Hawthorne, Calif. (March 7, 2023) – The 25th Anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! falls on February 4, 2024, but fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) are already preparing for the massive milestone! This Spring, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (KONAMI) is starting up the celebration with three thrilling releases, each exploring epic eras of Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom: a new booster set, a new Speed Duel Box, and the return of one of Dueling’s most popular collectibles!

Maze of Memories is a wild ride through Dueling’s most spectacular stories, creating cards out of key places and events from almost every era of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series! Then it’s back to Duel Academy with Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows, a brand-new Box Set ruled by some of the school’s biggest villains. And finally, the celebration kicks off in full with Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition, loaded with classic booster packs like Invasion of Chaos, Pharaoh’s Servant, and the set that started it all: Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon.

On March 10, get ready to explore hidden archives of Dueling’s history! Maze of Memories delivers incredible new cards inspired by some of the most celebrated characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and animated series, like Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, and Yusaku Fujiki,

Command a new version of Yugi’s first Ritual Monster and unleash Black Luster Soldier – Legendary Swordsman: whenever it wins a battle, it shuffles all cards your opponent controls back into their Deck! Relive the days of Duel Academy by activating it as a Field Spell that unlocks three powerful effects to match the monsters you control. You can even rev it up with Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon! Based on Yusei’s signature Synchro Monster, you can use it to Synchro Summon a Level 10 monster on your opponent’s turn and protect it from your opponent’s activated effects! Revisit your favorite moments from Yu-Gi-Oh! history with more than 20 new cards.

After Gate Guardian’s return in last year’s Speed Duel GX: Midterm Paradox, prepare for the ultimate encore. Brand-new never-before-seen World Premiere cards let you combine the iconic Kazejin, Suijin, and Sanga of the Thunder any way you want, to Special Summon earthshattering new Fusion Monsters!

Finally, Maze of Memories includes plenty of high-impact reprints: must-have cards for the modern Advanced Format, as well as your favorite Time Wizard tournaments. It even offers a second chance to add one of the most powerful Synchro Monsters of all time to your Dueling arsenal: Baronne De Fleur! Armed with an effect that destroys any card on the field once per turn, this Level 10 Warrior Synchro can negate and destroy almost any card that activates an effect. You can return it to your Extra Deck to Summon it again later, and when you do, you’ll Special Summon a monster as big as Level 9 from your Graveyard to take its place! Baronne de Fleur is incredible on its own, but it’s also the perfect combo for the new Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon: use it to Synchro Summon Baronne de Fleur on your opponent’s turn and shield it from all of your opponent’s activated effects!

Enter the maze on March 10 to discover the treasures hidden within! The Maze of Memories booster set contains a total of 67 cards: 42 Rares, 15 Super Rares, and 10 Ultra Rares. 15 cards also appear as stunning Collector’s Rare variants. Each booster pack contains 7 cards: 1 Foil card and 6 Rares. MSRP: $4.49 per 7-card pack.

Maze of Memories
Maze of Memories

Then on March 31, you’re heading back to Duel Academy! The Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows is another all-in-one box with 8 Speed Duel Decks included, pre-built and ready-to-play. Every Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows Box comes with 200 Speed Duel cards, a mix of powerful reprints and dozens of cards that are entirely new to the format. Each box comes with 8 Secret Rare variant cards too: you’ll get Secret Rares of Uria, Lord of Searing Flames, Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder, and Raviel, Lord of Phantasms in every box, as well as 5 more random Secret Rares from the complete set of 24.

You’ll also find 20 all-new Skill Cards featuring characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX animated series. Open the box, grab some friends, and get ready to Duel with Supreme King Jaden’s Evil Heroes, Kagemaru’s Sacred Beasts, Camula’s Vampires, Nightshroud’s Dragons, Adrian Gecko’s Cloudians, Tania’s Amazoness tribe, Titan’s Archfiends, and Amnael’s Alchemy!

Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows even includes Skill Cards for popular supporting characters: if you picked up the Speed Duel: Battle City Box and Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box, you’ll have all the cards you need to assemble your very own Dark Scorpion Deck, led by Don Zaloog himself! Call upon the Spirit of the Pharaoh as Abidos the Third, unleash a Reptile rampage as Thelonious Viper, or harness the powers of darkness with a new version of Yubel.

You’ll even find strong cards that are totally new to Speed Dueling, for characters who appeared in previous Speed Duel GX sets: Jaden Yuki’s Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman and Chazz Princeton’s Armed Dragon LV10 both make their Speed Duel debut, and if you’re lucky, you could open either of them as Secret Rare. Even Chumley Huffington gets a powerful new addition to his Chillin’ Outback Deck, with Vampiric Koala!

The latest Speed Duel Box is stuffed with awesome reprints too! Speed Duel devotees can score sought-after competitive cards like Nightmare Wheel, Zoma the Spirit, Book of Moon, Wall of Disruption and more. Meanwhile, fans of Advanced Format Dueling and Time Wizard tournaments will find cards like Super Polymerization, D.D. Crow, Macro Cosmos and Allure of Darkness! All four cards appear in every Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows Box as Speed Duel Commons, legal for play in all your favorite formats. But if you’re lucky, you might find them as Secret Rares!

Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows arrives on March 31! Every Speed Duel Box includes 200 Common Cards, 20 Skill Cards, and 8 (of 24) Secret Rares. MSRP: $29.99 per set.

Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows
Speed Duel GX: Duelists of Shadows

And on April 21, get ready for a blast from the past! The fan-favorite Legendary Collection is back, re-envisioned as the Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition, and it’s jam-packed with classic cards and retro booster packs from the early days of Duel Monsters.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, KONAMI is reprinting 6 booster packs from the early years of the game. Every Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition comes with 1 pack each of the timeless classics: Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Metal Raiders, Spell Ruler, Pharaoh’s Servant, Dark Crisis, and Invasion of Chaos. Each pack could contain any of the cards from the original set’s printing, presented in their original rarities – even Secret Rares!

And since it wouldn’t be a Legendary Collection without some amazing promo cards, every Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition comes with 7 promos. Every set includes Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, The Winged Dragon of Ra, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician, and Red-Eyes Black Dragon, all printed as Ultra Rares. The last promo card in each collector’s set is a Quarter Century Secret Rare version of 1 of those 6 cards: your first look at the stunning new rarity created just for the 25th anniversary celebration!

Nostalgia takes over with Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition starting April 21. Each Collector’s Set includes 6 booster packs, 6 Ultra Rare cards and 1 Quarter Century Secret Rare. MSRP: $31.99 per set.

Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition
Legendary Collection: 25th Anniversary Edition