Most Valuable Pokemon Cards
2017 Countdown

The official Top #25 countdown begins today.  We’re closing out the last 25 days of 2017 with the Top 25 cards. 

#25 Celebi – Skyridge
Crystal Holograph – $1,999
PSA 10 GEM MINT Celebi Skyridge Crystal Holo 2003 - $2k

A crystal rare from the Skyridge expansion.  Skyridge was the final set released by Wizards of the Coast.  There are several valuable Crystal rares in Skyridge.   

After this $1,999 sale, the next highest priced copy sold was a PSA 9 which sold for $999 in October 2017.  A few others sold in the $800-$900 range as well.  Get this one graded if you happen to have it sitting around in a binder!  

Some quick notes on our rankings:  These are all cards you could have reasonably collected. These are all cards that were available in the United States.  These are cards that appeared in Booster Boxes, Booster packs, Leagues, and/or Starter Sets. Pokémon TCG fans/players could have plausibly obtained these cards through auctions, trades and/or blind luck pulls.  There are no cards “prize cards” in our list.  All values are based on actual sales of Pokemon Cards on eBay during the 4th quarter of 2017. Our Prices are based on Professionally-Graded, Gem Mint cards, which are independently certified on their condition. Here’s an article on Graded Pokemon Cards if you don’t know what Graded Cards are.