Most Valuable Pokemon Cards of 2017 Countdown

#8b Venusaur – Base Set, 1st Edition
venusaur base set price

One of the Big 3 from the original Base Set finally cracks the Top 25!  Who are the Big 3?  Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise are the final evolutions of the original Starter Pokemon from the very first Pokemon Video Game. And all 3 cards appear in the Base Set.  And all 3 are cherished. So we call them the Big 3.  

In 2017, this copy of Machamp sold for $5500.  First Edition Base Set Rare cards can command ridiculously high prices if they’re graded Perfect 10’s.  

Pojo Note: Why do we have an 8a and an 8b in our Top 25? 1. The prices fluctuated dramatically over the first 3 weeks of December while we were posting our Top 25.  And most importantly … 2. I can’t count … so I called a tie at $5500 where Venusaur and Gold Star Charizard tied at 8th place.  

Some quick notes on our rankings:  These are all cards you could have reasonably collected in the United States. These are cards that appeared in Booster Boxes, Booster packs, Leagues, and/or Starter Sets. Pokémon TCG fans/players could have plausibly obtained these cards through auctions, trades and/or blind luck pulls. There are no cards “prize cards” in our list.  All values are based on actual sales of Pokemon Cards on eBay in 2017. Most of these cards are Professionally-Graded, Gem Mint cards, which are independently certified on their condition. Here’s an article on Graded Pokemon Cards if you don’t know what Graded Cards are.