Veidos the Dragon of Endless Darkness
Veidos the Dragon of Endless Darkness

Veidos the Dragon of Endless Darkness – #LEDE-EN092

“Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction” + 2+ Level 9 or lower Pyro monsters
Cannot be destroyed by card effects, also your opponent cannot target it with monster effects. If this card is Fusion Summoned: You can destroy all Spells and Traps your opponent controls. When your opponent activates a card or effect on the field (Quick Effect): You can send 1 face-up “Ashened” card you control to the GY; destroy that card. You can only use this effect of “Veidos the Dragon of Endless Darkness” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  June 21st, 2024

Rating: 3.38

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Veidos the Dragon of Endless Darkness ends our look at Ashened and is the newest Fusion Monster for the archetype.

Veidos needed for its own Fusion Monster is obvious, and the restriction to Level 9 and lower Pyro is to make sure this Fusion Monster isn’t used as material for another copy of itself, otherwise there aren’t any targets that are even remotely played in the game today. Monster targeting immunity and card effect destruction protection is great to see on a big boss monster. Harpies Feather Duster effect upon Fusion Summon slaps decks like Eldlich and Snake-Eye that love to have multiple Continuous Spell/Trap on the field. Outside of that, getting rid of set cards that your opponent would’ve used on a monster of yours that could be targeted is just as good.

Quick Effect to trade an Asheened card to destroy any card that activates on the field is a balanced effect: not a negation but still gets something off the field. Veidos is not a negation, it is all about destruction and that is what you’ll be doing. Shaman will always be able to cycle back your Pyro monsters in grave and if you decide to send Ashened City to the grave to destroy your opponent’s card, you get a free Ashened Special Summon from the Deck, as well as the Ashened City shenanigans in the End Phase if it is your turn.

Powerful yet pretty balanced, Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction stays true to its Main Deck roots and is all about destruction without negation. It had the Dark Hole effect in its first form, it is fitting to get the Feather Duster here. Spot destruction without negation is bad for the archetype that still lacks negation, but you do have ways to balance that out the Ashened you trade for your opponent’s card. The archetype still needs a few things but at least it’s getting fleshed out.

Advanced- 3.5/5     Art- 4.5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

We end Ashened Week off with Veidos reaching his final form as a brand new Fusion: Veidos the Dragon of Endless Darkness.

Veidos 2 is a Level 10 DARK Pyro Fusion with 3000 ATK and 1700 DEF. Solid stats for a boss monster, DARK is great, and Pyro is nice. Materials are specifically Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction alongside 2+ Level 9 or lower Pyro monsters. The Level requirement means you can’t use Links or Xyzs for the generic Pyros, but if you can turn the opponent’s board into Pyro monsters, you can likely use most of the opponent’s board as material. Veidos himself is easy to get to in Ashened, so that part shouldn’t be a concern. It cannot be destroyed by card effects, plus it cannot be targeted by the opponent’s monster effects. The destruction protection defends it from the destruction effect of its original form once it’s’ fused off on the opponent’s field, but the extra targeting protection from the opponent’s monsters is a solid bonus. If Fusion Summoned, you can destroy all Spells and Traps the opponent controls, basically becoming a board wipe alongside the original. Finally, if the opponent activates a card or effect, you get a Quick Effect option to send an Ashened card you control to the graveyard to destroy that card. Destruction can be nice and disruptive, but I honestly don’t know why it doesn’t negate the effect, especially considering it does come with a cost of a card specifically on the field. Hard once per turn on that effect is still fair to have, but not being negation holds it back. It’s still a solid Fusion to go for since Veidos will then destroy the opponent’s monsters and this will then wipe any backrow they have, it really should have been better though.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4.5/5 Congratulations! Your Veidos has evolved!

Mighty Vee

Veidos’s new and improved Fusion form finishes off the week and becomes the new official boss monster of the Ashened archetype; Videos the Dragon of Endless Darkness is a level 10 DARK Pyro Fusion monster. Fusion Veidos will need the original Veidos the Eruption Dragon of Extinction and any two or more level 9 or lower Pyro monsters, so pretty much every Ashened monster except another Fusion Veidos is a valid material. Notably, this will encompass a large share of monsters as well while Obsidim the Ashened City’s type change is active, though as I’ve complained about numerous times this week, it’s hard to really take advantage of this during your opponent’s turn. Making Fusion Veidos during your own turn fortunately isn’t very difficult! Statwise, Fusion Veidos is a modest improvement over the original, with a solid 3000 attack but a lackluster 1700 defense; I’m not a fan but it can’t be helped.

Fusion Veidos is protected from being destroyed by card effects, which it really needed because otherwise it would be instantly killed by the original Veidos’s nuke effect as soon as it’s summoned! (Talk about an epic fail) As another layer of protection, it’s also immune to targeting from your opponent’s monster effects, continuing Konami’s slightly unusual trend of monsters with limited targeting protection. It’s better than nothing, though I suppose it’s a good thing that they’re trying to concentrate more power into backrow-based removal. Fusion Veidos’s trigger effect on Fusion Summon (not once per turn, but good luck summoning more than one) will simply destroy all of your opponent’s Spells and Traps. Trolling backrow decks is nice even if it’s not the most impactful thing against most of the meta. As a neat bonus, you’ll also be able to blow up Obsidim if you give it to your opponent with Set Rotation (granted, that assumes you didn’t blow it up with the original Veidos first). Fusion Veidos’s final effect is a hard once per turn Quick Effect, reacting to an opponent’s card or effect activation on the field and letting you send an Ashened card from your field to the Graveyard to destroy that card. I am very mixed on reactive destruction that doesn’t negate, especially when it’s put on a relatively high-investment monster like this one. Letting you send any Ashened card is neat, since you can send your Ashened Traps to take advantage of their Graveyard effects or any fodder low-level Ashened monsters you don’t need. Veidos, obviously, can’t send itself or the original, but frankly I’d rather keep it on the field anyway because offensive presence is more worth it than a reactive pop. Fusion Veidos is okay as far as a boss for this archetype goes, and it’s not too hard to make, but it feels very overbalanced and underpowered; you’ll run it anyway, even if you don’t like it!

+Fusion materials let you decimate your opponent’s board just by making it
+Variety of little but useful effects
-Reactive pop is one of the weaker disruptions
-Resource intensive if you’re not using your opponent’s monsters as well

Advanced: 3.25/5
Art: 4.5/5 Magnifique!

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