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Pojo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Reader's Top Ten Lists

Daleyboy's Yugioh Top 10 List - Top Ten Tuner Monsters
Nov 2009


This is my first Top Ten List, I am currently running a Synchro Deck with tons of Tuners so I am making a list of the best!


10. Turbo Synchron

100/500/WIND/Machine/Level 1

This little guy is the only tuner to be able to summon Turbo Warrior, in my opinion one of the best Synchros. He can also summon low attack strong monsters for little cost, like Yubel. If you combo him with Cyber Dragon or The Tricky, you have an instant Level 6 synchro like Goyo or Brionac or Turbo.


9. Black Salvo

100/1100/Machine/DARK/Level 3

With the banning of Dark Strike Fighter, this guy is not as useful as he was, but he can stll be used for the other Level 7 synchros out there like Black Rose and Ancient Fairy. And he can still summon DSF in Traditional.


8. Shiba Warrior Taro

800/600/EARTH/Beast-Warrior/Level 2

Not much to say about this guy other than that he has pretty good staying power.


7. Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North

1400/0/Winged Beast/DARK/Level 2

This guy I think is the easiest way to get Armed Wing. However, if you use this guy along with Turbo Booster, its another way to get Armor Master.


6. Rose, Warrior of Revenge

1600/600/FIRE/Warrior/Level 4

This card in my opinion will soon be replaced by Soldier of Mist Valley, but the combo with Summoner Monk will still be a fond memory. With me being a relatively poor player, I never got my hands on one of these, but it is without doubt the best combo for Stardust/RDArchfiend/TRArchfiend.


5. Drill Synchron

800/600/Level 3/Machine/WIND

This card is coming out in SOVR. It gives all of your monsters Trample and once per turn if you did Trample damage you can draw a card. Amazing! It also gives you access to the formidable Drill Warrior. Check it out if you dont know it!


4. Krebons

1200/400/Level 2/Psychic/DARK

The best tuner for staying power. also can use all dark and psychic support.

combos well with DHero Malicious for a Level 8.


3. Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind

1300/400/Winged Beast/DARK/Level 3

This card is in my opinion the best card so far of 2009. It can run over any monster up to 2500 atk, and that on a Level 3 monster is awesome. its Dark, special summonable and a blackwing. A great card.


2. Plaguespreader Zombie

400/200/Zombie/DARK/Level 2

It is so easy to get cards in the GY these days so a card like this, with a ridiculously small summon cost was always going to be a big hit. fast, dark and zombie, this is definitely one worthy of its place in Pojos COTD top ten of 2008! should have been higher than 5 i think.


1. Soldier of mist valley

1700/300/Winged Beast/WIND/Level 4

This card is coming out in Hidden Arsenal and i think it will replace RWOR as the beast Lv4 tuner. it even has a good effect that can bounce opposing monsters! it is usable in BW decks as it is a WBeast and it is my pick of Best Tuner Monster!


Thanks for reading, and i would love to read your thoughts at annabeldale@hotmail.co.uk Daleyboy :-)



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