Chimera the Illusion Beast
Chimera the Illusion Beast

Chimera the Illusion Beast – #DUNE-EN034

“Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast” + 1+ Illusion monsters
This card’s name becomes “Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast” while on the field or in the GY. This card can attack monsters a number of times each Battle Phase, up to the number of materials used for it. If this card battles a monster, neither can be destroyed by that battle. At the end of the Damage Step, if this card battled an opponent’s monster: You can change that opponent’s monster’s ATK to 0, also negate its effects.

Date Reviewed:  September 29th, 2023

Rating: 3.50

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KoL's Avatar
King of


Hello Pojo Fans,

Chimera the Illusion Beast wraps up the week on Pojo and is the newest Chimera monster that we’ve referenced this week. 3100ATK is great no matter how you look at it. Needing “Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast” isn’t too bad now that you have an easier Chimera to summon within the archetype. At least one Illusion monster is required for the Fusion Summon, but the more you use the better. Illusion Beast becomes “Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast” as long as it is in the grave and on the field, giving you another copy of Chimera to work with cards like Chimera Fusion. We’ve seen Illusion Beast’s effect before: attacks equal to number of materials used. With 3100ATK that ensures you’ll be mowing down several targets as long as you commit multiple monsters to the Fusion Summon.

Now comes what the Illusion monsters do: attack but not destroy monsters by battle, then have an effect kick in. In Chimera the Illusion Beast’s case, neither are destroyed but the opponent’s ATK becomes 0 and any effect(s) they have are negated. While you won’t be destroying them, you will be doing damage and with multiple attacks potentially for Chimera, this monster alone can be an OTK: attack, reduced the opponent’s monster to 0 and turn off effects, then keep attacking that monster because it won’t be destroyed by battle. The Illusion monsters may not destroy opponent’s monsters by battle, but they can beat them other ways and LP damage may not be the most important thing in the game now, but Chimera can make it that way. Mirrorsword Knight and Cornfield Coatl can provide protection while in the grave that Chimera lacks.

Strong Fusion Monster for the archetype and one that works with the archetype’s theme of attacking and not destroying by battle. Adds a copy of “Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast” to work with other cards (if only those retrains from earlier this week did the same), and can be an OTK. Good Fusion for an old Battle City theme.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-4.5/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

We end the week off with a more proper boss monster for the Chimera theme: Chimera the Illusion Beast.

Chimera the Illusion Beast is a Level 8 DARK Illusion Fusion with 3100 ATK and 2800 DEF. Stats are good, Illusion hopefully gets better, and being DARK is always great. Fusion Materials are Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast along with any number of Illusion monsters. We got the new Chimera at least for the first part, and the line of Illusions will keep growing. It’s name also becomes Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast while on the field or in the graveyard, so you at least get the benefits of that name. It can attack a number of times each Battle Phase on monsters up to the number of Illusion monsters used as material to summon them. Monsters can’t be destroyed in battle in battles involving this card, which goes with that first effect. Finally, at the end of the Damage Step where this monster battled an opponent’s monster, you can negate that monster’s effects and make its ATK 0. Basically, this is a pretty fine OTK machine for the Chimera/Illusion strategy. You’ll have to get a few Illusions in your possession to use as Fusion Material for this to get the optimal number of attacks needed to OTK, which isn’t impossible. The card is nothing broken, but it’s fine to finish the game if you need it in that moment.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4.5/5 Chimera is decked out now.

Mighty Vee

Ironically having a name that’s less of a mouthful than its weaker forms, Chimera the Illusion Beast finishes the week as the de-facto boss of the Chimera series. An upgrade to the original Chimera, Illusion Beast is a level 8 DARK Illusion Fusion monster, requiring the original Chimera and one or more Illusion monsters, so the standard Mirror Swordknight combo will make it with 3 materials at the bare minimum. Fittingly, Illusion Beasts stats are a straight 1000 upgrade to both parameters from the original Chimera, giving it a solid spread of 3100 attack and 2800 defense, great on both ends.

Like the mini Fusions, Illusion Beast takes the original’s name while on the field and in the Graveyard, so Mirror Swordknight and Cornfield Coatl’s Graveyard effects are live and it’ll allow you to use Chimera Fusion’s Graveyard effect as well. Illusion Beast can attack monsters once for each Fusion material you used, which incentivizes summoning it with as many materials as possible because it combos excellently with its next effect. Like all other Illusion monsters so far, it can’t destroy other monsters nor be destroyed by battle, so you can simply attack an attack-position monster repeatedly for massive damage. Fittingly, Illusion Beast’s last effect triggers after it battles an opponent’s monster, permanently negating its effects and dropping its attack to 0. This means swinging into a monster 4 times will pretty much confirm the OTK, though I’ve never found the need to summon it with more than 3 materials (which is realistically the best you can get without RNG). My only critique is that it doesn’t inflict piercing damage, but Illusion Beast is already an insane OTK machine, and the lack of protection and true disruption is mitigated by Cornfield Coatl and Mirror Swordknight (plus Guardian Chimera is a strong alternative going first). Illusion Beast might do only one thing, but it does it extremely well, making it a welcome boss for a fledgling deck.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 4/5 He’s standing up…

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