Stellar Wind Wolfrayet
Stellar Wind Wolfrayet

Stellar Wind Wolfrayet – #DAMA-EN041

1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters – You can only control 1 “Stellar Wind Wolfrayet”. Gains 300 ATK each time another monster’s effect is activated, while the ATK of this card is less than 4000. Once per turn, if this card’s ATK is 4000 or higher (Quick Effect): You can shuffle both this card and all monsters your opponent controls into the Deck.

Date Reviewed:  September 1st, 2021

Rating: 3.50

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KoL's Avatar
King of

Hello Pojo Fans,

Stellar Wind Wolfrayet is an all or nothing monster that takes time to get there.

Generic materials and weaker ATK for a Level 9 Synchro. Only needing two materials is a plus versus other Level 9 or higher Synchro monsters, but the 0DEF and only 2500ATK doesn’t do it any favors. The 300ATK boost will get you to the 4000ATK requirement you need to activate Stellar’s effect, but the problem with that is you needing monster effects to go off to gain the ATK. If it is your own monsters then this isn’t an issue, but if you have to depend on your opponent there is little to no chance Stellar lives to see its ATK boost pay off. It is a Quick Effect so if you do reach 4000 or above on your opponent’s turn you will be able to respond and shuffle all their monsters and Stellar back. Five effects minimum are needed which can be done on your opponents turn if you set it up. Stellar reminds me of Tower of Babel. You’d get up to the final counter on Babel and essentially make it impossible for your opponent to avoid the effect. Another thing Stellar has going for it is it only needs the effect(s) activated, they don’t care if they are successful. Your hand traps can help add up the ATK on your opponent’s turn, and rarely do combos start with a destruction effect (they start with a search or draw).

Get Stellar out early on your turn and give it a boost of two effects at least to put yourself in the best position. Nibiru for the fifth effect and bounce their giant token while keeping Nibiru on your field would be a crushing move.

Advanced-3/5     Art-4/5

Until Next Time

Crunch$G Avatar

Now here’s a card I enjoy from the set: Stellar Wind Wolfrayet.

Wolfrayet is a Level 9 WIND Beast Synchro with 2500 ATK and 0 DEF. The ATK seems low at first, and the DEF of course is very low, but it makes up for that in a bit and you do also got the weird combo of WIND and Beast. Anyways, generic Synchro of any Tuner and any number of non-Tuners. You can only control 1 of these, similar to Apollousa, so we can expect a good effect. While this card has less than 4000 ATK, this card gains 300 ATK each time a monster effect (yours or the opponent’s) is activated. This can easily get to 4000 before the opponent’s turn even starts, which is good. Once it is at 4000 ATK, you get a soft once per turn Quick Effect to return this and all monsters the opponent controls back into the Deck. So you power this up to become a threat and once the opponent has monsters to handle the threat or is beginning to create a threatening board, you can bounce this back and put the opponent’s hard work back into their Deck for you to not worry about for the foreseeable future. Soft once per turn on this does justify the ability to only control one as well, though I imagine you could of just done a hard once per turn and not have the first clause. Either way, this is a great card that just needs Decks summoning Level 9 Synchros more often. We got Virtual World, but more never hurt, especially with Swordsoul coming. Competes well with Trish considering you only need at least 1 non-Tuner to summon this vs Trish’s 2. Great Synchro for the modern era to leave on an end board, just try to get it to 4000 ATK before the opponent’s turn comes around.

Advanced Rating: 4/5

Art: 4/5 Could just be me, but I get a little bit of Machine vibes from this. Looks like it’s made of metal.

Dark Paladin's Avatar

The art continues to impress this week as midweek brings us a Synchro Monster in:  Stellar Wind Wolfrayet (also a col name).  Level 9, 2500 attack (0 defense) Wind/Beast aren’t winning this card much at first glance.  1 Tuner and 1+ non-Tuners for Synchro Summoning is good though.  This is definitely one of those cards just oozing with potential, that I see going ignored, because the Quick Effect here at the end certainly could win you a game if you play right.  Hence why this guy had to have an odd (odd meaning strange, not literally odd) Level at 9, a low starting attack at 2500, and no protection.  Cause you’re obviously going to need to protect this guy long enough for his attack to get to 4000.

Anyway…you can only control one of these, and he gains 300 attack for each time a Monster Effect is activated (this includes YOUR Effects, making this a lot easier to use and abuse).  This only applies until the attack gets to 4000, but that’s moot, as that gets you the latter Effect, and by the time your attack is that high, attack really doesn’t mean as much as it did at lower numbers.  The Quick Effect (once the attack of this card reaches 4000 remember) is you can Shuffle this and all Monsters you control into the respective Decks.

So, while not a finishing move clearly or as directly as a player might like, it certainly can be the start of one.  Make sure you can or have dealt with your opponent’s back row (watch out for Hand Traps) but this guy assuming your opponent is low enough on Lifepoints and/or you can swarm and refill your board after to knock them out, the full Monster wipe is awesome.  It’s odd for an Effect like this be a combo piece instead of a more direct finish, but this card can be something I think.

(People must be playing with this, it’s only running $3-4 on ebay and the like right now) but it’s popular enough it’s going for over $1, so maybe that says something.  Time will tell.

Rating:  3.5/5

Art:  5/5  Wolf/Dragon vibes here, namely with the scales and wings, and he almost looks like he could be made of metal or diamond…and if he can fly through space, he may need to be.  Really great picture here.

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