Supereffective Glasses
Supereffective Glasses

Supereffective Glasses – Astral Radiance

Date Reviewed:  August 31, 2023

Ratings Summary:
Standard: 2.50
Expanded: 2.50
Limited: 4.00

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I was scrolling down the archives and noticed I didn’t cover Supereffective Glasses. It took me a couple videos from DarkIntegralGaming for me to notice that card, so here we are. This is a Pokemon Tool which lets your Pokemon deal triple the amount of damage against your opponent’s Active Pokemon whose type is weak to.

We haven’t seen this kind of effect for quite a very long while. The only card I remember – and this was over a decade ago – is Vileplume from BW Boundaries Crossed whose Allergy Pollen ability makes all Pokemon’s Weaknesses become x4 (quadruple) instead of x2. Players did play Vileplume for a short while until they realize that it is a Stage 2 that takes up deck space. Supereffective Glasses does fix deck space to some extent. However, the most important part is that it can only matter if the opposing deck you’re going up against is weak against against your deck. Most of the time, you won’t be encountering great matchups as often as you like. The base damage of your Pokemon also matters as well; if you were able to score triple damage but still fail to OHKO said Pokemon, then this card would do no good.

Even with a lot of things/factors stacked against Supereffective Glasses, it can still be a useful card to occasionally have. Power creep has made some Pokemon cards from the Scarlet & Violet series a bit easier to use due to cheaper attacks for great damage. I’ve frequently seen attacks that do 60 damage for 1 Energy, or even 230 damage for 2 Energies without drawbacks (looking at you Quaquaval ex)! By tripling the damage, that means any Pokemon weak to a certain type would need just to inflict 120 damage (before Weakness) to OHKO anything in the game since the current maximum printed HP score is still 340. Multi-prize Pokemon will be frailer than before.

Supereffective Glasses may be extremely niche, but it does find some use under the right circumstances. It’s moment to shine is when you actually encounter it.


Standard: 2.5/5
Expanded: 2.5/5
Limited: 4/5

Note (Expanded): Which speaking of BCR Vileplume, I wonder if you have both Vileplume and Supereffective Glasses in play, would Vileplume’s Allergic Panic override Supereffective Glasses? I’m guessing that the ability’s X4 effect would override X3 since it would be good to have a greater amount of something than not. Not that I’ll be able to find out in TCG Live since the gallery won’t go as far back as 2012 (constant crashing from my end aside).

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