We just got our hands on the new Transformers: Blaster vs Soundwave TCG Deck Box.  There are two Regulation-Sized Decks inside the box: a Blaster Deck and a Soundwave deck.  Each deck is made up of a Character Team worth 25 stars.  And each character has a prebuilt deck for their characters consisting of 40 Battle cards.  Nice!!!

Here is a look at the front of the box:

Transformers TCG - Blaster vs Soundwave Deck
Transformers TCG – Blaster vs Soundwave Deck

As we mentioned in July, there are two versions of the Blaster vs Soundwave floating around out there.  This review is for the standard “Retail Edition”.  There is also a “35th Anniversary Edition” with Alternate Artwork.  The cards inside have the same powers and attacks in both sets.  The 35th Anniversary Edition is a limited edition release, and was first released at the San Diego Comic Con in 2019.  It was also available at Gen Con 2019. And it will also be released at PAX Unplugged in December.  The Alt Mode Artwork for the 35th Anniversary Edition was done by Marcelo Matere.

The box is approximately 12″ x 9″ x 2″, with a large see-through plastic panel on the front.  We have said this several times before while reviewing Transformer TCG Products: These boxes that Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro have designed are phenomenal!  The engineering in the packaging is fantastic! The boxes look beautiful, and we always feel guilty opening them up. 

Transformers Blaster VS Soundwave – Back of the Box
Transformers Blaster VS Soundwave – Back of the Box

The Each BLASTER VS SOUNDWAVE box contains:

  • 2 Large Foil TRANSFORMERS Character Cards
  • 6 Small Foil TRANSFORMERS Mini-Cassette Character Cards
  • 2 Ready-to-Play Decks of 40 Battle Cards
  • Damage Counters
  • Rules Insert
Inside Packaging
Inside Packaging

Here is a batter look Character Cards you get inside (bots and alts):

Blaster and Soundwave are Large Character card-sized, while the Mini-Cassettes are small character card-sized like Battle Masters and Micro Masters.

Blaster and Soundwave have are 10 stars each, while the other character cards are 5 stars each.  Each set is a full 25 stars’ worth of character cards.  

Here are all cards you get inside this box:

  • Blaster // Communications
  • Soundwave // Communications
  • Steeljaw // Tracker
  • Ramhorn // Warrior
  • Eject // Electronic Surveillance
  • Ravage // Saboteur
  • Buzzsaw // Spy
  • Frenzy // Warrior


  • Basic Combat Protocol x2
  • Escape Route 3x
  • Flamethrower 2x
  • Force Field 3x
  • Handheld Blaster 3x
  • Vaporize 3x
  • Zap 2x
  • Daring Counterattack 3x
  • Interpret the Airwaves 3x
  • Obstructive Rhythm 3x
  • Recover Cassette 3x
  • Backup Beam 3x
  • Grenade Launcher 2x
  • Pep Talk 3x
  • Incoming Transmission 2x
  • Calculated Strike 3x
  • Dismantle 2x
  • Escape Route 3x
  • Handheld Blaster 2x
  • Buzzsaw, Ravage, Frenzy Attack! 3x
  • Inner Grove 3x
  • Intercept Communications 3x
  • Recover Cassette 3x
  • Blast Shield 3x
  • Pep Talk 3x
  • Scoundrels Blaster 3x
  • Steady Shot 3x
  • Piercing Blaster x2
  • Smoke Cloak x3

Regarding the Battle cards.  You get a total:

  • 24 rares 
  • 16 uncommons
  • 40 commons

These two decks introduce new mechanics: Mini-Cassettes that Eject, Transform, and return to the hosts. You flip Blaster or Soundwave to eject a cassette, and then play the Recover Cassette card to return them.

Transformers TCG: Blaster Vs. Soundwave Deck
Transformers TCG: Blaster Vs. Soundwave Deck Retail Edition

Should you buy the Blaster vs Soundwave Box?

The List Price for these Preconstructed Blaster vs Soundwave Decks is around $39.99. That is a little higher than some of the previous Starter Sets and Exclusive Decks have cost in the past. 

But … You are getting two complete Regulation/Standard playable decks in this box!  Not just one!

For full gameplay, each player needs a team of Transformers Character Cards (up to 25 stars worth) and a deck of 40 or more Battle Cards.  The previous “Devastator Deck”, “Bumblebee Vs. Megatron 2-Player Starter Set”, and “Autobots Starter” each were only able to make one playable Regulation-sized deck when you combined all the cards.  

These are very good Starter/Beginner Decks. Each deck plays differently, and has a different feel.  The Blaster Deck is an Orange/Bold type attacking deck, while the Soundwave Deck is a Blue/Piercing type deck that plays more defensively.  

The decks are definitely fun to play with, but aren’t tournament-worthy right out of the box. Most preconstructed decks are a great way to learn how to play, but these decks will benefit from some different Battle Cards.  You can easily put your own stamp on these decks by making some changes to suit your playstyle.  

There 8 character cards in this box, and they are two cohesive teams.  It would take you 8 booster packs to get 8 character cards.  And it would take your 4 more booster packs to get to 80 Battle Cards.  Since, booster packs retail for about $4 each.  It would cost you about $48 to get 8 character cards and two Battle Decks, and I guarantee you that they probably wouldn’t make two cohesive teams. 

So, in my opinion, this is pretty sweet value, and gets an easy recommendation from me.  Also, there are quite a few exclusive cards in the box, and it’s the only way for collectors and players to get some of these cards.  These are perfect decks for parents to play against their children as well, to get them into Trading Card Games!