True King of All Calamities
True King of All Calamities

True King of All Calamities – #MACR-EN046

2+ Level 9 monsters – Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can detach 1 material from this card and declare 1 Attribute; this turn, all face-up monsters on the field become that Attribute, also all monsters in your opponent’s possession with that Attribute cannot activate their effects or attack. Monsters that “True Draco” and “True King” monsters in your hand would destroy with their effects can be chosen from your opponent’s field.

Date Reviewed:  July 22nd, 2021

Rating: 4.58

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

True King of All Calamities was the engine that made Virtual World #1 until it hit the ban list.

Two or more Level 9 monsters seems like much, but there’s ways around that, and the thought of this big bad having more than two materials is scary enough. Complete negation of one Attribute for the turn and locking that Attribute out from attacking is almost as bad as tomorrows card. This effect is on a 3000/3000 monster…rough for the opponent. Adding the lockout effect being a Quick Effect gave you flexibility to chain to an effect on your opponents turn and negate it before the lockout would take hold, dropping them a resource. Calamities was left to its own archetype for the most part until Virtual World came in and ruined everything, they are the reason Calamities was banned. They can make multiple Level 9 monsters in a turn and it is through Special Summoning, so making double True King of All Calamities was seen decently often. Before Virtual World, Calamities was a good card, but only worked in decks that actually ran Level 9 monsters, so its own archetype primarily. ATK/DEF is at boss level, which you’d expect from a Rank 9, Attribute and Type support behind it make it a rough more to out. Just like tomorrow you needed Impermanence or Veiler first turn, but in this case you also could have a Kaiju for your turn to take care of Calamities, that won’t be the case tomorrow.

With huge ATK/DEF behind a board-wide negation and attack-stopping effect, Calamities was on borrowed time until an archetype was even better suited for it and would get it banned. It’s too good.

Advanced-4.5/5     Art-4.5/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Coming in the runner up slot is an Xyz I admit I forgot to put on my list and maybe would of got it to the Number 1 position if I did, but I do think Number 1 deserves the slot more personally since I called it on the dot of course. Anyways, from Maximum Crisis we have True King of All Calamities.

VFD (as we know it from the OCG) is a Rank 9 DARK Wyrm with 3000 ATK and DEF. Always great to have stats in the 3000s or beyond, DARK is great, and Wyrm has some nice support. Any 2 or more Level 9s lets you summon this, which is easy in an era where Level 9s are more accessible than ever. We got a Quick Effect as a soft once per turn to change the Attribute of all monsters on the field to the Attribute you declare, plus the opponent cannot activate the effects or declare an attack with monsters in their possession with the delcared Attribute, which gets unfair when you consider you literally just changed the Attribute of your opponent’s monsters to whatever you declared. It basically locked the opponent from using monster effects on field as well as some of their effects of monster in hand or grave. It’s the main reason this card was banned to begin with and the reason we won’t see it back for a long time, since Virtual World decided to become another option to break this card. The second effect might come up if you play the other True Kings as it lets you destroy your opponent’s cards for their effects, which is nice and something I’d like to have for those cards, but it isn’t the end of the world that we don’t right now. Calamities is a pretty insane Xyz ever since it was released and it took a while to finally ban it. It’ll likely stay there a while now that it found it’s spot on the forbidden section and probably the OCG will eventually decide that limiting this isn’t enough and they’ll ban it too so they can eventually errata it if they wish.

Advanced Rating: 4.75/5

Art: 5/5 A very friendly dragon, this is.

My #2: Lavalval Chain

Dark Paladin's Avatar

This guy had to show up, and here he is.  Earning the penultimate spot here is (the) True King of All Calamities.  A Rank 9 (usually bad) Dark/Wyrm (both fine) with 3000 atk/def should be enough to get you interested in this guy if you’re unfamiliar.  2+ Generic Level 9s here are needed for an XYZ Summon.  This guy also is Banned (I’ve said that a couple times in the last two weeks) but comes with a Quick Effect (OPT) letting you select an Attribute, make all Monsters that Attribute, (face-up only) and then they can’t use their Effects.  Which may not be entirely crippling, except, they can’t attack either.  And that puts your opponent in a real big pile of…bad.  The second Effect helps you destroy your opponent’s cards instead of your own via their Effects in the Theme(s) here.  Which is cool too, but with this guy, you probably don’t even need it honestly.  This guy is Banned, and with damn good reason.  He probably won’t be around again for the foreseeable future.  

Rating:  4.5/5

Art:  4.5/5  Again, background here is phenomenal (he almost looks like he’s emerged from a portal or wormhole or something) and the King here just doesn’t quite convey to me what I feel he should.

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