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Peasant Magic Decks
Cheap Magic the Gathering Deck Ideas. 
(You can tweak these decks to make Pauper Magic Decks as well)

The Peasant Magic idea was created by Rob Baranowski to give people a chance to play competitive Magic without dropping a ton of cash on Magic Cards.  The Peasant Magic Format basically asks to to make a deck of at least 55 commons, no more than 5 uncommons - and no rares!  Click here to see the detailed rules.  (Pauper Magic does not allow uncommons or rares.  So you'll have to tweak the decks a bit if they contain uncommon cards)

We'd love to see your ideas for decks for this format!  This is a fun format!  Experienced Players will have fun using cards from older sets. A lot of beginning Magic Players come to our site looking for help & ideas.  They don't have huge sums of cash.  I think learning about good common/uncommon cards from the past & present will help beginners understand the game better, and give them ideas on inexpensive cards they can grab to build cheap competitive decks they can play against their friends.

Also, make sure to check out Jason Chapman's older Featured Articles on Peasant Magic, and the fine art of building Peasant Magic Decks in Through the Portal

Peasant Magic Decks - Deck Count - 365 - as of April 2017


If you want to test your hand building a deck, please do so!  Send us your deck along with your analysis of your deck.  We will not post simple deck lists.  People want to read the strategy behind your decks too.  List all 60 cards in your deck. 


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