Thunderforce Attack
Thunderforce Attack

Thunderforce Attack – #EGS1-EN003

This card’s activation and effect cannot be negated. If you control a monster whose original name is “Slifer the Sky Dragon”: Destroy as many face-up monsters your opponent controls as possible, then, if you activated this card during your Main Phase, you can apply the following effect.
● Draw cards equal to the number of monsters destroyed by this effect and sent to your opponent’s GY, also you can only attack with 1 monster this turn.  You can only activate 1 “Thunderforce Attack” per turn.

Date Reviewed:  August 9th, 2021

Rating: 1.93

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

We’ve got an Egyptian God week starting with some Slifer the Sky Dragon support: Thunderforce Attack.

Specific to Slifer only, this Quick-Play is Spell Speed 4: unable to be negated. Destroy as many face-up monsters your opponent has and draw as many cards as monsters that go to the grave is an incredible effect, especially when you combine it with the fact that it can’t be stopped by your opponent. You have to do this during your Main Phase to get the draw effect, and it locks you into only attacking with one monster, but this is to prevent Slifer from becoming huge and you for sure killing your opponent with any other monsters. With it being a Quick-Play it is offensive and defensive capable and should always be at least a 1-for-1. The problem with this card is the restrictions though. “Original name” prevents more ways of playing this card, it has to be during your Main Phase to get the draw, the monsters need to be face-up, and they have to go to the graveyard. Even with the inability to counter this card, this card wont typically grant you huge reward because you already have to have Slifer on the field or get to Slifer somehow.

I could see this card rarely getting a huge payback. A +1 or break even as spot removal is more likely, especially when Slifer’s 2000ATK/DEF destruction effect gets factored in. A good card though, just too specific of restrictions.

Advanced- 2/5     Art- 4.5/5

Until Next Time,

Crunch$G Avatar

Egyptian God support this week, since you can’t really go wrong looking at some Egyptian God related cards, and we start the week with a new Spell related to Slifer the Sky Dragon: Thunderforce Attack.

Thunderforce Attack is a Quick-Play Spell that cannot be negated, which is good already considering you’re using the power of a god. You’re required to specifically control Slifer the Sky Dragon for this card, and if you do you get to destroy all face-up monsters your opponent controls that you’re able to, and a bonus for using this during your Main Phase lets you draw cards equal to the number of destroyed monsters, but you can only attack with one monster. Nice board wipe for having Slifer on the field considering what you likely put into summoning it, you could potentially draw several cards off this to really boost Slifer’s ATK as well, making up for the fact you get one lone attack. It’s also a hard once per turn, which seems unnecessary if this resolves since you likely already got rid of everything. It’s a good card for Slifer the Sky Dragon themed Decks, the problem still remains you’re playing a Slifer themed Deck. Slifer is decent on his own, but specific support cards for him do become dead cards in hand, but this is at least worth throwing in if you are trying to use Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Advanced Rating: 2/5

Art: 5/5 The cards named after the God’s attacks have had some pretty good art.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

God card support week, eh?  Thunderforce Attack is a Quickplay Magic (good) whose Effect and Activation can’t be negated (excellent).  But does that mean this card is worth playing?  Slifer should have the most or at least the best support, being the worst (or least playable, let’s say) of the three Gods.  This card is counter-productive to Slifer, in my opinion, and too conditional.  If you control Slifer (or a Monster who was originally named as such) you can destroy as many of your opponent’s face-up Monsters and then Draw a card for each.  So destroying 1 and Drawing 1 is breakeven.  Well sort of a +.5 as you 1-for-1 but your opponent loses Field presence.  THOUGH, you only get the Draw part of this if you use this during your Main Phase, which is HORRIBLE.  1-because it gives your opponent time to respond, say as opposed to using this before or after the Battle Phase even.  Then it overkills itself in that regard by limiting you to one of these per Turn, AND 2-that negates the good part of this even being a Quickplay.  Slifer’s Effect itself should be enough to keep all new Monsters off the Field anyway, so unless you’re opponent has swarmed (somehow with you having Slifer out, not so likely) there’s just not much going for this card.  Clearly this card suffers from them worrying about it being TOO good with the Draw clause, so they had to overly nerf this card unnecessarily.  

Rating:  1.75/5

Art:  4/5  The picture is pretty cool, even if it’s as advertised.

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