Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle

Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle – #BLCR-EN010

If “Advanced Dark” is not in a Field Zone, send this monster to the GY. If this face-up card is destroyed in a Monster Zone, you can place it face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell, instead of sending it to the GY. While this card is treated as a Continuous Spell: You can Special Summon this card, then you can Special Summon as many “Advanced Crystal Beast” Monster Cards as possible from your Spell & Trap Zones. You can only use this effect of “Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  December 5th, 2022

Rating: 3.08

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Though I said we were done with Crystal Beasts last Friday it looks like we’re looking at the “Advanced” Crystal Beasts this week. Because they all need “Advanced Dark” on the Field otherwise they aren’t playable I don’t really consider them part of the Crystal Beasts strategy but to each his own…let’s start it up with Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle.

Advanced Dark condition for ALL Advanced Crystal Beasts so won’t be mentioning that this week anymore. Having to depend on a Field Spell just to play your archetype puts you in a tight spot, but at least you have ways to search it…would be nice if the Field Spell did a lot for the archetype though. ACBRC can Special Summon itself whenever it is destroyed and becomes a Continuous Spell, which is something the original couldn’t do. Once it does that it will do what the original would do and summon all your Continuous Spells that are Advanced Crystal Beast monsters…if only it included Crystal Beasts as well.

The ability to Special Summon itself without the help of anything is better than the original Ruby Carbuncle, however, it only Special Summoning Advanced Crystal Beasts narrows its play tremendously. All “Advanced Crystal Beasts” could’ve been better had they made their original forms better.

Advanced-3/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

More Crystal Beast stuff this week, this time looking at the Advanced Crystal Beasts we saw in the anime back around 2007-2008 and to start we got the most iconic Crystal Beast in its Advanced form: Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle.

Ruby Carbuncle is a Level 3 LIGHT Fairy with 300 ATK and DEF. Stats are pretty bad, but being a LIGHT Fairy does count for something. So similar to the original Crystal Beasts, the Advanced Crystal Beasts share some effects. Of coruse we get the classic Crystal Beast effect where if it’s destroyed it’ll go to the Spell & Trap Zone face-up as a Continuous Spell, which is fine, however the Advanced Crystal Beasts also have a trait they share on their own where they are sent from the Monster Zone to the graveyard if you don’t control Advanced Dark, so you’re really relying on a Field Spell if you want to run these guys. Anyways, the unique effect of Ruby Carunble is upgraded from the original, where it can straight up Special Summon itself from the Spell & Trap Zone as a monster and then summon as many Advanced Crystal Beasts as possible from your Spell & Trap Zone. You no longer have to rely on other cards to help summon your Carbuncle from the backrow, but it’s traded off for it being a hard once per turn now. It’s nice to be able to clear your backrow and get more monsters on the field at will without relying on other outside cards, but you won’t keep those monsters if you don’t have Advanced Dark, which is a massive downside. There’s a lot of good and bad being exchanged between the original and Advanced versions here, and while it still remains a staple for Advanced Crystal Beasts similar to how Ruby Carbuncle is still for the original versions, Advanced Crystal Beasts are still relying hard on a Field Spell. Still a solid card.

Advanced Rating: 3.25/5

Art: 4.5/5 It’s way too hard to make Ruby Carbuncle look evil compared to the other Crystal Beasts.

Mighty Vee

I’ve been busy with studies lately, but rest assured I should be back to regular reviews next week! Hot on the heels of Pojo’s Crystal Beast coverage last week, this week we’re covering the long-awaited Advanced Crystal Beast mini-archetype, more than a decade after their anime debut. Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle is their first card, a level 3 LIGHT Fairy monster just like the original. Anything that’ll search Crystal Beasts will also search it, so this archetype in general can “double dip”, but it’s limited by…well, you’ll see. Naturally, it also has the same painfully low stat spread of 300 attack and defense, so try to keep it out of the battlefield.

Right off the bat we see the main Achilles’ Heel of this archetype– if Advanced Dark isn’t on the field, you’re forced to send Ruby Carbuncle straight to the Graveyard. Since this doesn’t count as being destroyed, it won’t even trigger the second effect, shared by all Crystal Beasts, to place it into your Spell/Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell if it’s destroyed. This makes keeping Advanced Dark around very essential, but we’ll get to that problem later this week. That aside, Carbuncle’s last effect is a hard once per turn and is spin to the original Carbuncle, letting you Special Summon it directly from the Spell/Trap Zone while it’s a Continuous Spell and then Special Summon as many Advanced Crystal Beasts as possible from your Spell/Trap Zone. Being able to Special Summon itself is incredibly powerful and opens up lots of swarming potential, though it’s balanced by the fact that we’re dealing with Advanced Crystal Beasts; we’ll have to get monsters there somehow, and have Advanced Dark on the field while we’re at it. Overall, easily one of the better Advanced Crystal Beasts, even if it’s not saying much.

Advanced: 3/5

Art: 3.5/5 It’s like the original Carbuncle, but a little more evil! I think the original had a better pose and expression though.

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