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Pojo's Pokémon Card of the Day


Top 15 Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising

#6 - Sylveon-GX
- S&M: Guardians Rising

Date Reviewed:
May 26, 2017

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Standard: 4
Expanded: 4
Limited: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being horrible.  3 ... average.  5 is awesome.

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HEY LOOK IT'S LYCANROC-GX-no but seriously, what's with this set having so many GX Pokemon with strangely similar attacks? 

Sylveon-GX is actually an Eeveelution and benefits from having an Eevee with Energy Evolution - like the one that came out in Sun and Moon! Didn't we say Eeveelution-GX were going to have a massive boon thanks to that guy? So Sylveon-GX already has that going for her, and we're not even talking about her attacks yet! 

Magical Ribbon is the first attack, and it's immediately one of those attacks that's just...I mean wow, that's so good. For 1 Fairy Energy, Sylveon-GX will grab 3 cards from your deck and add them straight to your hand. No questions asked, you just grab 3 CARDS IMMEDIATELY!! Don't pass Go, you've already got $200. This attack alone makes any deck running Sylveon-GX much more consistent, and since that's limited to Fairies based on the restrictive cost, it's probably a good thing that we don't see too many Sylveon-GX/Vileplume/Forest of Giant Plants hybrids yet. 

...oh no what I have suggested- 

That all aside, Sylveon-GX's next attack, Fairy Wind, is the attack I jokingly related to Lycanroc-GX's own attack, Claw Rend. As they're both 3-for-110 vanilla hits, it's hard to see which would be better between the two - though notably Lycanroc-GX does have the advantage of possessing the Fighting Type to benefit off of things like Strong Energy. Still though, Sylveon-GX can do a lot with Magical Ribbon on her own - remember that 2 of these attacks in a row is enough to KO most Basic-EX, Basic-GX, and some Stage 1-GX unboosted. 

And then we get to her GX Attack: Plea GX. Simple enough name, eh? Well for the 3 Energy that you could use for Fairy Wind, Plea GX takes 2 of your opponent's Benched Pokemon and puts them back into their hand. So pretty much against any non-Grass deck, you've pretty much got this in the bag against certain set-ups! And while you can't finish your opponent off in that turn, you CAN disrupt a huge set-up into certainly Pokemon - I'm thinking things like Stage 1+ Evolutions, including those pesky GX. Even throwing back a Pokemon with Energy or Items could be potentially disruptive to your opponent, as they may not be so willing to put it back down immediately. 

Of course, Plea GX is dependent on what your opponent's actually running and put down on the Bench to see if it'll do much, and while Sylveon-GX can get out quickly, it'll still take her a couple of turns to get to her stronger moves. Still, this is definitely one of the bigger Eeveelution-GX right now, and you're bound to run into it a lot over the course of the format...shame bout those Metal-types, eh? 


Standard: 4/5 (a solid set-up move and a greatly disruptive GX Attack) 

Expanded: 4/5 (not to mention the extra benefits of having Eevees around) 

Limited: 1/5 (...shame there's no Eevees in this set) 

Arora Notealus: I mean really, can you imagine pulling a Sylveon-GX in Limited and then realizing you can't play it until after the event's over? Gotta be one of those moments of tears, man. Still, Sylveon-GX is set to be one of the strongest contenders in the GX arms race, and we're bound to see her show up more and more as things pan out for the relatively new Fairy-type. 

Weekend Thought: Who do you think will be the big cards from this week? Do they combine well with cards from last week? Or are they already suited to better cards already out there? Which ones will you try out? Do you think some of these were overhyped or not hyped enough? What's on your personal Top 10 list? 

Next Time: The start of the Top 5 gives us...our first Item card to review in the set? Really? It took this long to find an Item? That must mean it's really good!


