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Yu-Gi-Oh! Life Point Calculator Aids

Many people have come up a variety of ways to keep track of life points.  We decided to create a page where you could access some of these aids.

Printable Aids

Yugi Low Tech Life Point Counter - by Eddie Rodriguez - You simply print these out and use beads, pennies or whatever to keep track of your life points.  Eddie is hosting these on his own site.  Here's a mirror site in case the 1st one is down

Please do not send us any more Art Type Life Point Counters, unless you are willing to host them on your own server.  The bandwidth is expensive for the nice ones.  ;)

Aids for Windows 7 Smart Phones

iDuelPro -  JMac Apps

Aids for Texas Instrument Calculators

Life Point Calculator for TI Calculators - Kyle Masson - This is a zipped file that includes a Read Me file. 

YugiCalc for TI-83 - Capncrunch027- Zipped file that includes a Read Me file

Life Point Calculator Source for TI-83 - David

Life Point Keeper on the Ti-83+ - Tommy Tran - People that want to use it will have to send the file to their calculators.

Life Point Program for TI Calculator - Joseph Monaco

Life Point Program for Ti 83+ - Harry Payne

Life Point Calculator Program for the TI-83 plus & 84 - Josh W.

LifepointCalcs/LP Calculator for TI-83 Plus.htm - Kyle "Xerus" Pulver

LP Calculator Source for TI-83+ and TI-83 - Huy Nguyen

Life Point Program for 4 Players for TI-83+ - Derrick Diep

Aids for Casio Calculators

Casio Algebra 2.0 Calculator Life Point Program - Saul Vargas

Aids for Palm OS

Palm OS Freeware- Created by Matt Skildum.  This link takes you to Matt's site.

Aids for Pocket PC's

Pocket PC Calculator - Created by Roberto Delgado.  This link takes you to Roberto's site. 

Aids for PC Calculators

OMNIPotus YuGiCalc - I have created a simple JavaScript page for keeping score of your games of Yugi. Mostly I made it for my friend who is always next to his computer while he's playing, but I put it on the net for anyone else who wants to use it. 

yugioh lp calculator for windows - "I saw there aren't many lifepoints calculators for pc and that's why I'd like to submit mine. - Renzo Verleysen"



You can find Duelpro 2008.2 here

You can find iDuelpro 2009 for mac here

You can find iDuelpro Mobile for the iPhone here (link to iTunes app store) : http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=299220306&mt=8




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