Whitebeard, the Plunder Patroll Helm
Whitebeard, the Plunder Patroll Helm

Whitebeard, the Plunder Patroll Helm
– #IGAS-EN085

During your opponent’s turn (Quick Effect): You can Special Summon 1 “Plunder Patroll” monster from your Extra Deck with the same Attribute as a monster your opponent controls or is in their GY, and if you do, equip this card you control to it. If this card is sent from the hand or Monster Zone to the GY: You can activate this effect; Special Summon 1 “Plunder Patroll” monster from your Deck, except “Whitebeard, the Plunder Patroll Helm”, also you cannot Special Summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except “Plunder Patroll” monsters. You can only use each effect of “Whitebeard, the Plunder Patroll Helm” once per turn.

Date Reviewed: 
May 11th, 2020

Rating: 3.92

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Plunder Patroll week on the horizon, starting with Whitebeard, the Plunder Patroll Helm.

A searcher with the classic searcher stats (1500/1000), Whitebeard can Special Summon two ways and each of them are pretty useful. First way only being able to happen during the opponents turn is a bit of a downer, would’ve been better if during either turn, but it’s okay because most of the Plunder Patroll Extra Deck monsters have Quick Effects. Matching an Attribute to a Plunder Patroll Extra Deck monster won’t be difficult for the Fusion (LIGHT) and Xyz (DARK), but the Link (WATER), and Synchro (FIRE) may be more difficult to summon unless combined with Plunder Patroll Booty. The Xyz and Synchro need a Plunder Patroll attached to make their effects become Quick and that’s where the Main Deck Plunder Patroll monsters come into play, since they equip to those monsters.

Being able to get a Special Summon from the deck off discarding Whitebeard or getting it off the field makes sure if you have more than one copy you won’t have a dead card in your hand. You get locked into Plunder Patroll monsters for the turn, but you can play around that and make this your last effect before your Battle Phase. With each Plunder Patroll Main Deck monster able to equip itself like Whitebeard and having its own effect upon leaving the hand or field, Whitebeard serves as a way to get to whichever Main Deck Plunder Patroll you need for your specific situation.

Advanced- 3.5/5     Art- 5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

It’s been a bit since we’ve actually went over a TCG Exclusive archetype, so it’s time to change that with Plunder Patroll. We start the week with one of your four monsters in the Main Deck: Whitebeard, the Plunder Patroll Helm.

Whitebeard is a Level 4 WATER Fiend Tuner with 1500 ATK and 1000 DEF. Okay-ish stats on Level 4, WATER is well supported, and so is Fiend. Weird combination, though. Whitebeard’s first effect is a Quick Effect on the opponent’s turn where you can Special Summon any Plunder Patroll monster from the Extra Deck with the same Attribute as a monster the opponent controls and/or is in their graveyard and then this card equips to the newly summoned monster. This is a really cool effect overall to easily get out Extra Deck monsters, and this card equipping to them gives your newly summoned monsters extra abilities that we’ll look at when we see one, with the exception of their Link Monster. Overall, you got 4 Attributes to use for this so far: WATER, FIRE, DARK, and LIGHT. We’re missing WIND and EARTH, which stings for EARTH but WIND is fine considering how rare that Attribute pops up competitively. The archetype has ways to adjust the opponent’s Attributes, so you can summon any of your Extra Deck Plunders if you have that option. It’s a fairly good effect. The second effect is that if it is sent from the hand or Monster Zone to the graveyard, you can Special Summon any Plunder Patroll monster from your Deck that isn’t another Whitebeard, also you can only Special Summon monsters in the Plunder Patroll archetype for the remainder of the turn. Archetype locking isn’t anything new, this is an easy effect to trigger considering the archetype has ways to discard as well as this being a Tuner brings Synchros to the equation and you obviously have Links, and don’t forget Fusions. All three summoning mechanics are of which Plunder Patroll have, and there’s a second Plunder Patroll with the same first effect as Whitebeard and it helps equip your non-equipped Plunder Patrolls with a Plunder Patroll, so you got help there. It’s an excellent ability. The first effect is opponent reliant, but you can depend on them helping making your plays viable more than likely whether they have the Attributes or you need to adjust them yourself. Both effects are a hard once per turn, which should surprise nobody. Whitebeard is an important piece in Plunder Patroll, making it easy to play 3 of him in the Deck.

Advanced Rating: 4.25/5

Art: 4/5 They’re cool little goblin pirates I guess. A little cartoonish, which gives some artwork variety that we could always use

Dark Paladin's Avatar
This week we’re plundering away mateys!  Whitebeard the Plunder Patroll Helm kicks things off.  Water/Fiend, Level 4 and a Tuner, with a low ark/def at 1500/1000 here.  
A Quick effect first lets you Special Summon a Theme Monster from your Extra Deck as long as your opponent controls one or has one of the same Attribute you choose in their Graveyard.  This is really fun.  It’s not always great to rely on specific thing and you’re opponent uses for your plays but this one works.  This card is then equipped to that card.  
If this card isn’t sent from your Hand or Monster Zone to the Graveyard, you get to Special Summon a Theme Monster, other than this card from your Deck.  
You can’t Special Summon our of the Theme that turn but that’s not even an issue.  Each effect here is once per turn.  Can’t have your pirates flooding the board I suppose, but both effects here are great. 
Rating:  4/5  Quite solid despite the low attack.  
Art:  4.5/5  Definitely a pirate feel and as the name says, he is at the helm of the ship. 

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