U.S. Dragon Ball GT Episode Guide & Summaries

U.S. Dragon Ball GT Episode List & Summaries

The title names below might not match up to title names as you know them now.  These are the titles that Funimation gave the shows when they first aired in on Cartoon Network in 2003.  We’re keeping them that way for nostalgia’s sake.  

Black Star Dragon Ball saga

1. A Grand Problem
2. Pan’s Gambit
3. Unexpected Power
4. A General Uprising
5. The Source of Rilldos Power
6. A secret Revealed
7. The Baby Secret
8. Hidden Danger
9. Discovering the Truth
10. Baby’s arrival
11. Saiyan Hunting
12. The Attack on Vegeta
13. A worldwide problem
14. Fall of the Saiyans
15. The Game After Life

Bebi Saga

16. Collapse from Within
17. The Return of Uub
18. The Tail’s Tail
19. Back in the game
20. Goku’s Ascension
21. The Gorilla attacks!
22. Old Kai’s last stand
23. Family bonds
24. Baby put to rest
25. Piccolo’s decision
26. Curtain Call
27. A Dangerous Union
28. The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza
29. 17 Times 2
30. Piccolo’s Best Bet
31. Raising the Stakes
32. The Greatest Surprise
33. The Resurrected Oob! Hurry, Goku!
34. Did The transformation Fail?! Oozaru Goku on a Rampage!!
35. Goku’s Ascension
36. Baby Transforms!
37. Old Kai’s Last and Choicest Resort!
38. The Resurrection of the Super-Saiyan 4 Through Everyone’s Powers.
39. Baby’s Big Finale!
40. Piccolo’s Ultimate Sacirifce.

Super# 17 Saga

41. The Number one under the Sun Martial Art Completion!
42. Look out Goku! The Resurrected Enemies escape from Hades!
43. The Resurrection of the Evil Warrior Cell & Frieza.
44. The Makinbg of Super-Android 17.
45. Hurry Goku! The Great Strategy to Escape From Hodes!
46. The Fierce battle Between the Super-Saiyan 4 Goku and Super-Android 17!
47. Android 18 Gets her Revenge!

Evil Shenlong Saga

48.The Dragon Balls Unleash Their Inner Evil!
49.The Two Starred Dragon’s Terrifying Secret Technique?
50. The Five-Starred Dragon: The Electricslime Monster!
51. Pan and Goku ns. The Evil Princess Otto!
52. The Scherning Seven-Starred Dragon!
53. Trapped in the Belly of Beast! Is Pan Last for Good?!
54. The Power of 6000 Degrees Centigrade: The Sun Warrior!
55. Vegeta’s thirst for Power!
56. The Fire and Ice Dragon Brothers!
57. The One Star Dragon
58. Ii Shenron Claims the Power of Seven!
59. Vegeta Goes on a Rampage!
60. Super Gogeta! Goku and Vegeta Become one!
61. Goku Swallows the four-starred Dragon Ball!
62. Rescue Goku! The Last all appears.
63. Goku Saves the Universe!
64. Farewell Goku Until Meet Again.