Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault
Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault

Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault – #PHRA-EN053

Target 1 Beast, Beast-Warrior, or Winged Beast monster you control; Special Summon 1 Beast, Beast-Warrior, or Winged Beast monster from your Deck, in Defense Position, with a different Type and with ATK less than or equal to that monster, but its effects are negated until the end of this turn, also you cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn, except Link Monsters. You can only activate 1 “Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  February 16th, 2021

Rating: 3.58

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault is a Quick-Play that we have seen in archetypes before.

Special Summon from the deck via targeting a monster of yours on the field and then locking you down somehow to balance the card. In this case it revolves around the Beast, Beast-Warrior, and Winged Beast Types. Different Type is needed for the Special Summon from the deck so dedicated decks involving the previously-mentioned Types may not be able to splash this card in. Defense Position ensures you don’t try to swarm and the ATK has to be lower than the targeted monster, that is standard procedure.

Locking you into Link Monsters for monsters like Tri-Brigade is fine because their archetype only has Link Monsters but for decks that could use Airborne Assault this might hamper them a little, despite there being a few good Link Monsters of each of those Types that could hit the field. Biggest Main Deck mosnters Tri-Brigade have is Fraktall at 1900 and biggest Link is Shuraig at 3000, so getting another monster from the Main Deck even with just Fraktall on the field is easy. Effects negated and in defense again are standard balancing techniques for the card and don’t stop you from Link Summoning unless you use this card defensively, which is great as well to stop you from being OTK’d.

It is a good card for the deck and as mentioned: they don’t Synchro or Xyz typically. You can, but it’s easier to Link Summon or Special Summon a Link using Tri-Brigade monster effects.

Advanced-3.5/5     Art-3.5/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Next up this week is the Quick-Play Spell for the archetype that kind of serves as an Emergency Teleport for Tri-Brigade: Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault.

Airborne Assault is a Quick-Play Spell that lets you target a Beast, Beast-Warrior, or Winged Beast you control to Special Summon a monster of any of those three types with a different Type from the targeted monster and less or equal ATK from the Deck in Defense Position with its effects negated, but you can only Special Summon Links from the Extra Deck for the rest of the turn. It’s a free body from Deck, which is pretty good, and being locked to Links isn’t the worst thing in the world. Just do Fusions, Synchros, or Xyzs before activating this card and then go for the Link Monsters, which again you aren’t limited to the three types, so Link opportunities are endless still, though there are still good Beast, Beast-Warrior, and Winged Beast Links. You can also just use this on the opponent’s turn to ignore the downside. Either way it’s a hard once per turn, because we know how good summoning from Deck could be. Overall it’s an okay card, and we are getting a Link-2 Tri-Brigade to search their Spell/Trap lineup, just not a mandatory card for Tri-Brigade. If anything, Oath is honestly the better card.

Advanced Rating: 3.5/5

Art: 4.5/5 The Abyss lore really getting started now. Looks like we got Dogmatika vs Tri-Brigade.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Tri-Brigade Airborne Assault is a useful Quickplay Magic to assist in your Link Summoning within the Theme.  A standard one activated a turn clause is attached to prevent Link flooding on your board.  But simply and usefully enough, you Special Summon a Beast, Winged-Beast, or Winged Beast Monster after Targeting one of your own in the selected Types.  Your choice of Monster has to be of a different Type and have lower attack than your Target, and is placed in Defense position.  You can only Extra Deck Summon Links for the Turn with this, also fitting the Theme well.  Being Quickplay, you can avoid that caveat with a use on your opponent’s Turn, making this a nice combo card offensively or defensively.

Rating:  3.75

Art:  3.5/5  Accurate to the name but to much dark in this picture for me leaves me feel a bit lacking 

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