Rating: 3/5

He used to be underpowered.  Then got a big buff, then a nerf and now he’s in between. Braum/Anivia decks were meta 2 patches ago.  Braum isn’t meta now, but not bad either.

  • Tempo – 2/5.  It doesn’t do much on the first turn you play it.  It does block an attack so your other creatures can’t by blocked by that creature.  It does no damage on the turn you use it.  It doesn’t deal with an opponent’s threat.  What if you need an answer to that threat on this turn?
  • Advantage – 4/5.  You often get a second body, and the opponent deals with both.  The initial effect is very easy to attain.  This card rarely minuses.  Worst case, it gets Culling Striked and that’s a 1 for 1.
  • Versatility – 3/5 – Fairly self-sufficient, though it’s best used with cards that buff stats.  Can be good for control, but not fast enough for mid-range decks.
  • Expedition – 4/5.  It’s self-sufficient.  Puts bodies on the board.  It can be tricky to remove sometimes.

Synergies – Stat boosters like Avarosan Hearthguard, Omen Hawk, Fury of the North.  Offense helps him challenge things.  Defense helps him attain his level up.

Level Up effect: +1/1 helps him.  He could potentially generate an unlimited amount of Poro’s, but he usually only lives only enough to summon 1 or 2.  A free 3/3 Poro body is nice, but not the scariest late-game threat either.

Braum's Take Heart
Braum’s Take Heart

Take Heart (the spell that comes with him): Potentially very good since its permanent, but situational.  Worst case, it can’t be activated when you need it.