Time-Tearing Morganite
Time-Tearing Morganite

Time-Tearing Morganite – #CYAC-EN067

For the rest of this Duel, apply the following effects.
● You cannot activate monster effects in the hand.
● Draw 2 cards instead of 1 for your normal draw during your Draw Phase.
● You can conduct 2 Normal Summons/Sets per turn, not just 1.
You can banish this card from your GY, then discard 1 “Time-Tearing Morganite”; your opponent cannot activate monster effects when you Normal Summon this turn.

Date Reviewed:  June 6th, 2023

Rating: 3.25

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Time-Tearing Morganite is an interesting card, as it isn’t associated initially with any strategy or archetype.

Normal Spell that has “rest of this Duel” implications. Lets go through the list and sew what we’ve got. TTM locks you the player who activated it out of activating monster effects from the hand. Stopping yourself from playing hand traps or Bystials is a pretty hefty effect. Pretty much every deck in the game casual and tournament level play at least one hand trap or a monster that needs to be activated from the hand. If you have a “pure” build of a strategy and do not have any hand traps this card fits better.

Locked out of hand traps for the game, however you get to draw two instead of one at each of your Draw Phases. This effect now makes TTM best played in the opening hand or searched out and played turn one for you to maximize the amount you can get out of it. Games are quick and you can’t wait to hard-draw this card. If you can get it on your first turn then it can be great for you to get that extra card.

Two Normal Summons instead of one each turn makes this an auto-Link 2 potentially each turn. Decks that need to Normal Summon a lot to trigger effects like Monarchs, Traptrix, and Constellar benefit from this kind of effect, though I’m not sure they’d bother with adding this in even for another Normal Summon each turn.

If you have another copy of TTM in your hand you can banish the copy in the grave, discard the copy in the hand to prevent your opponent from countering any Normal Summons you make during the turn with with monster effects. If you play TTM you will max out copies, but this effect is pretty situational. It’s nice that it has it on the card, and will lock out all hand traps that are monsters, also nice that we went in a full circle and came back to hand traps with this card. If the game has lasted long enough for you to get a second copy of this card this effect will be useful.

Time-Tearing Morganite is interesting. If you can get to it fast it will benefit you the most. Slower decks benefit from this, as long as they don’t get burned by not playing monsters that activate in the hand. Is it worth playing? I think you have to max out the copies and play a search card for it, otherwise, you are banking on a 33% chance of opening with it in a 40-card deck.

Advanced-3/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Yesterday was a card meant for specific Decks and today we got yet another card that helps out other specific Decks: Time-Tearing Morganite.

Time-Tearing Morganite is a Normal Spell you can activate to apply the following effects for the rest of the Duel: you cannot activate monster effects in the hand, you can draw 2 cards instead of 1 for your normal Draw Phase, and you can conduct up to 2 Normal Summons/Sets per turn, not just 1. So the last two effects are great to double your drawing power each turn and giving you additional summons, but you give up the ability to use hand traps and any extenders that would activate in the hand. That’s why this is mainly good in control strategies that would rely more on Trap Cards or effects on the field to control the gamestate over effects of monsters in the hand. I guess some combo strategies could use this, but those are few and far between, and most combo strategies would want to keep the ability to use their hand traps for some protection going second. You can also banish this card from the graveyard and discard Time-Tearing Morganite from your hand to prevent the opponent from being able to use effects when you Normal Summon that turn, helping make more copies of Time-Tearing Morganite not as dead since there’s no real way to stack the abilities it gives you. Time-Tearing Morganite is a solid Spell Card for specific strategies to boost their drawing power and Normal Summon capabilities to control a game-state. The lone drawback of not being able to use monster effects in the hand is why you won’t see it in every Deck, but the benefits it does give will give it a home in certain Trap-based strategies or anything not using monster effects in hand.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 3.5/5 The real question is if it’s dangerous to touch it or not?

Mighty Vee

Today’s card is perhaps one of the more polarizing cards in the casual sphere, Time-Tearing Morganite (or “rendering”, for those familiar with this card in prerelease), a Normal Spell. After activating Morganite, for the rest of the duel, three effects will apply to you (and no, you can’t use it with Mystical Refpanel):

  1. You can’t activate any monster effects in the hand at all.
  2. You draw two cards instead of one during your Draw Phase.
  3. You can Normal Summon or Set twice per turn.

After it was revealed, Morganite caused quite a stir in the community, and for many casual players, it’s not hard to see why; drawing two cards during the Draw Phase will snowball advantage as the duel goes on, and being able to Normal Summon twice is a very useful effect for extending and fixing boards. Additionally, Morganite has another effect to banish itself from the Graveyard and discard another copy of Morganite to prevent your opponent from activating monster effects when your Normal Summon that turn, effectively protecting your Normal Summons from effects like Solemn Judgement. That’s where Morganite’s strengths come to an end, however. Morganite’s first restriction pretty much kills its viability in most decks; not only are you locked out of hand traps, you’re also locked out of hand effects from monsters used in common stun decks, which are what Morganite has the most potential in. Eldlich the Golden Lord and Lady Labrynth of the Silver Castle both have effects in the hand. Waiting a turn to draw two cards isn’t completely awful, though by itself it’s not a reason to run this card. The double summon is the most useful effect, but it’s not worth being locked out of hand traps at all. That said, few fringe decks can use Morganite well, namely the legendary Barrier Statue stun deck that topped in the OCG. Some believe that Morganite is simply a victim of the game’s power creep, claiming it would have been emergency banned if it was released just 3 years ago, but somehow I doubt that is the case.

Advanced: 2.75/5

Art: 4.25/5 Now give me my STONE!

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