Yubel - Terror Incarnate
Yubel – Terror Incarnate

Yubel – Terror Incarnate – #BLC1-EN028

Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must be Special Summoned by “Yubel”. Cannot be destroyed by battle. You take no battle damage from battles involving this card. Before damage calculation, if this face-up Attack Position card is targeted for an attack: Inflict damage to your opponent equal to that attacking monster’s ATK. Once per turn, during your End Phase: Destroy all other monsters on the field. When this face-up card leaves the field: You can Special Summon 1 “Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare” from your hand, Deck, or GY.

Date Reviewed:  May 9th, 2024

Rating: 2.67

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Yubel – Terror Incarnate is our Throwback Thursday choice and was always the best form of Yubel until the new support.

Having to be summoned by “Yubel” was always what was going to hold it back, but if you can get it to the field it inherits the original Yubel’s effects and then some. Battle protection and damage protection are both good things to have when you have a 0/0 stat line. If your opponent was dumb enough or forced to attack, Yubel TI does damage to the opponent equal to its ATK. You aren’t likely to get this effect though, as your opponent wouldn’t willingly attack into your monster do receive damage.

The real effect and allure of Terror Incarnate is the End Phase of your turn effect: destroy all other monsters on the field. Pop Yubel using Nightmare Throne to search something and then Special Summon this, move to your End Phase and pop goes your opponent’s field. Pop TI to Special Summon Ultimate Nightmare is an easier effect now that you have Nightmare Throne and Spirit of Yubel available, as well as Nightmare Pain and Gruesome Grave Squirmer.

While Ultimate Nightmare has its positives, Terror Incarnate can hold down a field without having to tribute stuff like Yubel has to, as well as wipe the board of monsters during the end of your turn. You can attack with Ultimate Nightmare and destroy whatever it attacks while doing damage equal to that monster’s ATK, but Terror Incarnate’s ability is broader and easier to trigger.

Advanced- 3.5/5     Art- 4/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

Not long ago we looked at Yubel, and now with Nightmare Throne out we’ll look at Yubel – Terror Incarnate.

Terror Incarnate is a Level 11 DARK Fiend with 0 ATK and DEF. Stats go with the Yubel theme, and it’s great to be a DARK Fiend. It cannot be Normal Summoned or Set and must be summoned via the effect of Yubel, so it was limiting on how you can get this out, but now it’s much easier to do whether you do it via Yubel’s effect or not. It cannot be destroyed in battle and you take no damage from battles involving this card, which is good for 0/0 stat monsters. Before damage calculation, if this is targeted for an attack, you inflict damage to the opponent equal to that monster’s ATK, which is exactly the same as Yubel, and it’s fine when you have Nightmare Pain on the field to force the opponent to battle this. It at least has the unique effect to destroy all other monsters on the field during the End Phase, so it’s a field nuke, which can be bad for you if you establish a board, otherwise you get clean up on the opponent’s field. Final effect triggers when it leaves the field while it was face-up, letting you go into Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare from the hand, Deck, or graveyard. We keep floating, which of course requires 1 more brick to use The Ultimate Nightmare, but it does have the best effects out of all three original Yubels. It does miss timing, which Nightmare Throne can help fix if you use The Ultimate Nightmare, otherwise you do get to go back to base Yubel or Spirit of Yubel. Terror Incarnate is a fine card to continue to run in Yubel. It’s easy to get into it via Nightmare Throne now, and destroying all other monsters on the field is powerful. You only need 1, cause you really don’t want to draw it and you can get it from Deck, but it’s a fine 1-of. Now we wait for Phantom of Yubel just so we can review The Ultimate Nightmare for Throwback Thursday.

Advanced Rating: 3.25/5

Art: 4/5 The final form is way more terrifying.

Mighty Vee

The spotlight on Nightmare Throne and Yubel also brings up the unfortunate reality of Yubel coming up, so this week’s Throwback Thursday brings us Yubel’s intermediate form, Yubel – Terror Incarnate, a level 11 DARK Fiend monster. It’s searchable with Nightmare Throne, Nightmare Pain, and of course Yubel itself, but for reasons that will soon be obvious, you don’t want to see Terror Incarnate in your hand. Like the rest of the Yubel family, Terror Incarnate has 0 attack and defense to play into the deck’s damage reflection gimmick.

As a nomi monster, Terror Incarnate cannot by summoned in any way except from Yubel’s effect from being destroyed, though you can cheat it out with Nightmare Throne (getting to that in a bit!). Like Yubel, Terror Incarnate has the same standard effect: it can’t be destroyed by battle, you don’t take any damage from battles, and if it’s targeted for an attack, you can burn your opponent for the attacking monster’s attack. Terror Incarnate’s sole upgrade over Yubel is that instead of forcing you to tribute a jobber during the End Phase, Terror Incarnate instead destroys all other monsters on the field once per turn. In Duel Links, this made Terror Incarnate a stalling nuisance since it was difficult to beat and protection was rare, though in the modern era it’s a bit too slow for what you get, especially when it can interfere with your unprotected monsters like Varudras, the Final Bringer of the End Times or D/D/D Wave High King Caesar. Terror Incarnate’s last effect, naturally, triggers when (WHEN) it leaves the field, Special Summon Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare from your hand, deck, or Graveyard to complete Yubel’s evolution. Considering Yubel – The Loving Defender forever is a much stronger monster that’s easier to summon, this is just a funny bonus when Terror Incarnate dies (unfortunately, “when” causes it to miss timing if Linked off. Tragic!). Terror Incarnate doesn’t have much going for it considering how obsolete evolving Yubel is, but you still play it anyway– Nightmare Throne lets you cheat it out as a free Link material, which is very important for Yubel since you’ll appreciate the extra bodies for Unchained plays, and later on when we get a certain Fiend engine in Infinite Forbidden, Link material will be even more valuable. Play 1, just hope you don’t open it!

+Free extender when using Nightmare Throne’s second effect
+Nuke can stall-cheese certain decks
-Horrible nomi brick
-Effects are still outdated for 2024

Advanced: 2.25/5
Art: 3.75/5 The art looked a lot scarier when I first saw it, I guess Yubel felt buffer when it was more threatening in Duel Links!

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