Time Thief Bezel Ship
Time Thief Bezel Ship

Time Thief Bezel Ship
– #SAST-EN083

(Quick Effect): You can Tribute this card, then target 1 “Time Thief” Xyz Monster you control; attach 1 card from your opponent’s GY to that monster as material. If this card is in the GY: You can detach 1 material from an Xyz Monster you control; Special Summon this card, but banish it when it leaves the field. You can only use each effect of “Time Thief Bezel Ship” once per turn.


Date Reviewed: 
June 4, 2019

Rating: 4.00

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Time Thief Bezel Ship is the first of two machine Time Thief monsters we’re looking at.

Strong DEF is better than nothing, Bezel works exclusively at the moment with Redoer. Pop to attach an opponents card from their grave to Redoer as a material. With its ability to pull itself back to the field from the grave once off an Xyz detachment, you can get two uses off one Bezel Ship before it’s banished. Alongside Redoer, this quick effect is a control-based move. Redoer gets different effects depending on card types attached to it, and now you have a choice what card is attached with this ship. Redoer can detach up to three materials a turn and with it being the only archetype Xyz, refueling it is critical. Gettting a draw off a Spell or returning a card to the top of the deck via Trap detachment from Redoer is likely the best options, as some monsters will get effect even as materials when they hit the grave. Bringing Bezel back in the same turn from the grave just so it can use its effect again on your opponents turn, thus giving your Redoer fuel and potential disruption with either card (opponent targets a card in their grave) makes this little ship a key cog in the Time Thief strategy.

Advanced-4/5     Art-3/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Next up for Time Thieves is another Level 4, Time Thief Bezel Ship.

Bezel Ship is a Level 4 DARK Machine with 1000 ATK and 2000 DEF. With that high DEF, I won’t complain about ATK at all, and being a DARK Machine is far better than DARK Psychic. Bezel Ship has a Quick Effect where you can tribute it to target a Time Thief Xyz you control and attack a card from your opponent’s graveyard to said Xyz as material. This can take an important resource from your opponent’s grave, whether it is a Monster, Spell, or Trap and make your Time Thief Xyz have another effect live that wasn’t already live, this can also be pretty disruptive in response to a Monster Reborn or something. Bezel Ship can also be revived from your graveyard by detaching a material from a Xyz you control, but it is banished when it leaves the field. The banishing shouldn’t matter since it’ll likely be used as an Xyz Material, so the revival for Xyz Summoning again is a good benefit to have to compliment Winder coming from the hand. Each effect of Bezel Ship is a hard once per turn as it probably should be, but it’s another card worthy of having a few copies in Time Thief variants.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 3.75/5 It’s nice, but kinda looks more like a futuristic screwdriver than it does a ship.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

Time Thief Bezel Ship isn’t an attacker, or a Psychic, appropriately being a Machine.  Still Level 4 and Dark, this time with 1000 attack but a nice 2000 defense supporting it.  First, we see a Quick effect that lets you sacrifice this card to select a card in your opponent’s Graveyard to add as XYZ Material to a Time Thief XYZ Monster that belongs to you.  (That effect Targets, note)

Similar to yesterday, we see this card can be Special Summoned, but this time from the Graveyard, again, by detaching an XYZ Material from a Monster of yours.  However, we additionally see that if you use this effect, Bezel Ship is removed from play when it leaves the Field.  Both effect again today, are once per turn.  Extra XYZ Material via the first effect helps yesterday, as well as other plays.  

And the ability to return from the Graveyard is nice, and balanced in losing an XYZ Material, and we know how Psychics can easily return cards and Monsters that have been removed from play, so I’m not seeing the removal attached to the second effect as a real bane either.  I’d still play at least two in your Deck, but you could probably get away with 3, depending on your build.

Rating:  4/5

Art:  4.5/5  I like the color and brightness in here better.  The cogs are still present, and that…could be a ship of sorts, I suppose.  (Fun fact, a Bezel is a grooved ring holding the glass or plastic cover of a watch face or other instrument in position) and I’m assuming that’s what we’re seeing inside the closest, first cog.

WarlockBlitz's Avatar

Looks like I ran out of time this morning. I wish the card looked like something. The colors are nice. The stats are weird, and the effect is good. Time Thief Bezel Ship is good. 

Score: 4/5     Art: 3/5 I think it’s a cool ship, but it might be too lean. 

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