Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Rising Carp
Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Rising Carp

Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Rising Carp – #GRCR-EN007

2 “P.U.N.K.” monsters – You can Tribute this Fusion Summoned card; Special Summon up to 2 “P.U.N.K.” monsters with different names from each other from your hand and/or Deck, except Level 8 monsters, in Defense Position. If you Synchro Summoned using this card as material: You can target 1 “P.U.N.K.” monster you control; it can make a second attack during each Battle Phase this turn. You can only use each effect of “Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Rising Carp” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  March 2nd, 2022

Rating: 3.69

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Rising Carp is the Fusion that isn’t meant for much but being an extender.

Two P.U.N.K. monsters is easy to come by, and can be facilitated by Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Sharakusai rather than conventional fusion means. Low ATK, high DEF, you just wanna Fusion Summon Rising Carp so you can pop it to get two P.U.N.K. monsters from your deck, except Level 8 ones. This monster is meant to set up your Synchro Summon on your opponents turn so you can use your Synchro Monster to bounce cards back to their hand, unless you need to do that on your turn, which you certainly can.

If you choose to use Rising Carp as part of a Synchro Summon, you can get a second attack during the Battle Phase this turn from one of your P.U.N.K. monsters: Your Synchro P.U.N.K. monster with 3000ATK can crash for double damage against a potentially clear field, that’s 6000LP. Sharakusai is so good because of its ability to Fusion Summon using P.U.N.K. monsters on field and in hand, not needing itself as part of that, you can use Sharakusai to summon Rising Carp to Synchro Summon this turn, bounce and double attack.

Rising Carp is needed to help speed through your plays to get to your Synchro Monster. Regardless of how you use Carp, it will help you, though one way may be better than the other most of the time.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

I mean, we had to look at the Fusion, right? Here’s Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Rising Carp.

Rising Carp is a Level 8 WATER Fish Fusion with 1000 ATK and 2600 DEF. A solid DEF stat and fine Type/Attribute to have. 2 P.U.N.K. monsters are your Fusion Materials, so it’s pretty easy to get to. First effect lets you tribute it if it was Fusion Summoned to summon 2 P.U.N.K. monsters that aren’t Level 8 from your hand and/or Deck with different names in Defense Position, basically ensuring you get the monsters you need to search the cards you want in the archetype since you likely already made use of Sharakusai and probably kept it on field since you likely won’t have a shortage of P.U.N.K. monsters in hand or on field. Second effect triggers if used as Synchro Material, letting you target a P.U.N.K. to make a second attack during each Battle Phase that turn, which is fine if you summon the archetypal boss monster or any other Level 11 Synchro on your turn, mainly giving your boss the double attacking ability, but Foxy Tune and Ogre Dance are fine alternatives if you had to. Each effect here is a hard once per turn, which balances the ability to summon 2 from Deck fairly well. Rising Carp is something you want to try and summon in P.U.N.K. as soon as you can, considering it really helps get your setup going in the archetype. Many archetypes would love their own Rescue Cat, even if it’s on something like a Fusion in this case.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 5/5 Probably the best color palette so far.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

I’m sure by now, most of y’all saw this coming, but here for midweek is a Fusion, in Ukiyoe P.U.N.K. Rising Carp.  Level 8, Water/Fish, and atk-def at a muddling 1000/2600.  Fusion requirement is open in the Theme, only requiring two P.U.N.K. Monsters, which is nice.  So this is definitely a Fusion combo card, which is both fun, and annoying.  You can Tribute this to Special Summon two differently named Theme Monsters from your Hand and/or Deck, but they can’t be Level 8.  This CAN be good, cause whatever you Tributed may not be the Effect(s) you needed at the time, so it gives you the opportunity for new Monsters on the Field, and new abilities.  Fusion Summoning IS easy, as we saw Monday, for these guys, so giving up the two for this, to, in turn, give this up, isn’t so bad.  Using Carp as Synchro Material lets you Target a Theme Monster to attack a second time during that Battle Phase, and THAT is fun, though not as good as getting a 2-for-1 (which technically I suppose counting the Fusion itself is more or less a -1, not a break even, but a damn good one).  The defense can certainly be a wall for you, but since this guy is likely only on the Field the Turn it comes out, I don’t see why it couldn’t have had more attack…then again, maybe that’s EXACTLY why.  Not as good as Monday, but I call this an improvement over yesterday.

Rating:  3.5/5

Art:  4.5/5  The background and surrounding art here actually does this for me JUST a hair more than the P.U.N.K. but these are still just some amazing picures.

Mighty Vee

Remember when I said P.U.N.K. only had 1 fusion monster? Well here it is. Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Rising Carp is a level 8 WATER fish fusion monster; much like the high-level main deck P.U.N.K.s, Rising Carp is level 8 and thus facilitates level 11 synchro summons with their tuners. Rising Carp only needs any 2 PUNK monsters, so if you’re not using Polymerization (which you most likely are not), Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Sharakusai, their in-house fusion spell monster, already covers half of the bill. 1000 attack is laughably bad for a level 8 monster, though 2600 defense is decent enough.

Rising Carp is a dedicated combo piece, and both of its effects are hard once per turn. While it’s fusion summoned (which means no cheating it out or reviving it from the graveyard), you can tribute Rising Carp to special summon any 2 non-level 8 P.U.N.K. monsters from your hand or deck in defense position. Pulling almost any 2 monsters from your deck is excellent, though you’ll need to at least grab Noh-P.U.N.K. Ze Amin if you want a chance at going for a level 11 synchro, since that’s usually how you’ll be getting access to your level 8 monsters. You can also grab P.U.N.K.’s dedicated backrow searchers, with Joruri-P.U.N.K. Madame Spider searching the very useful in-archetype trap cards. Rising Carp’s other effect lets you target a P.U.N.K. you control and give it an additional attack during the battle phase if it’s used as synchro material. While this effect doesn’t have as much utility as the other one, it does help push for game considering said synchro monster also functions as a boardbreaker. Overall great card for P.U.N.K. as long as you know how to combo with it.

Advanced: 3.75/5

Art: 4.5/5 Sharakusai back at it again with a laser graffiti fish, it seems.

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