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U.S. Dragon Ball GT Episode Guide & Summaries

DBGT Episode #57 The One star Dragon

                   This Episode starts out with Eis Shenron asking Goku again how fast he will beat him. Goku tells him in a minute, Eis Shenron says he'll give him 5 seconds (which Goku said in the last Episode) Goku charges and punches him in the face Kicks him through buildings and smashes him again and begins powering up a Super Kamehameha but Eis Shenron picks up Pan's body and throws it at Goku. Goku catches her but Eis Shenron rams Goku in the Back and knocks him down and stomps on his Back alot but Goku catches Eis Shenron's leg and calls him Despicable for hiding behind Pan's Body so he throws eis into a Building and begins the Kamehameha again but Eis Shenron hides behind Nova Shenron and Eis freezes Goku in Eis. Nova calls Eis a coward but Eis fires a Blast at Goku who bursts out of the ice and over powers the beam. Eis Shenron asks Goku how he was able to escape Goku says his Body remembers an attack once its used and is able to compansate for it. Goku then points two Fingers at Eis Shenron's head but Eis Shenron begs Nova to Talk to Goku and he's sorry he was so mean to him JUST DON'T LET HIM KILL ME PLEASE. Nova talks to Goku

- LeslieEricDavid


 It begins with SS4 Goku saying how he'll beat Eis Shenron in five seconds Eis Shenron doubts that and Goku says he'll definatly do it in one minute but Eis says he'll gie him Five seconds. Goku punches Eis in the face kicks him across the city and rams him across the ground Goku is about to fire a Super Kamehameha blast at him but Eis Shenron grabs Pan's battered body so Goku stops the Blast. Eis Shenron then says "That was a long five seconds, and you still couldn't get me". Goku is pissed and Eis says he doesen't care about being dirty and throws pan at Goku who catches her and Goku shelds Pan from Eis Shenron for awhile and taking in many stomps to the back and Eis Shenron is grabed by the leg and Goku scolds him and throws him around. Goku then begins the Kamehameha again but Eis Shenron flies behind Nova Shenron (who's been watching the whole time) and Goku stops again Eis Shenron then uses and ice ray freezing Goku. Nova calls Eis a coward for using him as a sheild, Eis Shenron then turns his hand into a cannon and uses and energy blast on the frozen Goku who bursts out of the ice and Goku over powers the energy beam. Eis shenron asks Goku how he could have possibly escape the ice. Goku says tha at SS4 his body remembers an attack after it is used and he was able to get out of the ice that way. Eis Shenron gets scared and Goku points his two fingers at the Dragon's head but before he fires Eis Shenron begs for his life and asks Nova not to let Goku kill him. Goku then says he'll take the dragon ball and he wants Eis to leave and he never wants to see him again so Eis (who was digging his fingers in the ice) scratches Goku across the face. Goku is now blinded and Eis goes to attack again but Goku punches him straight through the stomach and then kills him with his Dragon Fist. Goku then tries to wash his face off but before his sight returns Nova gives him an antidote for his eyes and gives him the three star ball aswell Nova says to seek him when he can see. Goku thanks Nova. All of a sudden a blast comes out of nowhere and hits Nova and destroys Goku's eye medicine, Syn Shenron then comes out and calls Nova pitiful and kills him which makes Goku mad and Goku then powers up and yells at Syn but syn then gives him the lecture on how its his fault that he's here and it's all his fault. Goku then says that he had to and that he'll now stop him even with out his sight. Syn then destroys the city with his energy and blows Goku away aswell. Syn then bats Goku around for awhile and smashes him into an amusement park and Goku lands on the ferris wheel. Syn then tries to kill him with multiple death beams, Goku then hides in a roller coaster manages to get a shot on Syn Shenron. Meanwhile Pan is wondering around and notices her backpack and cries out for her grandpa. Meanwhile Goku is hiding in a huge tent from syn Shenron but Syn can't find him out of no where Goku comes out and fires a huge 10x Kamehameha wave on Syn Shenron but the Blast does nothing, and Syn just fires a 10x kamehameha at Goku which homes in on his location and Goku is hit by it and is now hanging from a building Pan sees him and screams the episode ends with Pan crying for help from all the other Z fighters.  - EricM3742



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