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U.S. Dragon Ball GT Episode Guide & Summaries

U.S. Dragon Ball Episode #35 - Goku's Ascension

Well the episode starts off with Goku looking at the full moon and he transforms into a super saiyan 4 for the first time Pan asks him if he is still a good guy and he grins saying that he is old kai is now overjoyed as is Kabito Kai. Pan asks Goku if he will ever get back to normal and Goku says he'll deal with it later right now he has to beat Bebi he flies off to fight Baby. Meanwhile Baby is trying to transform into the Giant Ape Bulma says Vegeta dosen't have a tail and then super saiyan 4 Goku comes in and Goku trys to get Bulma to resist Baby and she says that Goku will die soon.

Goku says that he won't forgive him for this and Baby replies with '' You fool I wouldn't be caught dead asking for your forgivness'' he then charges at Goku and starts attacking him and Goku dodges all the shots and Baby shoots a whole bunch of ki blasts at Goku and Goku punches him in the face and the ki blasts reer end Goku and Baby knees him in the stomach Goku decides make it seem like he is even with Baby when he actually has a huge advantage so he pretends to be hurt and Goku punches Baby in the face and hits him down and Baby uses a shock wave and Goku goes flying and sharges at Baby meanwhile Old Kai is wondering why Goku hasen't beatn Bay yet Kabito Kai thinks the same thing and Baby gives Goku a small beating and Goku stands there as Baby punches him in the face and Goku says '' sorry about all that i'm impressed impressed at how strong I've become'' Goku syas your punches only tickle like a tiny feather.

Baby hits him down and fire a Revenge Death Ball at Goku and Goku takes it on and Goku is uneffected by the blast baby is pissed and Goku knees him in the stomach and blasts him in the face Bulma is getting worried and Goku is stronger than Baby and Goku beats Baby up and punches him down and Goku says that Baby is going to lose and Baby says that if he dies then Vegeta dies and Goku says that Vegeta would have given him a much better fight Baby then gets blsts through the buildings Bulma says that Baby can transform intio the ape now and Goku then syas heads up Baby and prepares to fire a kamehameha he is about to fire the blast when Baby transforms him into the Golden Oozuru and Goku is now slightly scared. This concludes this episode - Eric Brown




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