Sylveon GX (Guardians Rising, 92/145) comes from the Guardians Rising expansion set.  A Stage 1, 200 HP Fairy Pokemon, it has perhaps the best combination of three attacks in the game.  Magical Ribbon, for a single Fairy energy, allows you to search your deck for any three cards and put them into your hand.  Considering you can use Energy Evolution Eevee (Sun & Moon, 101/149) to evolve into Sylveon GX on turn one, this attack boggles the mind and instantly transforms Sylveon GX into a very strong Pokemon.  Players use Magical Ribbon to decimate their opponents.  Does your opponent only have three cards in their hand?  Go get Delinquent (Breakpoint, 98/122)?  Is the opponent loading up on energy?  Go get Team Flare Grunt (Generations, 73/83).  Did you opponent just evolve into a Stage 2 Pokemon with Rare Candy (Sun & Moon, 129/149)?  Go get Lysandre (Ancient Origins, 78/98) … and then use Sylveon’s GX attack Plea.

So as if Magical Ribbon wasn’t bad enough, they had to go and give Sylveon GX one of the trolliest GX attacks in the game: Plea GX, for a Fairy and two Colorless energy, allows you to put two of your opponent’s benched Pokemon and all cards attached to them back into your hand.  If you’re thinking, “Wow that’s devastating to evolution decks and Pokemon that have high energy costs,” … you’re right.  This deck can disrupt you like no other deck in the game today.  And players are loading it up with all of the disruption cards available: Team Rocket’s Handiwork (Fates Collide, 112/124), Team Skull Grunt (Sun & Moon, 133/149), Enhanced Hammer (Guardians Rising, 124/145), and the list goes on.  Plus, they only have to run one of’s in many cases because you can simply use Magical Ribbon to grab VS Seeker (Roaring Skies, 110/108) or Puzzle of Time (Breakpoint, 109/122) to go get whatever cards you want that you might have already used.

However, Sylveon GX is not just a mill deck though.  Fairy Wind, again for a single Fairy and two Colorless energy, does 110 damage.  With a Choice Band (Guardians Rising, 121/145), that will two shot any Pokemon in the game. 

I went 13-3 with Sylveon GX, and I was ready to proclaim it the best deck ever … and then I hit a brick wall and lost six straight.  Here’s my analysis for what went wrong and how you can beat this extremely disruptive deck:

ˇ         In five of the nine losses, I did not have Fairy Energy on turn 1.

ˇ         N (Fates Collide, 105/124) is your best asset against Magical Ribbon.  Every time your opponent plays Magical Ribbon, you need to play N and disrupt the disrupter.

ˇ         Be patient.  It’s a curse and a blessing that you can get any three cards with Magical Ribbon.  If your opponent doesn’t take the correct three cards, that can be a huge advantage to you.

ˇ         Make sure you have a way to retrieve energy.

ˇ         If you run hammers, make sure you knock off that Fairy energy.  Losing Fairy energy paralyzes Sylveon GX.

ˇ         Certain decks will give Sylveon GX a very hard time (Greninja Break (Breakpoint, 41/122) being especially troublesome).

My thanks to FayId for his contributions and insights to this analysis.


Standard: 4 out of 5


After playing more than twenty matches with Sylveon GX, I would say that it is a good deck.  It will win you more games than you lose.  It can be especially good on the ladder – I’m sure a number of wins were simply because I annoyed my opponent so much by shrinking his hand size or removed multiple energies in a single turn.  However, good players will tweak their decks and learn the proper strategy to defeat Sylveon GX in tournament play.  I would definitely say, though, that Sylveon GX is about one more disruption card away from being top tier, and it is very good right now.  There are a number of decks that will have a LOT of trouble with it (I went 3-0 against Lapras GX (Sun & Moon, 139/149) and beat Alolan Ninetales GX (Guardians Rising, 132/145) twice) right now, and I’m betting that we’ll get another disruption card in the near future that will put it right up at the top of the meta… it’s just not quite there right now.

Coming Soon

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