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Warning: What you are about to read may contain: spoilers, offensive languages, and content, "M" rated content - meant to be viewed by people the age of 17 and older. If you read this you free TazedSoul, and Pojo.com of any possible complaints. What you are about to read is all from the recently released Nintendo game: Eternal Darkness (Mature).

Entry Two: InSaNiTy, but no by lurili
Friday June 28, 2002
When I first heard about Eternal Darkness it was about a year ago. What originally sucked me in was this "Insanity" meter thing. I saw all this in an EGM back in E3 2001. I figured - hell another reason to buy a cube. I soon began to follow the media on Eternal Darkness - you could say I became obsessed. So when June 24 rolled around you could probably imagine what it was like at my house. I called about 10 to 15 places asking for the game. Sadly NO ONE had it that day. I had to wait 'till the next day to get it, but it was worth the wait. I was so excited to play the game. One of the things that really sparked my interest was the "insanity" meter thing. I couldn't wait to see it all in action.

I have now played about 6, maybe 7 hours into the game. I have only logged about 4 or 5 because when something takes me to long to do I start that part over - to finish it quickly. I have played 6 different characters out of the 12, so you could say I'm about half way done with the game. I you want to go with the angle then you could also say I have seen about half of the different Insanity effects. So I am going to re-cap almost every one of the ones I've seen. This entry will contain minor spoilers - if you want to be surprised when playing that game then we suggest you skip this entry. Now for those of you still with me, sit back, and enjoy the insanity.


Camera Angles - I didn't really think that any of the insanity effects would consist of odd, spooky camera angles. I was thinking more on the side of things like maybe FMV's of your self-going insane and doing disturbing things -- boy was I wrong. As you begin to go insane in Eternal Darkness one of the most common insanity effects are the change of camera angles. It doesn't seem to bad right? Well, wrong! When you're fighting a boss and the camera starts to get crooked sometimes you're left with some pretty hard positions to see the enemy. This effect is one of the major parts of setting the mood in Eternal Darkness.

Is he talking to himself? - When someone goes insane it's only natural to picture the person talking to themselves. Silicon Knights also must have that image as well. As you meter gets lower, and lower your character will begin to mutter, talk to himself, and even shout things like: "THIS ISN"T REALLY HAPPENING!" It gets a little spooky after a couple hours of it, really. But in the end talking to yourself is just another part of Insanity

I'm pretty sure this room used to be… - One of the coolest Insanity effects I've come across so far is the upside down room effect. When you leave a room - say go into the dinning room, and then come back out (if your insanity meter is low enough) the room sometimes will be upside down, and you will be walking on the ceiling. The first time - I was like "what the hell!?" This one becomes common when inside the mansion with Max. Don't worry if this happens to you, though. The room will reset and you will start in the last room you were in before experiencing this effect.

Spooky sounds - You ever hear things when you're scared? Well if you don't then except the future - you will. Through out the game as you approach insanity you will hear a combination of different sounds. Common ones are: The second floor above you in the mansion will begin to creak as if someone is up there walking above you. You'll hear loud bangs too. Sometimes I hear a lot of screaming, but the one that scares me the most is when it is silent (you usually don't think much of it at the time) and out of the blue you hear a door slam loudly. Scary sounds are part of the mood in Eternal Darkness a lot!

That is quite disturbing- The Shrills - This effect alone might have helped Eternal Darkness get a Mature (M) rating. When I first heard this - I began to think… Now that's disturbing. What this sound I talk about is freaky, and odd. It is the loud, and desperate sound of what sounds like a girl being murdered, or maybe being raped. You hear you scream desperately, and beg of her life, while you hear you being slashed at. WOW! I really dislike that one. ^_~

Stop it! Don't turn it down - I was playing in the living room with some people - showing them all the cool effects that Eternal Darkness had when something funny happened. You know that volume bar than appears on most TV's when you turn it up, or down? Well it appeared… The volume looked as if it was going down all the way. I started yelling at everyone in the room - I didn't want to miss anything. I then realized that my TV doesn't have one of those bars. I laughed so hard. I then realized that everyone was staring at me as if I was insane.

Okay… Mute - Just like the volume effect there is one where the "mute" signal appears and there is no sound. This one was also a nice effect. It also caught me off guard like many of the other effects.

What the hell!? Where did it all go? - I had heard about this effect before when reading about the game, but when it happened it completely caught me off guard. I paused to equip a weapon - and all my items were gone! The game also appeared to have frozen. Then it flashed and all my things were back. Thank goodness! -_-

This one actually got me off my butt - I was playing Eternal Darkness, minding my own business - all of a sudden the TV turned off. I then sat for a second or two. I thought maybe my pet bunny had chewed through the cords. I finally got up to try and turn it back on as I approached it - it flashed back on. Darn effects - I actually had to move thanks to this one. Make sure you don't fall for this one, either.

Hmm… That's Blood - I'm not even sure if this is an insanity effect, but it seems like one. When you walk around exploring your surrounding if your insane you may notice that in some place blood is dripping out of the ceiling, and sometimes the wall too. Just another part of Eternal Darkness -- you learn to love.

If you playing with a new WaveBird this will scare you - Happen to be one of those people who always worry about your controller breaking? Did you just buy a WaveBird? If you answered yes to any of those then this effect will give you a heart attack. What happens is when your randomly a error message will come up saying that there is an error with the Nintendo GameCube controller, and to consult your manual. This one folks, isn't funny…

Another Message you don't want to see - Another effect that was really mean is the computer error message. You ever been using you computer and you get an error message that has to do with you PC? Well you can now play your GameCube, Eternal Darkness, and experience everything you get at the computer. This one is a really clever one, and almost fooled me.

Enemies- Sometimes when going back into a room where enemies previously dwelled you will encounter a hallucination of many enemies attacking you. This one sometimes seems very realistic, and sometimes even scary. It has happened most often to me when I have just obtained an item of importance, or defeated a difficult boss, and was not able to save. It can be a bad hallucination. Picture yourself doing something important, and not being able to save because enemies are near then you walk into the room and enemies attack you and you die. Not good.

This is where "dental records" are used - Who would have though that head, legs, arms, and what not falling off you would be a common in Eternal Darkness? Well, it is. You will definitely lose your head quite often when playing Eternal Darkness.

Stop Crying! - You wont be able to escape from you crybaby sister, or little brother when playing Eternal Darkness. One of the commonly used background sounds is this Lady, and her baby crying. It is VERY annoying, and can in time eventually take a toll on your sanity. I'm not lying!

If only I wasn't hallucinating - This is the one hallucination I wish were true. Sometimes when you Insanity meter is low enough you stumble upon what seems to be a treasure of ammo, or other items. Most of the times it's like 10 ammo packs scattered around the floor. What a sick joke - especially when your low on ammo.

As you can see… The Insanity Feature in Eternal Darkness is quite the experience. There is some we have not revealed to you, but when the time comes we hope to break the silence. We imagine, as well that there are still many more effects that we have yet to see. There are still 6 more characters to play as than means that much more Insane Hallucinations left to plague our minds.

This is no hallucination… there is more to come…


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