Yule Ooze - 2011 Holiday Foil
Yule Ooze – 2011 Holiday Foil

Yule Ooze
– 2011 Holiday Foil

Date Reviewed: 
November 28, 2019

Constructed: N/A
Casual: 3.63
Multiplayer: 3.75
Commander [EDH]: 4.17

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 James H. 


Reminder: as a silver-bordered card, it’s not getting a Constructed score, and it’s also not getting a Limited score because it has, tragically, never been in a proper set. If your Commander group allows silver-bordered cards, though, that’s pretty good.

The Ooze takes what it wants, which sounds like my family during the holidays if we’re being honest. It randomly eats whatever it wants without care for what it is, who it belongs to, or whether it’s actually a good idea to eat it, and even has the ability to say “no” to being shown the door…which, again, sounds way too familiar.

Jokes aside, Yule Ooze is an interesting enough card. It’ll get absolutely massive if given the chance, and it’s pretty good at dodging removal if you have the mana to do so (and the food to do so, as well), but it starts out pretty vulnerable. And it will pop anything on the board, ignoring protection and targeting restrictions (but not ignoring indestructible, fortunately enough), so the Ooze will prove inevitable over a long enough game. But if you take the wrong thing from someone, expect their wrath to come swiftly.

If you have a Yule Ooze and your play group allows silver-bordered cards, have fun! Because indiscriminate taking from others to grow larger and more implacable is well within the spirit of the holidays.

Casual: 3.25
Multiplayer: 3.5
Commander: 3.5

David's Avatar

It’s not a Thanksgiving card per se, but Yule Ooze is definitely in a similar sort of theme and a suitable card to break out on either Thanksgiving or Christmas – and other times besides. Eternally growing creatures are fun, and a lot of casual settings will be loaded with cards that ensure a rapid growth rate (potentially better than Tarmogoyf’s, if your opponent/s like to ramp into expensive stuff). Hard-to-kill creatures are fun, especially when they give you an excuse to break out the candy canes and carrot cake. Randomness can be fun too, especially in casual Commander games where you want something to happen but you don’t necessarily mind what. While it may not have the most efficient stats before the feast begins, that really feels like a nitpick when you can eat planeswalkers and creatures every turn for no extra investment. It seems to be immune to tryptophan, too!

Casual: 4/5
Multiplayer: 4/5
EDH/Commander: 4/5


Happy Thanksgiving!

While you all are getting stuffed with Thanksgiving Feasies, let’s talk about the Magic Card that wants to eat your stuff!

Yule Ooze is one of the signature cards in a long standing tradition of Holiday Themed Cards that WotC makes every year for the holiday season! They’re ‘joke’ cards, meant for Friendly Commander Games and for my favorite format, Cube Drafting!

So let’s talk about Yule Ooze in a cube draft environment, this guy is pretty bonkers because every upkeep he’s going to destroy a non-land permanent, and because it’s chosen at random it gets around pesky things like ‘protection’ and ‘hexproof’.

I’m looking at you True Name Nemesis!

And not only that, it gets a bunch of counters on it as well, now in Powered Cube Drafts it might be a bummer to hit their Mox and be stuck with a 1/1, but this bad boy comes with a regeneration clause! …And a snack clause too!

So keep some handy snacks around and chew your way to victory with Yule Ooze this holiday season!

Constructed – 1/5 Not legal

Commander – 5/5 The Holiday Cards epitomize the ‘fun’ aspect in these formats!

Cube – 3/5 Great if you’re in those colors, but not a reason to switch or first pick

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