I wish we’d get the Duelist Saga rarity again, we probably won’t. Hello Pojo Readers, Crunch$G back here to do something similar to what I did last year with Duel Power and give a list of some cards I would like to see printed over in the TCG, as well as some of the reprints in this set. So far we know we’re getting 30 Link Monsters, including the Predaplant Link, the Bujin Link, and the one formerly known as Crystron Needlefiber alongside some new Malefic and Cubic support. We’re short on reprint information expect for Cynet Mining being confirmed and leaks of Phantazamay and maybe we’re also getting Cyber Dragon Infinity’s alternate art. With all that said, I’ll go through what I think will make this set based on the new cards that will be in here, new product that’ll come out, and some reprints we could surely use.

Bold = Confirmed

Italics = TCG Name Unconfirmed

New Cards

  1. Cyrstron Halqifibrax
  2. Predaplant Verte Anaconda
  3. Bujinki Ahashima
  4. Five-Headed Link Dragon
  5. Relinquished Anima
  6. Mighty Flame Swordsman
  7. Sky Striker Ace – Zeke
  8. Tenyi Spirit – Sahasrara
  9. Malefic Paradox Gear
  10. Malefic Territory
  11. Malefic Divide
  12. Malefic Selector
  13. Malefic Tune
  14. Cubic Dharma
  15. Cubic Omen
  16. Cubic Ascension
  17. Ojama Emperor
  18. Superheavy Samurai Scarecrow
  19. The Celestial Knight Lord Parshath
  20. Alien Shocktrooper Mighty/Frame
  21. D/D/D Abyss King Gilgamesh
  22. Raidraptor – Wise Strix
  23. Condemned Darklord
  24. Companion Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman
  25. Union Carrier
  26. Ancient Gear Ballistic Shooter
  27. Herald of Mirages
  28. Simorgh, Bird of Kings
  29. Xtra HERO Hell Diviser
  30. Selene, the Sacred Empress of Magic
  31. Crossrose Dragon
  32. Reptilianne Echidna
  33. Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon
  34. Artifact Dadga
  35. Bloom Harmonist the Melodious Virtuoso
  36. Abyss Actor – Hyper Director
  37. World Keymaster Lib
  38. Yuki-Onna, the Absolute Zero Mayakashi
  39. Speedroid Marble Machine
  40. Speedroid Hexasaucer
  41. Dark Anthelion Dragon
  42. Starving Vemmy Lethal Dose Dragon
  43. Dangerous Frightfur Nightmary
  44. Phantasm Emperor Trilojig
  45. Rose Bell of Revelation
  46. Synchro’s Transcend
  47. Emma’s Judgment
  48. Graveyard of Wandering Souls
  49. Superheavy Samurai Wagon
  50. Raidraptor – Arsenal Falcon
  51. Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon
  52. Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon
  53. Gandora the Dragon of Destruction – Giga-Rays
  54. Card of Spirit
  55. Hope Magician
  56. Crossout Desiginator


  1. Cynet Mining
  2. Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay
  3. Cyber Dragon Infinity (Alternate Art)
  4. Chaos Dragon Levianeer (Alternate Art)
  5. Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight (Alternate Art)
  6. Tour Guide from the Underworld (Alternate Art)
  7. Sky Striker Ace – Kagari (Alternate Art)
  8. Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion
  9. Blackwing – Steam the Cloak
  10. Malefic Stardust Dragon
  11. Malefic Cyber End Dragon
  12. Raidraptor – Tribute Lanius
  13. Raidraptor – Force Strix
  14. Buster Dragon
  15. Mist Valley Apex Avian
  16. Mist Valley Thunderbird
  17. Artifact Moralltach
  18. Artifact Sanctum
  19. Evolzar Laggia
  20. Evolzar Dolkka
  21. Infinite Imperemance
  22. Evenly Matched
  23. Cyber Dragon Nachster
  24. Cyber Emergency
  25. Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampede
  26. Urgent Schedule
  27. Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe
  28. Millennium-Eyes Restrict
  29. Ancient Gear Fusion
  30. Salamangreat Almiraj
  31. Pot of Extravagance
  32. Deep Sea Diva
  33. Witchcrafter Madame Verre
  34. Witchcrafter Creation
  35. Madolche Magileine
  36. Madolche Anjelly
  37. Madolche Hootcake
  38. Madolche Queen Tiramisu
  39. Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-mode
  40. Crackdown
  41. Mystic Mine
  42. Bahamut Shark
  43. Toadally Awesome
  44. Ultimaya Tzolkin

In Conclusion

There’s likely going to be a lot of value in this set and with 30 Link Monsters, I feel confident that we’re getting all of the Link VRAINS Pack cards at once so we don’t have to wait. Besides the confirmations, there’s a lot of assumptions on what cards will be in here since Konami was vague about it with Malefics, Cubics, Dinosaurs, Madolche, and Witchcrafters, but with all that said I’m sure I know the Cubic and Malefic cards based on the OCG and the others show necessary reprints and I did consider the fact that Konami is supposedly reprinting the Dino Structure Deck soon. Other than that, I was able to go based off what’s been hyped recently, what support I’m predicting, and the vague information and leaks I have to guess reprints. The new cards I’m feeling confident I got about 80 to 90% right and some we did know TCG names of due to the movies or with Duel Links in the case of Superheavy Samurai Wagon. This is probably going to be a set worth opening, especially with the long awaited arrival of Crystron Halqifibrax.

Thanks for Reading,