Sylveon-GX – Guardians Rising

Date Reviewed:  May 20, 2021

Ratings Summary:
Standard: N/A
Expanded: 2.0

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Another Throwback Thursday that happens to be the same card that we’ve previously reviewed!

Sylveon-GX, that one card where many players (including myself) were super hyped back in the day when Sun & Moon Guardians Rising came out, and it was reviewed twice: the 6th best card of Guardians Rising and a regular review. What made it special back in the day and can it still be playable now?

Sylveon-GX was released in the set after Energy Evolution Eevee came out at Sun & Moon base set, meaning it can be bought into play in your first turn or the turn you put Eevee into play. From there, it has three attacks to use. Magical Ribbon costs a single fairy energy and lets you search your deck for three cards and put it onto your hand. Fairy Wind costs YCC for 110 damage. Plea-GX also costs YCC and puts two of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon and all cards attached to it onto your opponent’s hand.

Sylveon-GX was used in many ways, including, but not limited to Sylveon control, a dedicated Eeveelution deck (involving some of the support from either the triple effect Eeveelutions from XY Ancient Origins or triple cheer Eeveelutions from SM Cosmic Eclipse), or being guest appearances in Gardevoir-GX decks. Luckily, Limitless has those decks on file, which is how I found out about how it is being used. It enjoyed a decent lifespan back then, but eventually seemed to be in major decline as time went by due to being overpowered by many future cards, making Sylveon’s attacks seem futile, and a lot of things can outright OHKO Sylveon-GX’s 200 HP. At least a Choice Band boosted Fairy Wind can OHKO ADP-GX…so I guess that’s something. Though, if you wanted a strong Fairy type attacker, Gardevoir & Sylveon-GX got you covered, and even then, that card is about to leave the Standard format….so looks like Sylveon-GX would almost be totally outclassed there.

You can still make a functional deck of Sylveon-GX, and it might benefit from certain combos, but there’s a lot of counters as well. No Limited score, but this card would be useless there as there’s no Eevee in SM Guardians Rising.


Standard: N/A

Expanded: 2/5

Trivia: Currently I have 110 copies of Sylveon-GX (0 Shiny, 2 Rainbow Rare, 7 Full Art, 36 regular print, and 65 promo print). It’s possible I would continue to get more but unfortunately market prices are pretty high at the moment.

Also, the most recent tournament where players used Sylveon-GX was at Collinsville Illinois Regionals in 2019, where the highest placing was 25th place, so I wouldn’t rule out Sylveon-GX yet, as it still does things!

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