping your opponent’s extra deck can be, though for your own extra deck, this can either fill your graveyard with more ritual fodder with other copies of Dogmatikamacabre or for boardbreaking, as there are a plethora of fusion monsters with destructive graveyard effects (Elder Entity N’tss and part of the Fossil Fusion family come to mind). I’d say this card’s main strength is its searchability; in addition to being searched by Dogmatika Ecclesia, it can be accessed by the (somewhat memed) Pre-Preparation of Rites, searching Dogmatika’s ritual monsters in the process. While it’s not as versatile as Dogmatikalamity, Dogmatikamacabre definitely has its uses, especially in combo-oriented builds that are able to quickly dump fodder from the extra deck for ritual summoning.

Advanced: 3.5/5

Art: 4/5 Incredibly creepy artwork especially if you’ve been keeping up with the lore; the white and bloody red color scheme almost distracts you from what appears to be a heap of corpses in the background, presumably waiting to be revived by White Relic.


As a follow up from yesterday’s card, we get to look at the Dogmatika’s 2nd way of Ritual Summoning their monsters: Dogmatikamacabre (try saying that 5 times fast!)
This is a very flexible Ritual Spell as it lets you Ritual Summon any “Dogmatika” Ritual Monster from your Hand OR Grave. Not only that, but you can use materials from Hand, Field, or Grave whos levels equal or exceed the monster you’re trying to summon.
Now the one stipulation is that if you use Graveyard materials, they must be Fusion or Synchro monsters. I’m surprised it’s not just ANY Extra Deck monster (XYZ and Link, included), but both Fusion and Synchro monsters have seen a lot of support in recent sets.

Being a generic ritual spell for the archetype there are 2 possible monsters to summon off this card: White Knight and White Relic (of Dogmatika). Both monsters have an identical statline (in terms of ATK and DEF) and they each have similar effects.
We looked at White Relic yesterday, so let me just briefly go over White Knight. Corrupted Fleur de-lis has the ability to mill out an Extra Deck card whenever the Opponent activate’s a card or an effect. This not only fits the theme, but can absolutely cripple an opponent if they have just a single copy of a key card chilling in their Extra Deck. White Knight can also steal 1/2 the ATK points of the monster she sends off her effect.

Both of these ritual monsters bleed your opponent’s Extra Deck dry, most likely leaving them with few options to deal with your high ATK power Dogmatika monsters. Despite the flexibility offered by both Dogmatikalamity and Dogmatikamacabre, I’m not sure if it’s worth running these Ritual Monsters.
To be fair, Dogmatika isn’t really that great of an archetype of its own. Most players simply splash a smaller Dogmatika engine into their decks (which is funny considering the Dogmatika are about maintaining purity).
I’m going to judge this card both on what it can do within its archetype and outside it.

Advanced Rating – 2/5
Art – 3/5 (I love the story being told throughout the Albaz art)


Alright, we continue the Dogmatika theme this week with the Ritual Spell card “Dogmatikamacabre”, which can summon any Dogmatika Ritual monster such as yesterday’s card, the White Relic!

As most modern Ritual Spell cards, this has a lot of extra text packed in its textbox to make us forget about how awful the inherent mechanic of ritual summoning actually is! Even as a little kid Yugioh player, I realized that the most powerful ritual monsters like Masked Beast or Black Luster Soldier were simply TERRIBLE, as drawing all the right pieces was challenging on top of having to give up extra cards just to make your two-card combo work. All that work just to get Trap Hole’d or Torrentialed! Anyway, pepperidge farm remembers.. Anyways, I’m a dinosaur-type, alright – time to move on. To make a more relevant and informative point: Nowadays, ritual summoning has become more streamlined, generic, convenient and there are multi-card searchers for both the Ritual spells as well as the monsters themselves, with alternative costs to fulfill the ritual summoning requirements to boot! We certainly have come a long way from Sonic Bird.

As stated before, Dogmatikamacabre can be used to summon any Dogmatika Ritual monster, and the tributes must come from your hand or field, as is typical of ritual spells. You can also tribute monsters from your graveyard, but to use that resource, you have to banish fusion or synchro monsters from there! These are harder to cycle through into the grave, but at least that is something to alleviate how hard it is to piece together the ritual summon cards. Considering that the spell “Nadir Servant” is both a searcher for you Dogmatika monsters, including the ritual monsters you want to summon, and can dump an extra deck monsters into your grave for free, this is actually a pretty reliable and low-cost way of getting to your ritual monsters.

The last effect states that if both “White Relic of Dogmatika” and “White Knight of Dogmatika” are on the field after you ritual summoned with Dogmatikamacabre, you can look through either your or your opponent’s Extra Deck and send on monster from there to the graveyard. This is either some light disruption to your enemy’s game plan or additional fodder for future Dogmatika combo plays – neat! Let’s not forget that even with all that additional text, these combos still pose a multi-card investment for some light disruption and some mediocre monsters. All in all, I am not impressed

Rating: 1,5/5


works quite well with Nadir Servat, can mess with the opponent’s Extra Deck


the monsters you can ritual summon with this are pretty mediocre, ritual summoning takes more of your cards than it gives back in return, not the most consistent ritual engine

Art: 3,5/5

A beautiful environmental piece. I love the detail of the figures and of the buildings in the background.

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