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Warning: What you are about to read may contain: spoilers, offensive languages, and content, "M" rated content - meant to be viewed by people the age of 17 and older. If you read this you free TazedSoul, and Pojo.com of any possible complaints. What you are about to read is all from the recently released Nintendo game: Eternal Darkness (Mature).

Entry One: First Impressions
Wednesday June 26, 2002
After praying, and patiently waiting I finally got my hands on Eternal Darkness, and of course a new shiny Memory Card 251, but the real treasure wasn't the new memory card, but of course - none other than Eternal Darkness itself. Once I got home after a twenty-minute drive I ran to the back of my house, and into my bedroom. I soon popped in Eternal Darkness, and turned on my cube. The boot up started up with the traditional Nintendo logo floating over a black surface, followed by the Silcon Knights company logo, and then a logo showing that the game supports Dolby Surround Pro Logic II. After all this - a short opening cinema flashed on screen (you're able to skip it, by the way), I sat and watched the cinema as my little heart pumped anxiously to finally play Eternal Darkness. Soon I the cinema was over, and I needed to modify some options. I turned off rumble - since I am playing with a WaveBird, and I don't have a rumble. Then I opened a file. I watched the opening FMV. It was a great opening. It brings you into the storyline, but doesn't hit you with too much information. In fact it is simple, and a little suddle. The main character, Alex, is a young Lady, she is a student at Rhode Island University, and is a scholar, basically. The opening FMV shows her at her home in her bedroom - all seems fine at first, but things change when she receives a saddening, and terrifying phone call from the local police. Apparently - Here grandfather has been murdered in his huge mansion. His body lay on the floor with his head missing. She eventually decides to solve the mysterious and violent murder of here beloved grandfather. And so it begins. You soon take control of her and begin to explore the mansion. I made sure I saved often, though. In order to save it is simple. You go to the pause screen, and select save. You then save right on the spot. You're not able to save when enemies are near, though. So be ready.

I had some trouble with my first puzzle, but eventually figured it out. I had to set this one clock on a certain time. I then found a secret room - inside I picked up the book: Eternal Darkness. A pretty FMV took place, and I took control of my second character. He was a knight, Pious Augustus. He comes equipped with a short blade. I eventually adventured into the tombs I found myself in. I ran into some zombies, and slashed their arms off, and watched them run around doing no harm. Thanks to a brilliantly designed attack system - players are able to choose which part of the enemy you attack. It is all real-time -- so decide quickly. Another nice feature is once the enemy is down you're able to finish the enemy. You will become aware of this opportunity when the time is right. A ""B' button log appears at the top of your screen telling you to hit it to do so when it's the appropriate time for this move. One thing I might bring up while on the subject is something that you'll need to adjust too. The primary/action button in Eternal Darkness is NOT the "A" button like in most games, but instead - Canadian style: the "B" button. At first it was a little awkward to adjust, but trust me… I've adjusted, and so will you! I moved on to complete the chapter. I soon made the first choice in the game that the game gives you. You must choose between Red, Blue, and Green Magic - at least that's what it seems to be. I chose Blue, my favorite color. Another FMV soon hits the screen, and you return to playing as, Alex. I explored the room some more, and stumbled upon a piece of paper that had a chapter of Eternal Darkness on it. I soon watched another FMV and then took the role of a young girl, Ellia. I traveled through this chapter and learned some new things. One mainly was the infamous Insanity Meter. I have already gone insane a couple of times -- Nothing spectacular, but definitely freaky. One time a room started spinning around as I walked. The spinning soon became annoying as I tried to fight numerous enemies at once. I soon, myself became dizzy. I have to give credit to Silcon Knights for this ingenious insanity effect. It is defiantly cool. I look forward to more Insanity affect in the future. I'm still stuck on this chapter, but when I'm finished with it… expect more.

Readers might think that you only play as a character once, but I assure you… You play through different chapters with each character more than just a couple times, or once so don't worry about that. Another thing that I'm also aware of is the image, and reputation Eternal Darkness has already wrongly received. In no way is Eternal Darkness ANYTHING like the Resident Evil. Yes both the games are freaky, and scary. Yes the both game feature hot chicks that like guns, and zombies. But Where Eternal Darkness scares, Resident Evil doesn't. Eternal Darkness will slowly creep you… It also will draw you into its spectacular FMV's, and storyline. Eternal Darkness, so far has lived up to the hype in my book. It is hard, challenging, addicting, has beautiful visuals, great game play, great storyline, and everything a Nintendo game has ever offered, but this time even stuff for the older gamer. Eternal Darkness so far is the one of the best games played on the GameCube, and even one of the best games I have ever played in my whole gaming career. There is no reason not to own Eternal Darkness in my opinion. This is all true if my first impressions are reliable, but after playing, and seeing what I have seen today - I know for a fact that Eternal Darkness is another Excellent title from Nintendo.

More psychological thrills in the day's to come… stay sane!


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