Hope you all have been practicing up with your Cyber Style. Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G here to tell you everything you need to know about the latest Structure Deck. This time around, we are returning to the Cyber theme for the 2nd time in Structure Deck history with the Cyber Strike. This time around, we are adding support to the Cyberdark side of things instead of just regular Cyber Dragons. This Deck is built to update the Cyberdark theme while also giving a hand to the original Cyber Dragon strategy, alongisde providing some needed reprints for players, whether they intend to use the actual Cyber Style strategy or not. With all that out of the way, let’s get into this Structure Deck.


Cyberdark Evolution


So of course we are mainly looking at cards to help Cyberdarks first and foremost, but this support does mix the Cyberdark and Cyber Dragon strategies pretty well after all these years since GX ended. Overall, we got 2 new Main Deck monsters, a new Fusion, 3 new Spells, and a new Trap. Attachment Cybern is a new Level 3 LIGHT Dragon who can equip itself from the hand or field to a Dragon or Machine Cyber monster, boosts any monster equipped with it by 600 ATK, and revives a Dragon/Machine Cyber monster from the grave when it falls off as an Equip. Cyberdark Chimera is a Level 4 DARK Machine who can discard any Spell/Trap to search for a Power Bond out of the Deck while also letting you use banish cards from the graveyard once for a Fusion Summon, you can just only use Dragon or Machine Cyber monsters as Fusion Material that turn, also sending Cyberdark Chimera to the grave by any means lets you send a Cyberdark from Deck to grave that isn’t already in the graveyard. Cyber Eternal is a Quick-Play Spell that can target a Machine Cyber Fusion in the graveyard and either return it to the Extra Deck or revive it, ignoring the summoning conditions, also it can be banished to protect a Machine Cyber Fusion from destruction. Cyberdark Realm is a Continuous Spell that upon activation lets you search for any Cyberdark monster with a different name from cards in your graveyard, can immediately let you Normal Summon a Cyberdark monster during your Main Phase, and lets you equip monsters from the opponent’s graveyard for your Cyberdark effects. Cybernetic Horizon is a Normal Spell that’s always treated as a Cyberdark card and lets you send 2 Dragon and/or Machine Cyber monsters with different Attributes, one from hand and one from Deck, to the graveyard to add any Dragon or Machine Cyber monster from Deck to hand and then send a Machine Cyber Fusion from the Extra Deck to the graveyard, you just can only summon Machines from the Extra Deck the turn you activate this card. Cyberdark Invasion is a Continuous Trap that can let you target a Cyberdark Effect Monster you control to equip any monster from either graveyard to that monster as an Equip Spell to boost the monster by 1000 ATK and can let you send an Equip Card equipped to a Machine you control to destroy a card the opponent controls. Finally, Cyberdark End Dragon is a new Level 10 DARK Fusion between Cyberdark Dragon and Cyber End Dragon, but can also be summoned by tributing a Level 10 or lower Cyberdark Fusion that’s equipped with Cyber End Dragon, is unaffected by your opponent’s activated effects, can equip a monster from either graveyard to this card once per turn, and attack a number of times each Battle Phase equal to the number of monsters equipped to this card. 

Noteworthy Reprints

Now for all the reprints in this Deck. To get the expected stuff out of the way, you got most to all of the Cyberdark and Cyber Dragon cards. Your Cyber Dragon related stuff includes  Cyber Dragon, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Nachster, Core, Herz, Cyber Repair Plant, Cyber Emergency, Cyberload Fusion, Cybernetic Revolution, Cybernetic Overflow, Cyber End Dragon, and Chimeratech Overdragon. Your Cyberdark stuff includes Horn, Edge, Keel, Cannon, Claw, Impact!, Inferno, Cyberdark Dragon, and Cyberdarkness Dragon. You also got various other Cyber, Machine, and Fusion related cards like Cyber Pharos, Cyber Phoenix, Gale Dogra, Future Fusion, Fusion Deployment, Fusion Tag, Machine Duplication, Limiter Removal, Power Bond, and Overload Fusion. Finally you got other stuff that would go well with the Cyber Dragon or Cyberdark strategy alongside some generic cards like Leng Leng, Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju, Gizmek Orochi, the Serpentron Sky Slasher, Infnite Impermanence, Power Wall, Call of the Haunted, and Paleozoic Canadia.

In Conclusion

Between this and the Ice Barrier Structure that came from the OCG poll, this is easily the better of the two. It probably does help this Deck already had a better base to go off of compared to Ice Barriers. With that said, this does really help update the Cyberdark side of things to make it worthwhile running, even in a Cyber Dragon Deck. Having a better Power Bond searcher is something we needed after Cyber Pharos didn’t get the job done. The new boss monster is pretty cool and somewhat easy to summon. We got some good Spells for the archetype in Horizon and Realm. We also had some much needed reprints, even with the removal of Lightning Storm, with Imperm being the highlight of the Deck. I’m sure Cyber Dragons can find rogue success again like they did before with this update. It is a well put together Deck.

Thanks for reading,