Ultimate Fusion
Ultimate Fusion

Ultimate Fusion – #BACH-EN051

During the Main Phase: Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck that mentions “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” or “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” as material, by shuffling the Fusion Materials listed on it from your hand, field, and/or GY into the Deck, then, you can destroy face-up cards your opponent controls, up to the number of “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” and “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” used from the field as material. You can only activate 1 “Ultimate Fusion” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  April 12th, 2022

Rating: 4.00

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Ultimate Fusion is the personal Fusion Spell for Blue-Eyes players.

Quick-Play for either Main Phase to Fusion Summon any Fusion mentioning Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Shuffling the materials back into the deck does take away from having the materials available to you in your grave, however, using them from the grave and/or the field makes up for not having access to them after your Fusion Summon. Five targets are available, but you aren’t summoning Dragon Master Knight, so four targets. Any of the new Fusion Monsters for the Blue-Eyes archetype are better than Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to bring out, so actually, three options.

Destroying face-up cards up to the number of materials you use can be a pseudo board wipe. Optimize Ultimate Fusion by using it on your opponent’s turn in the End Phase to recoup any lost Blue-Eye White Dragons and destroy any of your opponent’s face-up cards they may have. The limitation on face-up cards only does allow your opponent to protect themselves from the Ultimate Fusion’s destruction effect. You also having to use “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” monsters and not fusion substitute monsters also narrows your options for abusing this card.

Good Fusion card for Blue-Eyes archetype, and even better now that there are better Fusion Monsters using Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Destruction effect is balanced because of the restrictions while also being better than most Fusion cards because of it having a destruction ability and being a Quick-Play.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

I don’t know why it took this long, but Blue-Eyes finally has a Fusion Spell in Ultimate Fusion.

Ultimate Fusion is a Quick-Play Spell that is only able to be activated in the Main Phase to prevent way too easy OTKs, but you get to Fusion Summon a Fusion from the Extra Deck that mentions Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon as material by shuffling the Fusion Materials from your hand, field, and/or graveyard into the Deck, then you get to destroy face-up cards on the field up to the number of Blue-Eyes White Dragons or Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons used from the field. So we waited a while for this, and it’s pretty good. It helps give the Fusions more of a place in the Blue-Eyes Deck, mainly the ones that need 2 materials, though you could go for one of the three Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons or even Dragon Master Knight if you’re feeling adventureous. The effect to destroy cards for using resources on the field is nice to make up for the loss of bodies on board, though the graveyard is still the most likely target to be used for materials. You also got a hard once per turn here, which is fine, cause it’s still a really good card. I’d recommend it in any Blue-Eyes Deck.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 3.5/5 It’s a swirl with 3 Blue-Eyes visible, idk what else to expect.

Mighty Vee

Years of “Blue-Eyes Fusion” memes have finally come to an end with Ultimate Fusion, an in-house fusion spell for the Blue-Eyes archetype. Not only is it a quick play, it also can be searched by Bingo Machine, Go! and True Light if need be. Ultimate Fusion allows you to fusion summon any monster that lists Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon as fusion material (basically, all Blue-Eyes fusion monsters and Dragon Master Knight) by shuffling the materials from your hand, field, or graveyard into the deck. As a bonus, for each Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon you used from the field as fusion material, you can destroy your opponent’s face-up cards; this isn’t as deadly on your turn, but on your opponent’s turn, it’s pretty strong disruption. While you can only activate Ultimate Fusion during your main phase, and only activate it once per turn, it’s still nice to destroy your opponent’s combo pieces while also bringing out a Blue-Eyes boss. Blue-Eyes decks are notoriously lacking in disruption and bizarrely reliant on polymerization, so getting such a great fusion spell that both recycles and provides disruption is a huge boon for the deck.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 2.5/5 While not bad, per se, you can barely notice the Blue-Eyes silhouettes in the fusion rings! I wish they were more prominent.


It’s always interesting to see a new take on a Fusion spell. Today’s card, Ultimate Fusion, is a Blue-Eyes related one. At Quick-Play speed, one can Fusion summon one of their Blue-Eyes-specific Extra Deck monsters by shuffling the necessary materials from Hand, Field, or even GY back into the Deck.

Not only that, but afterwards you can pop face up cards your opponent controls up to the number of “Blue-Eyes” used as materials. I like to imagine that this spell allows you to Fusion Summon a powerful Engine of Destruction – their very Summon resulting in an overload of energy that destroys all who oppose it! OK, I’m getting too excited here.

Overall, I really like this card. Being Quick-Play means that you can use this defensively if your opponent tries to target any of your Blue-Eyes with removal. This is balanced since, even though it’s quick-play, this card can’t be used during the Battle Phase. This way you can’t cheese out a bunch of extra attacks or anything like that. As far as spending resources go, being able to use all of the common card locations (Hand, Field, and Grave) is nice. Also, with a lot of these specialty Fusion spells, the materials are often banished – not so with this card. They go back into the Deck for reuse later. This is especially helpful in a Blue-Eyes Deck, since the deck is centered around 1 particular card. It would be devastating if anything were to happen to the Blue Eyes and make it unusable.

Finally the pop effect isn’t too bad either. Hitting anywhere from 1 to 3 cards is nice – especially since this does NOT target. The only stipulation is that the cards must be face up. Looking at this card mathematically it’s a very efficient Fusion spell. As you know, the biggest problem with Fusion Summoning is the sheer amount of resources that must be put into the monster (At least 2 monsters + 1 Spell card only to get 1 monster out of the deal). With Ultimate Fusion, you’re usually breaking even.

Ultimate Fusion trades itself for the Fusion Monster while the Blue-Eyes materials trade themselves for pops on your opponent’s Field.

I can easily see this card being the #1 go-to choice in Fusion builds for Blue-Eyes players!

Advanced Rating – 4.5/5
Art – 2/5 It’s Blue-Eyes flavored spiral (that would make a good ice cream flavor though…)



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