Tearlaments Scheiren
Tearlaments Scheiren

Tearlaments Scheiren – #POTE-EN014

During your Main Phase: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, and if you do, send 1 monster from your hand to the GY, then, send the top 3 cards of your Deck to the GY. If this card is sent to the GY by card effect (except during the Damage Step): You can Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, by placing Fusion Materials mentioned on it from your hand, field, and/or GY, including this card from your GY, on the bottom of the Deck in any order. You can only use each effect of “Tearlaments Scheiren” once per turn.

Date Reviewed:  October 17th, 2022

Rating: 3.88

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Tearlaments Scheiren begins our look at the Tearlament archetype which has become one of the meta staples as of late.

Scheiren can instantly get your graveyard going with her Special Summon effect, which is the whole point of the archetype: graveyard interaction. Level 4’s don’t typically need Special Summoning, but when it gets four cards into your grave (3 from the top of the deck, 1 from the hand), it can create some serious advantage. This effect is why you see her and the other Tearlament monsters in several archetypes as an engine for deck thinning and Fusion play. “Send” is the quantifier here, monsters that need to be excavated or destroyed won’t benefit from this effect, however there are so many archetypes that can benefit from this.

Hand, field, and grave availability for Fusion Materials for a Fusion Summon involving Scheiren when she is sent to the grave. While the Tearlaments need Aqua-Type monsters to be used with their archetype Fusion Summoning, they also have a few generic Fusion Monsters like Garura, Wings of Resonant Life and Predaplant Dragostapelia to Fusion Summon with realtive ease to gain advantage. The main reason you are running Tearlaments in a deck alongside other archetypes is because of the milling, lets be real.

Scheiren has good ATK stats, is a Special Summon extender, and can offer ease with those generic Fusion Summons previously mentioned, in addition to the archetype Fusion Summons. If you are using Tearlaments in any form, you are running three of her.


Art-4/5- This is an archetype with fantastic artwork

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Tearlaments are here this week as we start to review what many consider the best Deck of the format, starting with one of their better monsters: Tearlaments Scheiren.

Scheiren is a Level 4 DARK Aqua witht 1800 ATK and 1300 DEF. Good stats on a Level 4, DARK is always great, and Aqua is a fine Typing. First effect triggers in the Main Phase, letting you Special Summon this card from your hand and then sending a monster from your hand to the graveyard alongside the top 3 cards of your Deck. It’s a good and easy way to get this monster on board while getting another you’d want in the graveyard alongside some mills. All of this should give you the chance to trigger the graveyard effects of your other Tearlament cards, one of which is Scheiren’s own graveyard effect, since if she’s sent there by a card effect, you can Fusion Summon any monster by putting the materials of said monster from your hand, field, and/or graveyard back on the bottom of your Deck, just as long as this is one of the cards you also return from the graveyard to the bottom of the Deck. It’s a very easy effect to trigger and she can be Fusion Material for several different Fusions, including all those in archetype. Hard once per turn on each effect, because these cards are strong enough with them already. Scheiren is good for another Tearlaments name to get to trigger for more Fusions while also having the easiest effect herself to trigger the effects of other Tearlament monsters. She’s the best of the 3 main names and a 3-of in the Deck.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4.5/5 Out of the three Main Deck gals, this one is my favorite easy.

Dark Paladin's Avatar
Tearlaments are up this week and we start with Scheiren.  Dark and Aqua is in unfamiliar pairing, Level 4 with a solid 1800 attack here though.  Free Special Summon from the Hand during your Main Phase is good.  Followed by dumping a Monster from your Hand, then followed by ditching the top 3 cards of your Deck to the Grave.  That’s 4 cards total instantly just sent for this Special Summon, which may seem absurd at a first thought.  But these cards fet lots of Effects overall with and through the Graveyard, and they like to Fusion Summon.  So both these Effects should help with those.   And speaking of Fusion, this card uses itself in the Grave, with about anything else, to being out a Fusion (not during the Damage Step, as is the way) by cycling this from your Grave, and whatever else used back to the bottom of your Deck, in the order of your choice.  Another beat and unique enough way to perform a Fusion I think.  Each Effect here is Once per Turn.  As they should be.  This card is strong enough a play starter for sure.  It should be useful about any time, but the sooner you get this and get plays going, the better.  
Rating: 3.75/5
Art: 4.25/5 Very pretty but also mischievous looking.  I like it 

Mighty Vee

I took a week off to do some school work, but I just had to come back when we’re covering the other juggernaut of the Power of the Elements format, the Tearlaments archetype, which continues the Visas Starfrost lore. Their first member this week is Tearlaments Scheiren, a level 4 DARK Aqua monster, which isn’t something you see every day but it’s normal for this archetype. There’s not much that’ll search it generically, but you can always grab it with the Tearlaments Field Spell, Primeval Planet Perlereino. 1800 attack and 1300 defense are about average stats for a level 4 monster.

Not unusually, both of Scheiren’s effects are hard once per turn. Scheiren’s first effect allows you to Special Summon it during your Main Phase, then sends a monster from your hand as well as the top three cards of your deck to the Graveyard. While it’s more situational than the first effects of Tearlaments Merrli and Tearlaments Havnis, it’s arguably the strongest in terms of extending, essentially setting up a Fusion Summon by itself as long as you have another Tearlaments monster in your hand (or any valid Fusion material). The second effect is the primary gimmick of the Tearlaments archetype, and is shared with Merrli and Havnis; if Scheiren is sent to the Graveyard by a card effect (which is painfully easy in this archetype), you can Fusion Summon any applicable monster by placing Scheiren and the other Fusion material from the hand, field, or Graveyard on the bottom of the deck. Most of the time, your first Fusion will be Tearlaments Kitkallos, which we’re covering later this week, but there are quite a few monsters you can go into. Tearlaments have proven to be a much stronger deck than they were at this point in the format in the OCG, so time will tell how the deck will evolve from here. As for Scheiren itself, you will usually run three considering this is a mill-oriented archetype and you want to maximize your chances of milling it just for the second effect.

Advanced: 3.75/5

Art: 4.5/5 All of the Tearlaments monsters have great art, between the color scheme and the fantasy mermaid aesthetic.

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