Nesting Trend Sets EXIT: The Game Up for a Record-Breaking 2019 Holiday Season

Exit: The Catacombs of Horror
Exit: The Catacombs of Horror

PROVIDENCE, RI (SEPTEMBER 26, 2019) – The EXIT: The Game series by Thames & Kosmos launched just over two years ago and has thirteen unique games available for purchase today—nine of which make up Thames & Kosmos’ overall best-seller list across all product categories. The series’ debut capitalized on the rising popularity of permanent escape room venues across the country, and its success continues due to increased consumer demand for at-home entertainment. Today, more than four million EXIT games have been sold worldwide.

According to this month’s report from The NPD Group analyzing toy industry sales expectations through 2021*, the Games/Puzzles supercategory is one of three supercategories projected to post the strongest growth over the next two years. A major trend propelling this growth includes nesting—consumers’ desire for more entertainment options that they can enjoy from home.

“EXIT mimics real-life escape room adventures without the physical space and admission fees. Each title is unique, with a different premise and setting, and riddles that are thoughtfully integrated into the storyline,” explained Andrew Quartin, CEO of Thames & Kosmos.  “These games allow you to bring the excitement, intensity, and team spirit of an escape room to your own living room. As more and more consumers continue to crave this kind of intimate, at-home entertainment, they inevitably find their way to EXIT. With consumer demand necessitating the constant addition of new titles to the line, there are options for players of all skill levels, making these games a fun, engaging, and affordable cooperative experience for adults, teens, families—anyone looking for something fun to do in a group setting.”

Exit: The Catacombs of Horror
Exit: The Catacombs of Horror Contents

EXIT: The Game has gained recognition from some of the world’s most widely known board game awards. The first three titles were awarded the internationally acclaimed Kennerspiel des Jahres (German for “Connoisseur/Expert Game of the Year”) in 2017, marking the first time a series of games won the prestigious award. Since then, additional titles in the EXIT series have gone on to be selected to numerous top gift guides and the brand has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from gamers and non-gamers alike. People of all backgrounds and interests have hailed the puzzles in the EXIT series as some of the most innovative and stimulating puzzles in any line of at-home escape room games.

Development for games in the EXIT series begins in Germany with Thames & Kosmos’ parent company, KOSMOS Verlag, a highly acclaimed publisher of board games for years. Together with prolific game designers Inka and Markus Brand, editors at Kosmos have created approximately 20 different EXIT games and books, many of which are slated for release in the US within the next few years.

Games in the EXIT series are available for purchase at major retail stores including Target, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon and at your local neighborhood toy and game stores. Each EXIT game has a suggested retail price of $14.95, with the exception of the newly released EXIT: The Catacombs of Horror; this two-part thriller offers double the play time and is available now for $24.95.

*Source: The NPD Group, The Future of Toys (September 23, 2019)

About EXIT: The Game
EXIT: The Game is a series of escape room games for the home. Players must solve riddles and puzzles and crack codes to escape from an imaginary room or environment or solve a perplexing mystery. Currently, there are thirteen unique titles available in the US, with more coming in 2020 and beyond. Titles include EXIT: The Abandoned Cabin, EXIT: The Secret Lab, and EXIT: The Pharaoh’s Tomb, all of which were awarded the prestigious Kennerspiel des Jahres (German for “Connoisseur/Expert Game of the Year”) in 2017. Recent additions include the two-part thriller, EXIT: The Catacombs of Horror, as well as offerings with a lower level of difficulty, EXIT: The Haunted Roller Coaster and EXIT: The House of Riddles. For a complete listing, visit www.thamesandkosmos.com/index.php/exit.

About Thames & Kosmos
Thames & Kosmos (T&K) was founded in 2001 with the mission of improving informal science education by publishing high-quality science and technology-related educational products for children of all ages. T&K’s mission has since expanded from its STEM roots to encompass other educational branches, including arts and crafts and early childhood learning, as well as the multitude of thinking and social skills that can be taught through board games and performative magic sets. T&K’s entry into the world of board games came in 2015 with the release of five games from the prestigious Kosmos line. Today, T&K’s game line includes more than 50 unique titles. These games build social skills, stimulate logical and strategic thinking, promote visual-spatial and math skills, cultivate physical coordination and manual dexterity, encourage family time, and inspire fair-mindedness, confidence, and honorable attitudes. T&K is headquartered in Providence, RI, and is the North American subsidiary of Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. KG.