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Warning: What you are about to read may contain: spoilers, offensive languages, and content, "M" rated content - meant to be viewed by people the age of 17 and older. If you read this you free TazedSoul, and Pojo.com of any possible complaints. What you are about to read is all from the recently released Nintendo game: Eternal Darkness (Mature).

Entry Two: The Essence of Darkness
Thursday June 27, 2002
What makes Eternal Darkness different than the other horror game on the Nintendo GameCube, you may be asking yourself? You often hear that in no way is Eternal Darkness anything like Resident Evil. Well it’s true. They both are full of zombies, guns, and brave adventurers, but what makes them different is the way they scare you. Resident Evil is one of those titles where you can’t play alone. They scare you because you “stranded” feeling that you are given during the beginning of all the games. You often times have to carefully manage you ammo, and if you happen to run out -– you’re left to die. Eternal Darkness doesn’t give you that feeling, or mood. In Eternal Darkness the surroundings, and Sounds are what’s going to terrify you. Since in Eternal Darkness you find a lot more ammo, and can use direct combat weapons like swords, and other blades – not to mention the ability to melee attack enemies when you don’t have any type of defense weapon; Eternal Darkness must scare you in a different ways than Resident Evil. The Insanity Meter is one of them. The Insanity meter is a little green meter that will appear when you run into foes, and enemies. As you fight them it will start to drop. It will also drop if you run from enemies, as well. The only way to restore your Sanity is to defeat the opposing enemy. Sounds simple, but not scary? If someday you happen to run out of sanity it wont directly affect the game, but it will start to affect you, the mood, and of course – your sanity. Different Insanity affects range from creepy sounds, to hallucinations, and even things that you cannot recognize.

It’s obvious that Silcon Kights (the developer) had to come up with some disturbing sounds. One of the sounds is a repeating thump that will occur as your character moves. Loud Bangs will also break the silence. Shrieks, moaning, and bizarre sounds are also included among the creep list of background sounds. It may not sound scary, but it is. The background sound really does set the mood in Eternal Darkness. Another thing that’s crucial to setting the mood in the game is some of the camera angles. As you begin to go Insane you’ll notice that camera angles begin to change – sometimes for the negative. As the music, and sounds begin to grow nearer, and louder, and as the camera angle changes and you can’t see the enemy you’re fighting clearly anymore. I often wonder if the camera angles are supposed to be like they are in certain areas. I also have run into places where things do not appear to be right. It’s as if you’re going insane yourself. One of the other things that set the mood in the game is of course the character surrounding. The one example I’ll use is the mansion that, Alex (the main character, as explained in entry two) travels in through out the game. When you enter new rooms you can never know what to expect. One of the scariest parts of the game so far was when I entered a new hall way – all of a sudden it became very quiet. I then stopped. When I started walking again I hear a loud bang… When I looked to the left on this dresser I noticed a statue of a mans head. The head turned, and followed me as I passed it. I soon began to think it could be a trap of some sort. Another loud banging, and then creaking sounded the halls. I ran into a bathroom. It was quiet for a second or too, and felt safe. I went to the tub, peered into and a quick cut-scene flashed the screen. It was Alex’s reflection and her shrieking. It all took place so fast it provided a quick, fast scare that got my heart pumping. As you can see the whole environments, sounds, and everything in Eternal Darkness provide players with one of the best experiences possible on the GameCube to date. Throw in its awesome – addicting game play, and you have yet another Excellent title from Nintendo.

More thrills, shrills, and stories to come!


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