Weakness Guard Energy (Unified Minds UNM 213)
Weakness Guard Energy (Unified Minds UNM 213)

Weakness Guard Energy – Unified Minds

Date Reviewed:  August 27, 2021

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The upside of Cards Lost to Rotation is that everyday is Throwback Thursday… so I don’t need to pick something else for actual Thursdays.  The last of the Runner-Up cards were covering this week is Weakness Guard Energy (SM – Unified Minds 231/236, 258/236).  We first reviewed it on January 24, 2020… almost six months after it released.  What took so long?  Weakness Guard Energy is a Special Energy card that provides [C] Energy, but also cancels out the Weakness of the Pokémon sporting it.  Your mileage most definitely varies with such a card.  I your Pokémon has no Weakness, it just provides [C].  If the most heavily played type is your Weakness, it might be the only reason your deck can still work!  Then there are all the shades in between.

Eventually, we got to the point where certain decks really needed Weakness Guard Energy, which is part of why it is here.  The only decks with a suitable replacement are Metal decks, because Coating [M] Energy released and will remain legal.  In Expanded, there are some other options to deal with Weakness, but Weakness Guard Energy may still see some use.  Weakness Guard Energy would have been our 16th-Place pick, if our countdown had started any higher.  I had it as my 11th-Place pick, but I’m not bothered by it finishing this low… because I forgot it was me who picked it!  Yes, Weakness Guard Energy comes in clutch for certain decks and many would-be future decks are going to miss it, but if your deck wasn’t often exploiting Weakness, or wasn’t often facing its own Weakness, Weakness Guard Energy rarely mattered.


  • Standard: 3/5
  • Expanded: 3/5

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