Victory Dragon

Victory Dragon – #JUMP-EN011

This card cannot be Special Summoned. To Tribute Summon this card, you must Tribute 3 Dragon-Type monsters. If this card attacks your opponent directly and reduces their Life Points to 0, you win the Match.

Date Reviewed:  December 9th, 2021

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Victory Dragon is the Throwback Thursday choice this week and was the first monster I recall involving three tributes that could win you the match.

Can’t be Special Summoned is a good limiter in lieu of its match-winning power. How broken would it be if you could merely Monster Reborn it and smack your opponent to 0LP and win the whole match? I’ve played many matches where I’ve been overpowered and been salty, but that would take the cake if that were possible. Dragon-Type monsters are supported mightily in the game, and with Link Monsters now in the game it would be even easier to get three Dragons on the field…even more if the Guardragons were still legal. You have to attack directly and drop the opponent to 0LP to win the match, they’ve done almost everything possible to restrict the actual playability of this monster, and the only place it is legal is Traditional Format…the Wild West.

Playable? Slightly. Would it be played in game if legal? Yes, even at 1. Level 8, DARK, Dragon, all of those are good and even with requiring 3 Tributes, attacking directly, reducing LP to 0 to win the match, players would make strategies to do this. Dark Hole + Harpies Feather Duster + Star Blast + Victory Dragon is the most direct way to a clear field and a no-tribute Victory Dragon, now all you have to do is pick your moment.

Advanced-0/5 because banned, in Traditional though 2/5


Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Considering the Numeron cards were only released last year and were reviewed, didn’t feel it’d make for an interesting Throwback Thursday, instead we build up tomorrow’s interesting win condition with another interesting win condition from the past: Victory Dragon.

Victory Dragon is a Level 8 DARK Dragon with 2400 ATK and 3000 DEF. I’d prefer if those stats were swapped, but being a DARK Dragon is nice. You cannot Special Summon this card and you must Tribute Summon it using 3 Dragon monsters, so very difficult to summon, though Dragons do spam the board and could get away with saving a Normal Summon for this. If this card attacks the opponent directy and reduces their LP to 0, you win the whole Match instead of just the game. So yeah, this is one of the many Match Winners we got, the only one that was ever TCG/OCG legal, and of course only useful in a 2-out-of-3 game instead of a best of 1, which is fine considering tournaments are mainly the former. It’s just you can’t do this because this card is banned and the other Match Winners cannot be used in a Duel, which is mainly due to this card and the ruling debates this causes with surrendering before this attacks directly so you can go to game 2, something I’m sure judges don’t want to put up with, so Konami banned this and added that little “This card cannot be used in a Duel” clause to the other Match Winners. Assuming this was ever TCG/OCG legal again, it’d be difficult to pull off, though the payoff makes your match a best of 1, or gives you the complete comeback if the opponent won game 1. Just never expect this card to comeback with the ruling debates, and any errata it recieves is likely the little clause on the bottom left the other Match Winners get.

Advanced Rating: 2/5

Art: 5/5 The Match Winners are typically very elegant and pretty.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Victory Dragon, after consulting the archives, I’ve done once before (back in 06 when it was a Jump promo).  I don’t know how many people have Victory Dragon these days, I’m assuming not many of us, but this is an instant match win condition card, for the unaware.  A Dark/Dragon, with 2400 attack (and 3000 defense) on a Level 8 isn’t great, even with the Effect here, but it’s to make it more challenging.  You MUST Tribute three Dragons to bring this card out.  No Special Summon, which sucks, but makes sense given this guy is supposed to, you know, end matches.  Which he does, with a direct attack, if it drops your opponent’s Lifepoints to 0.  Victory Dragon is Banned (and most of the match winning condition cards aren’t even Tournament legal cards, if legal at all).  Legal or not, it’s tough thing to pull off, regardless of who you’re trying to accomplish that with.  Fun card for sure for Dragons and casual play, just not much we can do with it in the now.

Rating:  If legal, this guy could get a 2.5/5

Art:  I’ve never been too impressed wit this, it looks like a malformed, malnourished version of Ra.  3.5/5

Mighty Vee

Throwback Thursday brings us yet another enigma of a card– the 2003 World Championship prize, Victory Dragon. It’s my first time reviewing a forbidden card for Pojo, and it’s an odd card at that. Victory Dragon’s a level 8 DARK dragon, which means it has slight synergy with some generic dragon support like Starliege Seyfert. 2400 attack and 3000 defense would’ve been a decent spread at the time, though still thoroughly outclassed by several 1-tribute monsters and many 2-tribute monsters.

Victory Dragon can’t be special summoned, and you have to tribute summon it with three dragon monsters; this isn’t particularly difficult nowadays, especially when Rokkets and Guarddragons exist. The monster’s main meat is its win condition: if it reduces your opponent’s life points to 0 with a direct attack, you win the MATCH. This might sound redundant, but remember that Yugioh is played around best-of-3s, so winning with Victory Dragon once is enough to advance you to the next duel in a tournament setting. However, this does make its summoning condition much more annoying, since you’ll still need other monsters to clear a path and whittle down your opponent’s life points. While we can only speculate the exact reason Victory Dragon is banned, some believe it’s to avoid the trouble of bad sportsmanship when your opponent inevitably surrenders before the decisive blow to save themselves from a total loss– a reasonable theory when all match winners so far are also effectively barred from legal play. Still, considering that pulling off a Victory Dragon win has always been rather difficult, it is unlikely that anyone wants this card to come back, thus making its chances of returning slim.

Advanced: 1/5
Art: 3.5/5 Honestly it’d still look good as a normal monster, though the golden yellow color helps scream “Victory”.

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