Weighbridge – #PHHY-EN078

If your opponent controls 2 or more monsters than you do: Your opponent must send monsters they control to the GY so they only control 1 monster.

Date Reviewed:  March 21st, 2023

Rating: 3.13

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Crunch$G Avatar

Next up we look at a Normal Trap perfect for slower Decks like Labrynth to use to help clear a board: Weighbridge.

Weighbridge is a Normal Trap where if your opponent controls 2 or more monsters than you do, you can make the opponent send monsters they control to the graveyard until they only control 1. Like I mentioned before, perfect for slower Decks that don’t put out a ton of monsters at a single time. It’s pretty good to wipe an opponent’s board to prevent them from continuning on with their plays and making Extra Deck monsters with whatever they have on board. No hard once per turn means you can use another if the opponent swarms the board again. Labrynth benefits more off this since it’s a Normal Trap that removes monsters from the field, triggering their effects on the field for whichever monsters you do control. Weighbridge won’t find use in every strategy, but the slower Decks will love to take out multiple of the opponent’s monsters at once. Another solid card.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 3/5 Hey look, its the Magical Hat.

Mighty Vee

One card that came and went with little fanfare, Weighbridge is a Normal Trap, and comes with a single effect. If your opponent controls two or more monsters than you do, they must send monsters to the Graveyard until they only have one left. It’s easy to dismiss Weighbridge as an inferior Evenly Matched, but they actually have different functions; Evenly Matched is primarily a boardbreaker, thanks to the fact you can activate it from the hand, while Weighbridge is your standard going first power Trap to beef up your endboard, something Evenly Matched generally can’t be used for effectively. If you play Weighbridge, it’ll be in decks that end on one or no monsters at all, like Eldlich or Labrynth. If it actually gets pulled off, Weighbridge can be quite devastating, but you still have to run a specific deck, and depending on the matchup, it can be completely dead; while Kashtira does frequently field three monsters for their bread and butter combos, other decks like Branded can comfortably combo with only two monsters out at a time, making Weighbridge deadweight unless you control no monsters. Weighbridge isn’t a useless card, but I feel that its applications are too niche compared to more versatile Traps like Dimension Barrier and Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Advanced: 2.75/5

Art: 2.5/5 Good to see the Supply knight still has business in this economy.

KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Weighbridge is a trap the game has been looking forward to since it was revealed.

Normal Trap that punishes your opponent for having more monsters than you, sort of like a Evenly Matched for monsters. Two or more monsters than you, your opponent has to send monsters to the grave until they have one. That is an even break at the worst, though it could be so much larger in terms of advantage. Sending versus destruction is always important in the game, and with you presumably having at least one monster on the field, this will help even things up. While you could use this to get rid of at least one monster while you have none on the field, you get the best bang for your buck the more monsters are on your opponent’s side of the field. Double-edged sword there as well though, more monsters leaves open the possibility for negation, though combining this with Skill Drain is a 1-2 combo that is devastating.

A simple trap that, while not as far-reaching as Evenly Matched, can be activated at any point of the turn and does avoid activating destruction effects. Another pretty good card for the Side Deck.



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