Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Sharakusai
Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Sharakusai

Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Sharakusai – #GRCR-EN001

You can pay 600 LP; Fusion Summon 1 “P.U.N.K.” Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or field as material. During your opponent’s turn (Quick Effect): You can pay 600 LP; immediately after this effect resolves, Synchro Summon 1 “P.U.N.K.” Synchro Monster using monsters you control as material. You can only use each effect of “Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Sharakusai” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  February 28th, 2022

Rating: 4.00

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Sharakusai starts our look at the P.U.N.K. archetype.

Arguably the reason why Emergency Teleport is back at 3, the P.U.N.K. is an archetype that has four Level 3 Psychic Tuner monsters that are key to their strategy, and Sharakusai is one of them. Each of those Tuner monsters has a different effect that costs LP. For Sharakusai, it involves the Extra Deck. 600LP isn’t anything for a Fusion Summon, even if it is dedicated to your archetype only. Currently there’s only one archetype-specific Fusion Monster. That Fusion Monster has low ATK, high DEF, and can be tributed to Special Summon 2 P.U.N.K. monsters that aren’t a Level 8, in defense.

One-card that can spur a Fusion Summon which then leads to a card that can thin the deck by two, getting you to five of the six potential options in your deck is a pretty good effect all-in-all. You can get to another Sharakusai so you can use its second effect during your opponent’s turn, and benefit from the other P.U.N.K. monster you summon with that Fusion Monster.

During your opponent’s turn you can pay the same LP as the first effect of Sharakusai to Synchro Summon a P.U.N.K. monster using any monsters you’ve got on the field. Your Synchro choice is Level 11, 3000ATK, so much more power than your Fusion choice. Cycling cards back to the hand of your opponent equal to the number of Level 3 Psychic Tuner monsters you’ve got on the field and in the grave is a pretty good effect to pop off on your opponent’s turn, reminds me of how Yang Zing can Baxia on your opponent’s turn.

Long-winded explanations aside, Ukiyoe is a responsive card that gets you to your Fusion Monster to set up for your Synchro Monster during your opponent’s turn. With your Level 8’s being able to Special Summon themselves on your turn, and that Fusion Monster Special Summoning two monsters, you’ll be ready for your Synchro. Ukiyoe is the Tuner you want on your first turn.

Advanced-4/5     Art-3.5/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Time for a very artsy week for Card of the Day with the P.U.N.K. archetype and one of their monsters to help access both the archetype’s Extra Deck cards: Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Sharakusai.

Sharakusai is a Level 3 EARTH Psychic Tuner with 1200 ATK and 600 DEF. So fine Level 3 stats, EARTH is good, and Level 3 Psychic is nice with 3 Emergency Teleport now. So anyways, you can pay 600 LP on your turn to Fusion Summon a P.U.N.K. using monsters in your hand or field as material, which is pretty good to get to the archetype’s Fusion to help swarm more and give your Synchro more attacking power. During your opponent’s turn, you get a Quick Effect to pay 600 LP and Synchro Summon a P.U.N.K. using monsters you control as material, which is the most optimal time to summon the archetype’s Synchro to get some great disruption. Each effect is a hard once per turn, as I should mention. This card will probably get better if we get more P.U.N.K. Fusions or Synchros, but it’s still a key piece to the pure P.U.N.K. strategy for summoning the ones you currently have.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4.5/5 Like I said, a very artsy archetype, and thankfully the art is really good.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Here we have another kick ass week of card(s) art featuring the Ukiyoe Theme.  Ukiyoe P.U.N.K. Sharakusai is a Level 3, Earth/Psychic, also a Tuner, with eh stats for its Level at 1200/600 respectively.  A fun and fairly different twist on Fusion from this card lets you pay 600 Lifepoints to Special Summon a Theme Fusion Monster, using Material from your Hand or Field.  Then a Quick Effect lets you Level up, where for another 600 Lifepoints, you’re bringing out a Theme Synchro Monster, again, using Monsters you control as Material.  This guy is definitely a stepping stone, but one of the most important, and you’re getting AT LEAST 1 Synchro Monster here for all but free (1200 Lifepoints) and sure, you won’t always have the points.  But the earlier you are in the game, the better here, though that Effect should get you out of the occasional pinch too.  Each Effect is once per Turn, which at 1200 Lifepoints I initially want to be upset about, but I get it for the board flooding potential, too.

Rating:  4/5

Art:  4.5/5  She does kinda have that Japanese gang look about her with that suit, doesn’t she? Still a fun picture to look at though

Mighty Vee

We’re finally leaving behind Burst of Destiny (for now, anyway) and moving on to archetypes introduced in the booster box Grand Creators, starting with the colorful P.U.N.K. archetype. Their first monster is Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Sharakusai, a level 3 EARTH psychic tuner monster. Like its counterpart Noh-P.U.N.K. Ze Amin, being a level 3 psychic gives it synergy with the classic psychic bros pseudo-archetype (Psychic Tracker and Psychic Wheeleder) and they’re both valid for Emergency Teleport, a powerful extender that was recently put to 3. Sharakusai’s stats are quite middling, only having 1200 attack and 600 defense, but that’s to be expected for a tuner.

Both of Sharakusai’s effects are a hard once per turn. By paying 600 LP, you can fusion summon a P.U.N.K. fusion monster using monsters from your hand or on the field, effectively making it a roundabout fusion spell. Currently, they only have 1 fusion monster you can actually summon, which we’ll cover later this week, though in a vacuum this effect is simply okay. P.U.N.K. can easily combo their way into getting to Sharakusai so it’s not as annoying as it seems– plus said fusion monster is quite vital for basic combos. Sharakusai’s other effect is a lot stronger, allowing you to synchro summon a P.U.N.K. monster during your opponent’s turn by paying 600 LP; being a tuner, Sharakusai already does half the work on its own. Once again, there is only 1 valid target as of this writing that we’ll cover later, but since said target has a powerful trigger effect, you’ll definitely want to summon it on your opponent’s turn going first. Overall a pretty decent start for P.U.N.K.; Sharakusai can kick off their combos as long as you have any P.U.N.K. monster in your hand, and it has plenty of combo potential with it fusion effect.

Advanced: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Not entirely sure what they’re holding but I still love the archetype’s aesthetic overall, they just scream Jet Set Radio.

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