Crawlspace – Dominaria Remastered

Date Reviewed:  January 24, 2023

Constructed: 1.38
Casual: 3.50
Limited: 3.25
Multiplayer: 3.00
Commander [EDH]: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 is bad. 3 is average. 5 is great.

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I’m not quite sure why we haven’t reviewed Crawlspace before. There was a period of Magic when it was quite effective at shutting down certain kinds of decks – swarm decks didn’t get the ability to rapidly flood the table with big creatures for a while after it came out. However, when your opponent can make such a play, being attacked by just two of them doesn’t necessarily help you as much. (You don’t have to go to cards as new-school as Rampaging Baloths for that – Call of the Herd is much closer to Crawlspace in time and very efficient.) Still, it does cut down on the number of attackers you need to manage, and closes off the traditional tactic of getting around efficient walls by just outnumbering them.

Constructed: 1.5
Casual: 3.5
Limited: 3.5
Multiplayer: 3
Commander [EDH]: 3

 James H. 


Crawlspace is a pretty flavorful effect, curtailing the number of creatures that can attack you each time they go to turn sideways. Flavorful doesn’t mean good, though, as while there are plenty of decks this can throttle, you’re not protecting any planeswalkers you have this way, and one sufficiently large creature will still stomp through just fine. That said, being an artifact means that many decks that have trouble with swarming attackers may have cause to consider this, and though I think this isn’t much more than a “lose less” card, there are plenty of tricks you can pull off if you get this out early.

Constructed: 1.25 (most decks in Legacy, if they attack, aim to put their focus on one singular attacker, and this is worse than Propaganda/Ghostly Prison at impeding attacks)
Casual: 3.5
Limited: 3
Multiplayer: 3 (may encourage focus elsewhere, if just for a bit)
Commander [EDH]: 3

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