Ultimate Flame Swordsman
Ultimate Flame Swordsman

Ultimate Flame Swordsman – #MZMI-EN004

“Flame Swordsman” + “Fighting Flame Dragon”
You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; destroy it, and if you do, inflict 500 damage to your opponent. This is a Quick Effect if this card is equipped with an Equip Card. At the start of the Damage Step, if this card battles: You can double this card’s ATK until the end of this turn, but if you do, destroy it during the End Phase of this turn. You can only use each effect of “Ultimate Flame Swordsman” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  February 23rd, 2024

Rating: 3.92

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Ultimate Flame Swordsman ends our look at some new Joey cards, and is an upgraded Flame Swordsman.

Needing Flame Swordsman and Fighting Flame Dragon to Fusion Summon him, you’re more likely to Fusion Summon or Special Summon him in other ways. The best way is to utilize Fighting Flame Swordsman to get to your Continuous Spell Flame Swordsrealm and perform a Fusion Summon for Flame Swordsman. FFS gets you a Foolish Burial, which you’d use for Salamandra, the Flying Flame Dragon to get to a Salamandra Spell/Trap: Salamandra Fusion to get you to Ultimate Flame Swordsman. With that easy combo to attain you’d always have Salamandra, the Flying Flame Dragon in the grave to equip to UFS and boost his effect to a Quick Effect status, which would give you opponent interaction each turn.

Speaking of that interaction with the opponent, Ultimate Flame Swordsman is the first monster this week we are reviewing that has such an effect. Target an opponent’s monster to destroy it and do a small bit of LP damage (500), but this becomes a Quick Effect when equipped with an Equip Spell. With Salamandra, the Flying Flame Dragon and Salamandra Fusion as potential equips, as well as Fighting Flame Dragon from the Extra Deck, you won’t be short of options, especially with all those targets being options through Fighting Flame Swordsman. When UFS battles, you can kamikaze it by doubling its ATK until the end of the turn, losing it at the End Phase. This is where all the previously ATK booster cards come into play. At a base 2800ATK Ultimate Flame Swordsman becomes 5600 and can hit hard in the open field off of clearing out a monster with its spot removal. Combine that with Fighting Flame Dragon and the two Salamandra cards, you have 4900ATK that doubles to 9800ATK with a double attack in there. If you do that and combine it with Battle Fusion, you are likely giving it a 2000ATK boost on top of all that at the very least: Ultimate Flame Swordsman can be an OTK card when set up correctly, and the best part about that is that it only takes Fighting Flame Swordsman and Instant Fusion to get to most of this. Fighting Flame Swordsman gets you to the Fusion Summon of Ultimate Flame Swordsman, while Instant Fusion gets Fighting Flame Dragon. Salamandra, the Flying Flame Dragon will equip from the grave after being sent there with Fighting Flame Swordsman, all-in0all, this would give your Ultimate Flame Swordsman two equipped monsters on it, and an ATK of 4200 before doubling.

Ultimate Flame Swordsman had to be good to make the archetype worth playing. Cards getting the Fusion Summons out easier wasn’t enough when your strategy is caveman Yu-Gi-Oh. Wasn’t going to be hard to upgrade a Level 5 Fusion vanilla, but they sure did a good job. No protection for itself, but spot removal, ATK doubling for the turn, and cards surrounding it to boost its ATK even more, this Fusion is meant to finish the game and should be used as such.

Advanced- 4/5     Art- 4/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

We end the week off with the new big Flame Swordsman in town: Ultimate Flame Swordsman.

Ultimate Flame Swordsman is a Level 8 FIRE Warrior Fusion with 2800 ATK and 1600 DEF. Nice 1000 ATK boost from the original, and you keep that nice combo of Type and Attribute. Materials are Flame Swordsman and Fighting Flame Dragon, but you’re more likely summoning this off a Salamandra Fusion. First effect lets you target and destroy an opponent’s monster and add 500 burn, with this being a Quick Effect while equipped with a card. Nice removal effect on the opponent’s turn to have using one of your several Salamandra equips you got in the Deck now. Even destroying something on your turn is solid. The other effect can trigger in the Damage Step when it battles to double its ATK, but it’s destroyed at the end of the turn. With just 1 Salamandra equip for the 700 boost, you can get a 7000 ATK monster, and it can attack twice if you got Fighting Flame Dragon on it. Remove all of that, and on the surface you still get 5600 ATK. Wish the restriction was just you could only use this once while it’s on the field and lasts til the end of the turn instead, but you’re likely winning that turn if you use this to begin with, so the destruction doesn’t really matter. HOPT on each effect, of course. Ultimate Flame Swordsman can be a good payoff for using all these new cards with the destruction effect and damage it can do after. You for sure play it with the other stuff and try to end the game with it, or sit on it to destroy monsters.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Flame Swordsman in a different pose.

Mighty Vee

After a lot of buildup, we finally get to the Flame Swordsman’s next and currently most powerful evolution: Ultimate Flame Swordsman, a level 8 FIRE Warrior Fusion monster. Ultimate Flame Swordsman has a ridiculous Fusion requirement of the original Flame Swordsman and the new Fighting Flame Dragon, but fortunately Salamandra Fusion will easily cheat it out, so there’s no need to jump through hoops with 3 card combos to make it. While it keeps the original’s pathetic 1600 defense, Ultimate Flame Swordsman gains a whopping 1000 attack over the original, giving it a solid 2800 attack that will only get higher.

Ultimate Flame Swordsman has two hard once per turn effects, the first being a Quick Effect if it’s equipped with any Equip Card (IE Fighting Flame Dragon or Salamandra the Flying Flame Dragon, which will almost always be live). This effect will let you target any of your opponent’s monsters and destroy it, burning them for 500 damage in the process. It’s a simple effect, but effective for what it is; it’s just a shame that it can’t destroy any card. Less impactful for turn one but just as important, the other effect can trigger at the start of the Damage Step if Ultimate Flame Swordsman battles, doubling its attack until the End Phase, though it’s destroyed at that time as well. You could save it if you somehow equipped it with Salamandra Fusion again, but that’s hardly necessary when Ultimate Flame Swordsman will almost always be hitting a whopping 7000 attack when boosted by Fighting Flame Dragon or Salamandra, and if it’s equipped with Fighting Flame Dragon it’s basically lights out for your opponent unless they have multiple Defense position monsters. It’s a very solid boss monster that’s easy to make, but unfortunately it’s not strong enough to make Flame Swordsman a tiered deck. There’s definitely potential thanks to the efficient core combo, it just needs more oomph besides a single disruption and OTK power.

+Can easily OTK with Fighting Flame Dragon
+Extremely easy to summon
-Pop effect can only destroy monsters
-Blows itself up if you somehow fail to OTK

Advanced: 3.75/5
Art: 4.25/5 Excellent glow up for Flame Swordsman’s controversial original artwork.

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